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a kitchen by an other name

a kitchen by an other name

July 22, 2007

My days of living with a white vinyl floor are coming to an end.

Today I ordered my new kitchen cabinets. In a mere 6-8 weeks they will be delivered to my house.

Judging by how things usually go around here. I should have my brand new, fully functional kitchen in a year or two. Three tops.

I kid. Sort of.

As I was placing the order and watching the price tag grow larger and larger, to twice the amount we had planned on spending, the kitchen designer began to ask me about upgrades. And I thought, what’s one more torpedo to a sinking ship Sure I’ll take those full extension drawers, garbage can pull-out, and matching crown molding.

Posted by Chris @ 11:34 pm  

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  1. diatribal says:

    Hehe…is it an IKEA kitchen? ;)

  2. Suzanne says:

    Same thing happened while we were building our house… after a while, what’s another 10 or 15 grand? And when you really start thinking “what’s another 10 or 15 grand”, you know you’re in trouble…

  3. Suebob says:

    I would LOVE to have a vinyl floor. I have some vintage linoleum from the 50s. It is pretty cool but something made in since Reagan was president might be nice, too.

  4. Anna says:

    Nice! My kitchen sucks…I’m jealous…

  5. Brigitte says:

    So long as you’ll be getting an oven that you can actually get a couple large pans into, it’s all good.

  6. Chris says:

    It is not an IKEA kitchen. I can’t even fathom the horror of having to assemble all those kitchen cabinets myself.

    No, I don’t think you would want this ugly white vinyl floor.

  7. Antique Mommy says:

    6-8 weeks! Haaaaaha! They say that to everyone. Even the pretty girls. But you’ll probably get them sometime this year for sure.

  8. deborah says:

    wait; no tile? I had to go back and re-read. No MORE vinyl. got it. Can’t wait to see it. Do you have the garage door still?

  9. Monica says:

    Actually we just finished having an Ikea kitchen installed. They were about half the price of the others we looked at, and still a little less expensive after we paid their installers to assemble and install them. And they were in stock.

    If you choose the Nexus doors the inside of the cabinets is birch as well instead of white.

    On the other hand, even with everything being in stock and available when we selected them, the contracter managed to turn an estimated 2 week job (not just the cabinets) into still not finished 5 weeks later.

  10. meritt says:

    Well… I have a crappy construction model home style kitchen with ugly laminate counters but by golly I have the garbage pull out!!! (I installed that one myself.)


    The garbage pull (all thirty bucks of it) is well worth the money. Just thought I’d make you feel a little better about that. Hee hee.

  11. Therese says:

    Make sure the garbage can pull-out holds a family size can. Most of those I have seen only hold a smaller can, and I’m sure with your children, you have a mega one.

  12. Chris says:


    Actually I have a thing about garbage in the house. We only use our grocery store bags as in the house garbage bags. When they are full we throw them into the outside garbage cans.

    Or out onto the driveway so that wild animals can come and spread our garbage all over the yard.

  13. Jodi says:

    It is always four times more than it is supposed to be. I think that is a hidden rule of home remodeling. But a new kitchen would be awesome! We are years away from that yet. I will just be a little bit jealous as you get to put yours in soon.

    Oh and I have started a contest today in honor of my birthday! Go over and check it out so you can enter to win!

  14. Kelli says:

    I’ll take your ugly white vinyl floor! We have carpet in our kitchen. Yes, I said carpet. Not some indoor/outdoor thing you could probably hose down if you needed to, the same carpet as is wall to wall to wall to wall throughout the house. And under the carpet is a second carpet that is *glued down*, to what, we do not know. Our bathroom is is the only room without carpet (thank god for small favors). There are even carpet remnants on the basement floor.

  15. Amy Y says:

    I promise you will never regret those full extension drawers! :)

  16. Barb Cooper says:

    That’s like my friend Marianne who tells the story of her home remodel like this: “The doorbell was broken, so we thought we needed an electrician, so we might as well redo the lighting in the kitchen, which meant we’d need to paint the ceiling, which was good because the house needed painting inside and out, and we might as well get rid of that old linoleum and carpet that the cat had peed all over, etc. $50,000 later, we had all new flooring, all new appliances, new countertops, new lighting, new paint, inside and out, and oh, by the way, the doorbell only needed the button replaced, which would have been about $2.”

    It’s been my experience that you never regret a kitchen remodel –and that you approciate the smallest things the most. In our old, ancient house, after we had the wiring redone, I would stand in the kitchen every day and think, “Oh, look, the microwave AND the dishwasher are going at the same time and we didn’t even have to unplug the refrigerator! How cool is THAT?”

  17. klyn says:

    A kitchen remodel is worth every penny!! The people who bought our house still thank us for the IKEA kitchen we had put in. Can’t wait to IKEAize this latest house’s kitchen…it is the most updated room in the house, so it will be a long while…the replumbing of the entire house begins next month though. I am so glad the kids and I will be far far away during that!

  18. Tracy Bakunas says:

    3 years is nothing! My DH tore apart our house in 1996 - I’m still waiting for it to be done - I had a toilet in the corner of my living room with a blanket around it for privacy for 3 years! 11 years & 2 kids later - I’m still waiting! It’s amazing what you learn to live with!

    Although, it’s not as bad as my Mom’s house. They are doing construction and the plumber’s forgot to tell them not to use the toilets on the 2nd floor. She flushed & it came thru the kitchen ceiling! Talk about no potty talk at the table!!!

    Hang in there!

  19. Common Mom says:

    You certainly will not regret your kitchen remodel! We’ve had our new kitchen for not quite a year yet and we STILL rave about it every single day - as does everyone who comes over.

    My favorite part? Soft close drawers. It is SOOOO nice for the kids to not be able to slam the drawers shut!

  20. diana/sunshine says:

    you will be so happy you spent the extra money on the pull-out garbage. it’s one of the things i like best about my kitchen.

  21. Rebecca says:

    Yay! for your new kitchen. The full extension drawers will be so worth it. I don’t have any but drool over pictures. I tried to comment on your other post, the letters to your son one but for some reason it kept bringing up a weird message about no posts matching my search criteria. That was so beautiful. When he has his first born print that out & give it to him, I bet he’ll cry. Oh and I was the guinea pig too, my parents tried to tell me I wasn’t but they didn’t have me fooled.

  22. Mary Tsao says:

    Garbage can pull-out! You lucky dog, you. I’m leaving with my original 1958 cabinetry. You feel sorry for me, don’t you?

  23. Mary Tsao says:

    Err, that would be “living” and not “leaving.”


  24. Grim Reality Girl says:

    New cabinets? HOW EXCITING! Color me jealous AND happy for you!!! May they arrive early and beautiful!

  25. ChristieNY says:

    How exciting! What color are they, and more importantly, what color will the new floor be?!?! :) :) :)

  26. Therese says:

    Store sized garbage bags? Are you emptying trash hourly?

  27. Jill says:

    Right there with ‘ya. We just did a kitchen makeover in April/May/June. That part is painful but the result is WONDERFUL. Anything that involves knocking out a wall or extending a roof makes me nervous, but we lucked out and the end result was more that we’d hoped for. And, you know all us blogging gals will be right there with you along that way…and waiting for “after” photos, too!