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Did ya miss me?

Did ya miss me?

June 29, 2007

I know I was only gone for about 18 hours. But I exceeded my bandwidth and had to move up to the next plan. I guess that is what I get for being cheap.

Every month a few days before the end of the month I would start getting emails saying that I was about to exceed my bandwidth. This month it happened earlier than usual but after careful consideration, i.e. deleting the email as soon as it came in, I decided once again to just ignore it.

Yesterday afternoon I went to my blog and it was no longer there. Poof. Bandwidth exceeded.

And so I decided to spend the extra $5 and upgrade my plan.

Here I am. But not really here because I am frantically doing half done projects around my house before my house swallows me whole. I am finding myself completely drained by the albatross.

The fact the my next door neighbor insists on using manure in her flower gardens is also making me irrationally angry. IT STINKS like, well, shit. Horse shit, cow shit, I have no idea which one it is but it has the sweet pungent smell that makes me breath through my mouth rather than smell it. I am getting angry just thinking about it.

But in other news. My 6yr old son just lost his first tooth. It has been loose for quite some time. And then was hanging on by what appeared to be a single thread of gum tissue for a couple of weeks. And he refused to just yank it out. Last night right before bed he was standing close to me telling me a story when I noticed something different about his smile.

“Where did your tooth go?!?!” I exclaimed.

“What tooth?” he answered.

“The loose one right in the front that was hanging there all crooked…”


So I suggested he go look in the mirror. Yes, he had no idea it fell out.

Once I reassured him:
a) That no, the tooth fairy would not expect us to sift through his poop to find the tooth.

b) And that yes, she would leave him money if he wrote her a note explaining the situation.

c) And that no, you couldn’t lie to the tooth fairy and say that you have had ten teeth fall out and lost them all so that she will leave you way more money because the tooth fairy is all-knowing.

d)And that yes, she probably does hang out with all the other all-knowing people like Santa, the Tooth fairy, and God.

Once he knew all those things, he was happy. And dictated a note to the tooth fairy.

After all that he finally said that when he was eating some cantaloupe after dinner he felt something hard in his mouth, but thought it was the seed and swallowed it anyway.

missing tooth

Miracle of all miracles I remembered to do the tooth fairy and he woke up a very happy boy clutching his “golden” dollars, which he has probably already lost.

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  1. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    How much does the tooth fairy give in your area? I only ask because my husband insists that the tooth fairy gives $5/tooth here on the west coast. Luckily, we have only had need for a visit from her one time, so this could have been an introductory offer. You know, a “Welcome to the world of the toothless!” sort of thing. All I know is that at the rate of $5 dollars a tooth for all 20 baby teeth, that’s….well….it’s a lot of money! (I never said I was quick at math.) $100! (Okay, I admit it. I got out my calculator.)

  2. MamaGeph says:

    The Princess has managed to swallow three teeth so far - her first two and her first molar. Tears and sackcloth and ashes! Each time she writes a note and draws a map as to the location of the tooth. Very helpful…

  3. Nicki says:

    Please tell me that it will be as painless for my children as it was for your son….please

  4. Jamie says:

    I love those “I lost my first tooth” pictures. The look on kid’s faces is usually a mix of elation and terror and little grossed out.

  5. Tam says:

    What a great way to lose a tooth (the not knowing part, not necessarily the swallowing it part). Dang! The cost of a tooth has gone way up, I guess. When I was a kid, it was a quarter…yeah, I’m old, but STILL.

  6. Lilly says:

    Around here we give a golden Sacajawea dollar with a note from the tooth fairy. My son was so possessive about his early lost teeth that he didn’t want to leave the actual tooth for the tooth fairy so we carved a copy out of an almond. It’s the right color and can look just like a real baby tooth, especially with a tiny dob of ketchup on it. Is that gross? Anyway he has just one baby tooth left and then it’s on to orthodontialand so we’ll be pretty sentimental about this last little tooth…
    Your 6 year old is mighty cute there!

  7. jenn says:

    May I just say your children are stinkin’ adorable?

  8. Mary Beth says:

    My daughter has just started to lose her teeth and is outraged that the Tooth Fairy brings the kids in her class $5 for each, and she only got $1. I wish I had thought of the Sacajawea golden dollars…they would have been MUCH more exciting - even if they are still only a dollar!!

