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Monday, monday, can’t trust that day

Monday, monday, can’t trust that day

July 9, 2007

Yesterday I made the road trip to IKEA once again. I am becoming slightly embarrassed at the amount of IKEA furniture my house now contains, though obviously not embarrassed enough to stop buying it.

Can one house have to much of the flat boxed goodness? I am not sure it can.

So if you don’t hear from me for another week it is because I am laying on the floor whimpering because my allen wrench hand is all cramped up and fused to the tiny wrench.

As I was typing this Miles just put his stapled head on my lap and said unbidden, “I love you, too.” Of course in the time it took me to type this he went over and dumped an entire basket of puzzles out onto the floor that he has no intention of putting together. So it all balances out.

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  1. Jennie says:

    This spring I went to IKEA for the first time. Oh how I love me some IKEA! And of course, I don’t stop at furniture. Not when they have all those kitchen gadgets and sparkling juices.

  2. KatieBug says:

    We LOVE IKEA. And now that 2 of my kids are tall enough to go to the play area it is even better!

  3. LaShawn says:

    I just bought an obscene amount of IKEA goodness yesterday. I am of the firm belief that there is NEVER too much IKEA!

  4. Maddy says:

    Nope I don’t think you can have Toooo much Ikea in yer home, nope you can’t.

  5. Midsummer Night says:

    I love IKEA goodness too. I bought some darling step stools yesterday. I just wish they were not so far away!

  6. Karen@FamilyBriefs says:

    I feel left out :( We don’t have an IKEA store, but our little town is growing so maybe there’s hope for me yet . . .

  7. K.B. says:

    Exactly 19 more days until the Ikea 30 minutes from me FINALLY opens… I swear I have been waiting for YEARS! Literally. I have literally kept my house half empty instead of filling it with garage sale furniture just in anticipation for this miraculous event. ALL HAIL IKEA!

  8. peepnroosmom says:

    No, you can never have too much goodness from Flat Box Heaven.
    I was just there last week and going back for more today.

  9. sherry says:

    You can never have too much Ikea anything. I would happily live in a fully stocked Ikea house.

  10. Karen says:

    Well, it all averages out, because I don’t own ANY IKEA. ;)

    Now, the Container Store….that’s another story! :)

  11. Susan says:

    We spent the entire damn weekend furniture shopping, at places that do NOT do flatpack (you know, they deliver your completely assembled furniture in four to eighteen weeks). And dammit if I didn’t find myself saying I MISS IKEA about every ten minutes.


  12. diatribal says:

    Can’t contain excitement. Moving near IKEA. Must stop to breathe.

    Seriously though, I don’t own anything from the big blue store of swedish goodness, but I have already made a list of things that I want to purchase as soon as we move. I have also itemized the list and put it in the order that I want to purchase things, in case I don’t get to buy it all at once.

    I took my mom to the store last weekend for the first time. She was gobsmacked. I think that we may have another convert!

    Never can there be too much IKEA. Don’t be embarrassed!!

  13. Christine says:

    My nearest IKEA is now five hours away, following our semi-recent move. So, buy all the friggin’ IKEA you want … and throw some in for me, you lucky skunk!!

  14. Mary says:

    You know, if you cut the “l” shaped end off of the allen wrench and put the remainder in a cordless drill or screwdriver, it works soooooo much quicker. :-) Hope this helps….

  15. M&Co. says:

    Have you seen the IKEAHacker web page?


    The laptop desks reminded me of you. I have visions of you laying in bed, typing away on your laptop.

  16. Mary Novak says:

    We don’t have an IKEA near us (go figure) but I would be there all the time if we did!

    No shame!

  17. Tamatha says:

    When we moved to England we were in serious need to replace some broken stuff, and lo and behold, Ikea was only 90 minutes away. It was set up like each and every other Ikea in the States, and it so was so familiar and wonderful with its flatbox goodness. So whenever I felt homesick we’d make the journey. We ended up going to one outside of Paris (don’t ask) and yes, it too was just like the one in Seattle. Except the people in Seattle wore an inordinate amount of socks with their sandles, and everywhere else people seemed to realize this was a fashion faux pas of the highest order. Other than that it was exactly the same.

  18. Kelly says:

    I went to IKEA a couple of days ago while I was on a road trip. I got a lamp and a little black hanging basket. :) I wish there was an IKEA in St. Louis.

  19. Barb Cooper says:

    My husband, who is a computer geek by profession, has been doing some research into retail establishments and their expansion strategies. He told me (completely unbidden so it’s a miracle I remembered it) that IKEA feels very strongly about having 50 stores in North America, and that is IT. We just got one in Austin and I am afraid to go there. There’s something wrong with my van and I can’t put the seat down… this impedes my ability to accumulate an IKEA stash.

    Um, that suggestion about the allen wrenches and the cordless scredrives is sheer brilliance.

  20. Angie says:

    I’ve only been to an IKEA once. I loved it! I love kitchen gadgets!

  21. Karly says:

    We need pictures!

  22. Ani says:

    I had to laugh, as I am headed home to assemble the new IKEA chair we bought yesterday, after a yummy lunch of Swedish meatballs.

    No one could ever have too much IKEA. How can anyone beat a furniture/kitchen/bathroom/kids store WITH a restaurant AND free supervised childcare??

    Me likes my flat-box heaven, even if I have to drive 2 hrs to get there.

  23. The Lazy Organizer says:

    Thanks to you I have a new Ikea Miles chair and we love it! I potty trained my two year old after our first trip in June just so she could go to the kid’s place next time. The freedom of baby-less Ikea shopping was so worth it!

  24. Christina says:

    I am just so jealous that you have an IKEA; our closest one is seriously a weekend trip and that’s just wrong.

  25. Susanne says:

    What you really need is an electrical screwdriver (not sure how they are called in English, sorry, but I mean the ones that look like a drill, you certainly have one), and then you buy a bit for it that fits into those IKEA screw holes. Really. I could have saved myself having calluses in the middle of my palms years ago…

  26. MamaLady says:

    I’ve yet to become an Ikea evangelist. I’m afraid I couldn’t stop once I start. Luckily the nearest one is 2 hours away.
    BTW, have you been listening to the oldies station? Your titles appear to have a late 60’s rock theme? Not complaining at all. Just an observation.
    Hint, hint…pictures of said furniture will be posted, won’t they?

  27. klyn says:

    Funny to hear of Tamantha’s ability to get a dose of the US when at an IKEA overseas…I go to the Seattle IKEA for nostalgia of our army years in Germany where I was introduced to it for the first time!!
    Our entire Seattle house’s kitchen and bedroom were IKEA clones - now to replicate that in our new home!

  28. Casey says:

    Hey! I work there…. lol

  29. Jamie says:

    Oh, I miss Ikea!!! Nearest one is in Phoenix, about 2 - 2.5 hours away. Shop for me, too, please!!

  30. Chrissi says:

    Oh how I love IKEA!

  31. Grim Reality Girl says:

    We have a nearby Ikea. Love it, but have only been there maybe 3 times since it opened. The crowds are a drag. I won’t go on weekends…. but maybe tomorrow night????

  32. Jessica says:

    That’s my daughter’s favorite thing to say! I love hearing it, I can just imagine the day not so far off when she’ll stop saying it completely.