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2007 June

watching the waves

June 7, 2007

watching the waves

trying to be brave

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he’s like a shaggy dog

Mr Happy

and smells like one too.

No not really, I just tell him that.

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look at that bike lane!

bike riding

It’s not a bike lane, it’s the curb I say! I can not even tell you how many times I shouted at my 6 and 8 yr olds, “Stay the line! Stay the line!”

Luckily once you get outside of the downtown there are really nice wide bike paths separate from the road so that you don’t have to worry about being run down.

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Lessons for being a perfect mother: ignore your offspring

Scene: 4 and 2 yr olds running through the room giggling. How nice they are finally playing a game together that is making them both happy.

The Mother Person: What fun you are having! What are you playing?

The 4 yr old: We are playing the scissor game!!!

The Mother Person looks up to see the 4 and 2 yr old chasing each other holding scissors out in front of them, pointy side facing out, opening and shutting them, while screaming at each other “I’m gonna get you!”

Disclaimer: This is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Meaning, I will deny it to the death.

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Wanna go to blogher?

June 6, 2007

But think, man that’s a lot of money. Well, maybe you can win a registration to Blogher from the Parent Bloggers Network.

Here’s how:

And so, in conjunction with Light Iris, we’re asking you to write about “Where Does My Time Go?”

Perhaps it’s a post outlining your day, an essay on how quickly your children grow, or thoughts about how laundry can literally suck the life out of a perfectly good Thursday afternoon. How do you save time, make time, or use it poorly?

Post anytime on FRIDAY, JUNE 8 (not before or after). Send your posts to parentbloggers@gmail.com and make sure to link both Light Iris and Parent Bloggers Network somewhere in your post.

So go on over, read all the instructions, and enter. Maybe you’ll win.

We’ll have drinks.

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The inn where we stayed


The building to the left, behind the children is where our rooms were. Look how quiet and peaceful it is before 7:00am. These were the kids I had on my room. I got the good room. Albeit the non-sleeping room.

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going home


Well, after a long, long, seemed twice as long as it took to get there, car ride.

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it was tempting…

it was tempting

to toss the life ring over and tell them to hold on to it until we docked.

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Chaos on the ferry

goofing around on the ferry

Within a half-hour everyone left the area where we were. I’m not sure why. I found the incessant chatter, running up and down the aisle, tantrums and writhing on floor endearing. Yes, and relaxing.

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“I think I see land, mom!”

I see land!

“Oh sweetie, we haven’t pulled away from the dock yet.”

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