  9. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    One Dollar! Five bucks! Geeze, I’m really aging when I think about the quarter we gave our kids. I’m thinking that I got maybe a dime when I was a kid (that was a way long time ago), so when I became the mom to a kid loosing her first tooth I thought a quarter was a big deal!

  10. Daisy says:

    When my kids were little and losing teeth, our Tooth Fairy left tiny gifts instead of money. I could shop ahead (read: cheap!) and they didn’t have to compare monetary amounts with their friends.

  11. Katie says:

    Congrats on the extra bandwidth and lost tooth!

    (For the record, my kids get $1. And occasionally the same $1 bill for the next lost tooth because they are bad about losing money so I pick it up and keep it. hehe)

  12. Christina says:

    Our toothfairy is into the golden dollars also, 1 per tooth lost. So far we’ve recycled one of the dollars when it was misplaced but not missed by my daughter, but I have a whole stash of them now, ready for the next one. She is not squeamish about it at all and has pulled all of them once loose all by herself - she must really want that gold dollar because I have to leave the room when she does it! Congrats on the missing tooth :)

  13. Chris says:

    Usually at our house the first tooth is a couple of “golden” dollars and a bill. So $3 total.

    Sad to say for the next teeth it just depends on what we have laying around. Some lucky kids have even gotten a $5 after we realize at 1am that we forgot about it for the fourth night in a row and that is all we have in our wallets.

    And we have recycled the money here also. Too funny.

  14. Izzy says:

    I think the last time my daughter lost a tooth, we had to borrow a buck from her piggy bank because we hardly ever have cash. Recycled money…lol

  15. Holly says:

    I thought you were going to put up the blog roll again? Where is it? Am I missing something? Cute photo of the toothless……….

  16. amy g. says:

    hello- first time comment-leaver, a reader for about a month…i smiled when i read that “miracle of miracles i remembered to do the tooth fairy” because I have forgotten to leave money from the tooth fairy not one but two different times (different lost tooth occasions) for my daughter! thank goodness my firstborn is very imaginative and totally fell for the reason/excuse that i groggily came up with very early each morning she discovered that her tooth was still there!

  17. Christine says:

    The tooth fairy sometimes gets busy out here, so we have to send her a reminder email the next morning!

    And in our house, the first tooth gets a very inexpensive game or toy. Every other tooth is just a quarter. My kids get an allowance … and I’m cheap frugal.

  18. Christine says:

    Ugh! I tried to do the code so that “cheap” would have the little line through it. I’M SUCH A LOSER!!!!

  19. Rowan says:

    I also swallowed a baby tooth - it was my last one and being pulled by the dentist (along w/four adult molars) before I got braces. He dropped it, told me to sit up - but it was too late.
    We didn’t go looking for that one either. :)

  20. Angie says:

    My oldest son’s first lost tooth was horrible according to him! He was really freaked out about it and refused to just pull it himself. It was hanging for quite a while before my husband finally reached in there and pulled it. I put it in a shot glass to keep safe on my dresser until bedtime. But my husband took the glass and didn’t notice the tooth. He washed it and put it away. He can’t stand things out of place -I guess I thought he would figure out that if there was a shot glass on my dresser it must have something important in it! Well, to say the least my son was a wreck when my husband told him what happened to his tooth and that it went down the drain with the dish water. My son dictated a letter that my husband wrote out to explain the situation. He got $5.00 for that one. He needed two pulled by the dentist a few months later. He received $5.00 for each of them also. The whole “pain and suffering” thing you know! Now its $3.00 a tooth— if it happens “naturally”.

  21. nancy says:

    My middle boy once lost his tooth while sitting on a jetty over the water. There is a large moray eel living under the jetty, so he wrote the usual note to the tooth fairy, and the tooth fairy wrote him one back explaining that he had to scuba-dive down there and convince the moray eel to give him the tooth. The moray eel forced the tooth fairy to pay TT$9 for the safe return of the tooth, so there was only TT$1 remaining for my boy. Instead of the usual TT$10! He was NOT amused, but he tells the story to everyone in such outraged tones, and it is hilarious! (one US dollar = about six TT. Not much!) my mother-in-law, alas, was not amused either!

