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mini golf

mini golf

June 30, 2007

coming to the mini golf pro tour near you

Coming on the pro tour near you soon.

12 holes of mini golf would have been the perfect amount. The last 6 completely frayed my nerves. The constant, “Step away from the person hitting!” “Look for people around you before you swing!” “No HIGH STICKING!” “***%$###” “Stop twirling!” “Get out of the water hazard! It is not for refreshing yourself!”

By the 18th hole I felt like a total bitch of a mother. Not that they seemed to notice. Or even listened to a thing I said.

Then I bought their love with ice cream.


Just doing our part to keep the ice cream industry alive.


They are already asking when they can go back, so I guess I didn’t scar them too much.

Posted by Chris @ 10:11 am  

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  1. Katie W says:

    Those ice creams are huge, I want ice cream now, even if it is only 15 degrees C over here.
    I love the wistful look on your daughters face.

  2. Heather says:

    OMGosh!!!!! I JUST BOUGHT the same dress for my daughter at H&M!!! She’s wearing it RIGHT NOW. I loooooooooovvvvvveeeee it!

    Oh yeah and the mini golf looks like fun — sounds like it too (insert sarcasim here - I have yet to attempt golf with my Things)

  3. Chookooloonks says:

    Dude, your daughter looks about 19 in that last picture.

    Beautiful, beautiful children.

  4. Salsaqueen says:

    If I promise to stay out of the water hazzards can I come play mini golf next time? Oh, and I’d like an ice cream cone when we got done! They look like they are having such a great time.

  5. julie says:

    You are a better mom than I. I have hung up my mini golf hat.

    My kids are WAY to competitive for this. They forget it is actually suppose to be FUN. They worry way to much about the score and who may be cheating.

    They drove me crazy!

    I’m not sure I could handle it again.

  6. Molly says:

    Where are the other three kids?

  7. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    I got some coupons for free mini golf a few weeks ago, but I’m reluctant to use them because of the whole, “It’s a pack of preschoolers and they have heavy metal sticks! Run for your lives!” thing. Buuuut, it would be a free outing, the kids would have fun (the kids, not me), and it would be free. So maybe I’ll just get it over with some weekend soon.

  8. ChristieNY says:

    Love it! Such a truthful narrative and fabulous pics. Your children are beautiful and look like they had a blast! :)

  9. Nancy says:

    Dude! How is it their clothes all vaguely matches one another? All the time, it seems? I only have three and it seems like one is always dressed odd-ball compared to the other two. Two in dresses means one will be sporting cammo somewhere.

  10. kellie says:

    You are a nicer Mom than me, mini golf fills me with dread.
    You win the Mom of the year award by miles!
    I was so proud to have escaped the mini golf demons after a week at the NJ shoer and then I come here to check in and whamo…you go and do it!

  11. elasticwaistbandlady says:

    The sheer expense alone has prevented me from dragging my six to our local mini golf place. That hasn’t stopped them from improvising a course in the backyard, though. Thanks to our unruly beast of a dog, we’re never at shortage of ready made holes, sand traps, and they even created ‘POOP PILE’ penalties. Not even Tiger Woods is brave enough to play our rigorous course.

  12. Anna says:

    So Cute!

  13. Nan says:

    gack, did you see the side ad today: http://www.essure.com/Home/Discussing/PatientStories/TestimonialDetail/tabid/80/testimonialID/16/Default.aspx
    was this intentional???

  14. Lisa says:

    Mini golf always sounds like a good idea. But then it seems to last FOREVER.

  15. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    So where did Daddy take the other three? These little cherubs look like they had a blast, that’s for sure! Now you should be able to sit back with a nice margarita!

  16. Gift of Gren says:

    I also noticed the Essure ad. “It is not for refreshing yourself” sounds like some kind of euphemism…not sure for what, but I think I will start using it randomly.

  17. Chris says:

    My oldest two elected to stay home with the 2 yr old. Thankfully, because there is NO way that I would have survived a 2 yr old there.

    Also, if you are thinking of going with your little kids, don’t bother thinking you will be able to play also. I gave up after the third hole.

  18. Barb Cooper says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I only have two kids and I feel like I am always AT them about something. It’s kind of hard not to take it personally when they ask if I’m coming along on some outing with Dad and then look disappointed when I say yes. Actually, it makes me want to belt my husband one because clearly, HE’S not the one saying, “Stop kicking the chair in front of you. You are disturbing those poor people.” Or, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand you when you talk with your mouth full.” “Walk, don’t run.”

    OH MY GOD. I have become my mother.

  19. Everyday Mommy says:

    Crazy question…where’d you find the orange hats? Looking for just that sort of thing for our 5 year-old. Cute kids!

  20. amy says:

    Wow your story brought me back to our vacation on Catalina Island about 4 years ago when we had the epiphany that in fact my mother-in-law definitely had Alzheimer’s. We were playing mini golf and all of a sudden she took the most enormous swing (as if she were on the golf course in Boca Raton where they live) and cracked that ball so far out of the minicourse that we all panicked and were certain that she almost killed one of her sons or grandchildren(who were standing closest to her) with the swing and/or the ball. It was absurdly funny and tragic at the same time, and it has been downhill (very downhill) since that day. We all count that day and that exact incident as the beginning of the end. Now that I have shared that with you, it is in no way meant to imply anything about your minigolf outing!

  21. Chris says:

    I found the orange hats at Ocean State Job Lots. Is that a national chain? It’s a store that carries all sorts of assorted crap.

  22. Jennifer says:

    It is good to know other moms have adventures in fun too! It’s supposed to be fun right? I know we won’t be going mini-golfing for a while, and after the last fishing adventure, well it could be a while for that too. Which is sad, cause we live in Alaska.

  23. Susan says:

    We have a rule: the baseball bat/golf club/croquet mallet/you name it is ONLY to be used to play the game for which God created it. It is NOT a sword or a lance or a robot arm or any other instrument of death and destruction.

    Because of this rule, which is intended to keep everyone from suffering a head injury while playing CROQUET for god’s sake, I spend a lot of time while we’re having a lovely round of croquet saying completely idiotic and uncroquetlike things.

    In other words, I could totally play mini golf with you all.

  24. Holli Smith says:

    That middle pic is my fav! He’s totally loving every minute of that ice cream - eyes closed and totally into it!
    My kind of kid. Not to mention the absolute cutest one of all!
    I love your daughter’s dress! So stinking cute!