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2007 June

fortunately at least one remembers their first language

June 12, 2007

Tonight my daughter was having a major freak out at bedtime. She had to go to bed 15 minutes early as a consequence for some horrendous behavior this afternoon.

I put her into bed and she started crying for her blanket. Her special blanket wasn’t in her bed.

“I will get it for you. Where is it?”

“It’s near the papal juice,” she sobbed.

“Near what?”

“The papal juice.”



“Um, okay,” I said.

I left her room and headed down the stairs. I repeated it over and over in my head. What the heck is papal juice? We aren’t Catholic. We certainly don’t have any juice belonging to the Pope here.

I walked around giving a cursory glance through the rooms. I decided to ask the kids.

“Hey, anyone know where papal juice is?”

The oldest kids ignored me, as usual, but my 6 yr old popped up and said, “Under the bench in the mudroom!”

I looked in there and sure enough there was her blanket. Right next to the baseball shoes.

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love you better

Today I am over at Parenting, like I will be every Tuesday.

There are times when I look around at my kids playing and I am suddenly seized by panic so great that there are no words to describe it. It literally takes my breath away.

A panic that says, “You do not deserve all of this.”

A panic that says, “You can not possibly sustain all of this good luck you have. It will have to end.”

And I look at my children as my heart squeezes tighter than I could imagine. And I think, “Oh please don’t let something happen to one of them. I could not live without one of them.”

So click on over if you’d like. There are four other bloggers over there, some you may know some may be new to you, who are worth the read.

As for me, I am going to the dermatologist this morning to have a “suspicious mole” checked out. I made the appointment about 4 months ago. I am not particularly worried, even though I am a white girl who slathered her skin with baby oil and laid outside on a reflective tin foil-esque sheet to maximize the baking in the summer sun. Like a French fry.

Update: Turns out the “suspicious mole” is a cyst. It is in my hairline so I couldn’t really see it to Dr Google my own diagnosis, which you know is probably for the best.

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June 11, 2007


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And all this time I thought Santa lived further north…

June 10, 2007

Christmas came early

The view of the back of my van just before I left Mir’s house.

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i see boxes

June 9, 2007

I am typing this post from Mir’s house where I am helping her pack. Two weeks! TWO WEEKS!!! For the record she is not nearly as freaked out about all the packing she still has left to do as I am. Because OHMYGOD she has a big house and has lots of stuff.

One lively conversation we had was about the number of sheets people need for their beds. I happen to fall into the one set of sheets is enough camp, while Mir believes they may just stop making sheets and she had better stock up.

I forced her to get rid of tons of stuff. And now we are no longer friends. But then we kissed and made up and had a naked pillow fight.

Then we went out to the liquor store. Because packing requires alcohol consumption.

We were enjoying ourselves there, having been carded. Even though he clearly did it just to be nice. Or he is blind. We spotted two walls lined with boxes, and I remarked that we could probably use some of them.

The nice young man waiting on us said, “Take as many as you want. You can bring home the whole wall of boxes over there if you want.”

“Okay,” we said. And I went and got the van so we could load it up with liquor boxes.

Our second trip into the store from the van for some boxes the man says, “You can’t take all of those boxes!”

And we were all confused. Because he had just said we could take the boxes.

“But you said we could have as many boxes as we wanted….” we protested.

“I was joking. You are taking it way to seriously.”

Mir is convinced that they just wanted us out of the store because we were ruining the ambiance, which would be florescent lighting and selling alcohol to underage kids. AH well.

We brought the boxes home and used them all to pack books, mostly her kids books. We reasoned we didn’t even need to label them. Once she moves she can just assume all the liquor boxes contain children’s books.

We are going to go back to the same liquor store tomorrow and ask for more boxes. Just to see what they say.

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lean on me

June 8, 2007

lean on me

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nope, no getting it back

Rob called me this evening on his way home from work and during our conversation asked me if I had heard that Paris Hilton was sent back to jail. I hadn’t.

And so we discussed it, this side of the issue, that side of the issue, up one side and down the other side.

We judged. Oh boy, did we judge. Her, her mother, her friends, her so-called friends, the sheriff, the other inmates at the jail, the judge, the lawyers, the papparazzi.

We were full of wisdom and lessons that she should take away from this. In retrospect, it was pathetic.

Finally there was a lull in the conversation. Rob let out a deep sigh.

“Did we really just spend 5 minutes out of lives discussing Paris Hilton?”

“Yeah, I do believe we did.”

“Wow, what a waste.”

“Well, when you put it that way.”

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The untold joys of a toddler with a cold

Me with a handful of tissues.

“Come over here so I can wipe your nose.”

Miles running away as fast as he can.

“No. I wick it. I wick my nose.”

I guess that is better than wiping it on my silk damask throw pillows, a.k.a. evidence of my own insanity, like he usually does.

I spared you a photo. No need to thank me.

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the funniest thing I have read

June 7, 2007

in a really really long time.

Seriously I have been laughing for two days now.

Go on and read. But pee first.

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where the streets are empty at 6:30am

where the streets are empty at 6:30 am

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