  22. Stephanie says:

    The tooth fairy gives $1 here in AR. If you lose the tooth then she may or may not come it depends on 1) if room is clean because she cannot risk injuring herself–there are other kids waiting or 2) you went to bed too late because she runs a tight schedule with all those other kids waiting. If the dentist kept your tooth then she might have to go by his office first so depending on the schedule it might take two days. It works. After the first time waiting a few days they go clean the floor and go to bed at a decent time–for a few days.

  23. heather white says:

    and here i thought i was the worst tooth fairy. i never remember. the kids insist that i call the tooth fairy to remind her. once i dropped my oldest’s tooth. they are so tiny! the floor was actually clean, and it’s wooden, but i could not for the life of me find it. who finds it? my oldest, of course.

    and for the record, in pennsylvania, in the white house, teeth get a quarter.

  24. Molly says:

    Wow! Glad to know the tooth fairy’s rates have gone up!! When I was a little girl thirty years ago, she only left me 25 or 50 cents per tooth.

  25. t in hd says:

    The “Zahnfee” leaves 1 Euro per tooth here. When she remembers. She’s had one or two forgetful moments…

    My 6 y.o. finally lost his first and second teeth recently. The hanging-on-by-a-thread bit was really grossing me out and I knew he’d be hysterical if he swallowed it, so I ordered him to do something about it. ;-) His sister assisted with the first one, he managed the second one on his own. Ewww.

    It’s funny how well I can still remember what if feels like to have a loose tooth and to play with it with my tongue all day. Almost like it was yesterday and not nearly 30 years ago. What a strange sort of memory to stick with me so….graphically.

  26. Brigitte says:

    I can still remember that exact feeling too!

    Evil scientific lecture follows, you may want to avert your eyes: certain substances, such as food, give off molecules of their own substance into the air around them. When you smell food, it’s because the actual food molecules have entered your nose and hit the smell receptors.

    If you elect to breathe through your mouth rather than your nose, those molecules of food will enter your mouth instead of your nose, so in effect you are EATING those molecules instead of smelling them.

    So when it comes to OTHER smelly substances . . . . well, ’nuff said.

  27. Jessica says:

    Okay, I’ve been reading this blog for about a month and I feel the need to post a second comment. First your kids are the cutest :) I will be sad when my son loses his first tooth. By then who know how much teeth will be LOL.

  28. The Lazy Organizer says:

    The tooth fairy only comes by our neighborhood once a week so if you loose a tooth on Monday you might not get the money until Thursday. Or something like that. Our tooth fairy is lame.

  29. klyn says:

    Almost finished with the tooth losing at my house - bittersweet - dangling teeth gross me out - and the drama after the swallowing of them is just too much.
    I totally remember the loose tooth feeling, too. Weird!
    The Lazy Organizer - I love the idea of a once-a-week visit by the tooth fairy - wish I had thought of that!!
    We give 2 quarters - I didn’t want to encourage my kids to try to extract their teeth too early like the neighbor kids were doing!

  30. Mary (MPJ) says:

    My six-year-old also swallowed the first tooth he lost — eating peanut butter!

  31. elasticwaistbandlady says:

    I bow before your awesome mommy greatness. Seriously. The Tooth Fairy came to a swift and violent end in our house some years ago and my little ones still mourn the loss even today. The Tooth Fairy Cometh No More

  32. Amah says:

    To your albatross - we just bought a little fixer farmhouse on a teeny tiny bit of land - but my husband has already named it - the White Elephant!! Mostly because we haven’t even seen it yet. We are on baby-watch for the Money Pit http://elmoresandiego.blogspot.com/
    (which my husband also named!!) We are waiting for her to produce baby #8.

  33. t in hd says:

    Brigitte, I’ve never been able to breathe a foul smell through my mouth. The idea of the foul smell touching the inside of mouth just grosses me out. I did know the bit about the molecules but never thought much about it. Really, just the idea grossed me out!

  34. sumershine says:

    This gave me a good chuckle. I’ve got a five year old here but no loose teeth yet.