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In Which I don’t mention baseball once

In Which I don’t mention baseball once

July 19, 2007

So there is this conference next week… maybe you have heard about it?

I finally found a laptop bag, so I can stop telling people that I will be the one carrying a laptop around in a plastic grocery bag.

Last night Susan called me, way way past her 8:00pm bedtime, so we could co-ordinate whatever it is we feel we need to co-ordinate. Both of us being the lazy Type-A personalities. (I love you, Susan.) You know they type who really want to be in control of everything and worry endlessly, and yet never do much constructive about it. The type who appear laid back, but that is the result of a glass or three of wine.

(Side note, last night while we were talking I kept hearing this ding-ding noise that sounded exactly like noise sailboats make in the wind. But since she lives in one of those landlocked states I knew she wasn’t hanging out in a marina. So I asked her what the hell that noise was. Turns out she was trying to open her wine bottle with one hand. That is an enviable skill, people!)

Of course the conversation turned to what we will be packing. Susan just wrote a great post over at BlogHer about packing and implored everyone to not overpack. I was forced to share my packing philosophy with her, which basically is “If it fits in the bag, it comes with me.” I hate going places and ending up unprepared. I have 5 days to think about. I might need more shoes than days I am going to be in Chicago. I just might. Not that I am admitting to anything. And what if there is a sudden cold snap or heat wave or torrential downpour or I finally lose those five pounds on the airplane?

I am exaggerating. But only slightly.

And this year I will be packing tampons. because last year it appeared as though the state of California liked to keep them well hidden. Even though I am not due to have my period, all that estrogen in one place might make me spontaneously menstruate.

All of this is just fodder to distract me from the fact that I am speaking on a panel.

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  1. javamama says:

    Ooooh, lazy type A. I’ve been looking for a some way to describe that thing that I do, that you did it PERFECTLY. I now know what my next business cards will say.

    And so as to demonstrate the lazy part, I will also respond to the last post in this one. As the mother of an 11 yo boy, I would do D, and then do A, but I’d do C while he sits in his room. :-) Confuse ‘em real good.

  2. jm says:

    You don’t need to pack clothes. Just buy new ones! :)

  3. Sara says:

    Damn. Y’all will be leaving Chicago the day before I get there. Not that that means anything really, but you know, there was the off chance of spotting some of my favorite bloghers. Well, wave as you fly over Indiana…

  4. diatribal says:

    Egads…a grocery bag!?! The thought of so grossly underprotecting (is that a word?) such precious cargo makes me a little queasy!

    Crumplers are supposedly good…hope you enjoy it!

  5. Katie says:

    If it makes you feel better, my husband always packs a separate bag for just his shoes. Course then again he wears 14’s and three pairs can take up a ton of room.

  6. Salsaqueen says:

    We are taking an overnight trip next month. ONE NIGHT! My dh is already ragging me about going and renting a U-Haul! He is so not funny!!

    Have fun at BlogHer, Chris.

  7. Summer says:

    I’m so jealous of everyone who is getting to go. I can’t even get Second Life to work to be able to go virtually. LOL

  8. Melissa says:

    Good idea re. tampons. Even if you don’t need them, you might befriend someone who does! Have fun.

  9. fidget says:

    Well, since I’m not attending this year, I guess I should start fretting for next eh? Lazy type A.. that paints a perfect picture of me.

  10. Playdate Susan says:

    Melissa, I will totally be swiping Chris’ tampons. Because even though I KNOW I will need them, there won’t be any room in my bag after I pack all ten pairs of shoes I need. For five days. Seriously.

    And I like that idea that we’re lazy Type As–that’s why we get along so well.

  11. Eve says:

    Now you have me scared that I will spontaniously start my period, and that it will rain! And I don’t know what to pack. I’m kind of nervous about the whole thing as it is.

  12. serahrose says:

    see you there. shall i look for a large plastic bag full of shoe choices since your laptop will be all appropriately contained?

    you might need to change your outfit just for when you speak, you know, a la oscar hostess.

  13. Mir says:

    You will be having all that fun with your tampons WITHOUT ME and I am sad. Wah.

    Also, OF COURSE you need extra shoes. Remember what my boots did to me in NYC? Thank goodness for a change of wardrobe.

  14. Kathy says:

    I believe it was Stu Leonard, who had a vacation home in St. Maarten, who wrote the book Bring Half the Clothes & Twice the Money.

  15. Dana says:

    Still laughing over spontaneous menstruation…

  16. Daisy says:

    Periods? Rain? Prepare for wind, women. Chicago is called the Windy City for a reason. Pack whatever you need to keep your hair in place.

  17. Barb Cooper says:

    I wish I didn’t feel like all the popular girls are going to cheerleading camp and I’m stuck here going to some marionette puppet camp that my mother signed me up for… Not that I’m still bitter or anything. Have a great time. –Barb

  18. Selfmademom says:

    I swear we have drug stores here. I swear. Good luck packing!

  19. Yvonne says:

    Well, being just outside Chicago, (Western Suburbs, we call them) I have to say that we did had 98 degrees one day - torrential rain the next with a drop of about 20 degrees after that…..so pack those shoes!! (oh, and those 5 pounds should come off just walking through O’Hare airport…)

  20. Mary Tsao says:

    Spontaneous menstruation. ha ha!

    I’m bringing tampons, too.

    OMG. This time next week… We’ll be spontaneously menstruating! And shopping! And talking nonstop about blogging! Oh, the joys.

  21. Brigitte says:

    Good luck with the panel!

    And “Lazy Type A” is too perfect, I knew neither of the two classic categories fit me. Now I know why my house is a mess and I constantly fret about it, but am too lazy to actually fix it.

  22. t says:

    I think they have your link wrong on this page http://blogher.org/node/19422#19

  23. Heather B. says:

    Wait, aren’t we shopping?? I mean I’m going to overpack anyway, but I still plan to bring an extra bag for the stuff I buy upon Susan’s first step into H&M. I’ll need to buy things with her, to make her feel less overwhelmed.

  24. Sunny says:

    Don’t have too much fun without us, you guys. Okay? And buy a lipstick with all your adoring fans in mind, Chris.

  25. Beth - Sensible One says:

    Mmmmm… Chicago ….. shopping …. I would intentionally underpack! Did I mention the shopping? In Chicago? :)

  26. Rae says:

    I so wish I was going, I would love to see you and hear from all the amazing blogging gals, shopping bags or no shopping bags.

  27. Kristen says:

    Sheesh. What else is California against? First tampons, what next?

  28. Mocha says:

    Urban Outfitters is just WAITING for us to shop there. Also? There are some shoes I’m wearing that I’ll be specifically thinking of you as they click click around the city until I find you, lick you, and put you in my pocket because I want to take you home.

    So, don’t pack too many tampons. They won’t fit in my pocket.

  29. becky says:

    i think i may only bring flipflops and tennies. i want to be comfortable. of course, will anyone notice my feet once they see my preggo belly?

    and duuuuuuuuuude, i’m live-blogging your panel. won’t that be awesome? uh, it would be if i knew what to say.

    looking forward to seeing you, stacy, kris, lena, et al.

  30. Friday Playdate » can you hand me that corkscrew, please? says:

    [...] going to Chicago next week, for five days, to hang out with Chris, who wrote this today: Last night Susan called me, way way past her 8:00pm bedtime, so we could co-ordinate [...]