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2007 July

My other child had holes put in her head on purpose

July 6, 2007

Picking out the earrings was very exciting. Once I convinced her that she couldn’t have the 4ct diamonellas, she picked out a really cute flower pair of earrings.


We ended up going to the mall to have her ears pierced, since the body piercing place was not open. Anyone with a 4 yr old knows that they will not change their plans. I am just glad I didn’t read all your comments before.

The first ear went off without a hitch. She said it hurt and made a bit of a sad face.

Then the next ear made her whimper a bit. And I asked the woman if she ever had a kid leave with just one ear done, which was a fear I had.

a little unsure about the second ear

But then, we had to redo the second ear because it was in the wrong spot. I’m not sure if my daughter moved her head or the woman was just off, but the tears came when we said it would have to be redone. But only for a few minutes until she saw her sparkly ears.

the Disney store

But shopping at the Disney Store and buying a new pair of Lelli Kelly shoes made her all better again. What you don’t know what Lelli Kelly shoes are? Here is a link, but put your sunglasses before you click.

lunch with grandma

Then we went out to lunch. I thought I had a litany of dietary restrictions, but my mother in law has me beat. Our waiter was so helpful and had suggestions for us that were fabulous. I left him a ridiculously large tip, percentage wise, but it is so rare to find someone who is helpful I thought it deserved recognition.

Then we shopped some more.

And I bought myself more clothes that my husband says I don’t need. But what does he know.

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Not the photos I thought I’d be posting

the cheap seats

Sitting in the cheap seats at Yankee Stadium.

the view from the cheap seats

The view from the cheap seats.

the aftermath of sitting in the cheap seats

What happens after you fall backwards off the cheap seats at Yankee Stadium.

he looks like a scared Ninja

In the hospital waiting room.

waiting to have his head stapled

Waiting to be stapled.

still smiling

Still smiling.

And I have considerably more gray hair and worry lines.

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misty watercolored memories

July 4, 2007

Tomorrow I am taking my daughter to get her ears pierced. Something I swore I would never allow before she was at least 10 years old, for a number of reasons.

1) I wanted her to be old enough to take care of them herself.

2) I wanted her to be old enough that she wouldn’t get one of her earrings stuck on something and tear it out of her earlobes disfiguring her for life.

3)As a general rule I think it is good to have milestones to look forward to. Especially in an age when our kids are growing up so fast and 8 yr olds have their own cellphones. Anyone else remember being a teenager and begging for a phone in their bedroom? And NOT GETTING IT!

4) I probably had a fourth point but I can’t remember it now.

5) Because I set this arbitrary line in the sand. Because I said so. Because.

So, why am I changing my mind now?

My daughter keeps talking about it. How much she loves earrings. How she can not wait to get her ears pierced. And how her Grandma has to come with her.

Not to be morbid, but her beloved Grandma is 85 years old. Still in good health, knock on wood. But in 6 years, well, she may not be.

So I decided that creating this memory for my daughter is more important than arbitrary rules. In all likelihood her Grandma will not be around to see her get married, or have babies of her own. All she will have to hold on to into her adulthood will be these snapshots of time with her grandmother. Memories don’t happen in a vacuum they need something to trigger them, to bring them out of the cobwebby recesses of our minds.

I want this for her. When she twists her earrings in her ears, to remember. When she is holding her first baby and he grabs her earrings and yanks, to remember. When she brings her own daughter to get her ears pierced, to remember.

Remember how much she loved her grandma and how much her grandma loved her.

And she’ll tell her children, “Oh, you would have loved my grandma. When I was four years old my mother, my grandmother and I went to a tattoo and body piercing shop to get my ears pierced….”

Yes, there will be photos.

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Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast

July 3, 2007

Slow down!

“I need a go to store. Buy ice cream and coffee.” As he sped away down the driveway.

Quickly it flashed before my eyes: him at 17 getting into a car. A man-child who will toss his hair back and give me a wave. “Going to the store, Mom. Be back in a few.” And he will drive away, happy for the freedom. Not giving a thought to me left behind in the driveway.

Read the rest here.

And see a vintage Miles photo that makes my heart weep.

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The Runaway Bride

July 2, 2007

Runaway Bride

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In which I venture far into the TMI category

For the past week I have been dealing with a UTI that has left me feeling like an 85 yr old man with prostate trouble.

To back up the story a bit, when I was a kid and young adult I had UTIs chronically, often progressing into kidney infections. So at the first sign of them I get myself to the doctor. Slight pain when I pee, pain in the general area where my bladder should be, wind blowing in a slightly strange direction? Off to the doctor I go.

So when all those thing happened on Monday, along with this heat wave that made me dehydrated and thirsty, I began chugging the water. Propel water to be exact. Propel is gatorade’s version of Vitamin water and my newest drink of choice having given up the diet coke.

Chug chug chug and it wasn’t getting better. In fact I was feeling worse.

First thing Tuesday morning I went to my obgyn. I pee in the cup, they test it, and find no infection. But because of the amount of water I admit to chugging the obgyn thinks the urine is too diluted to pick up the early stages of a UTI. But to be on the safe side she wants to do an exam. Oh FUN! I love those so much and am always thrilled to have one more than once a year.

We are chatting and I am lying there on the table practicing my deep breathing. When she asks, “Are you allergic to anything?”

I started laughing and said, “I am allergic to lots of things. How much time do you have?”

She froze and said, “Like what?”

“Oh nothing you probably need to worry about unless you are going to be pulling some shellfish out of that little drawer down there.”

She laughed. And then proceeded to hand me a mirror so I could have a look at things down there. I felt like I was in an Our Bodies, Ourselves love your vagina sit-in or something.

Anyway, given all the symptoms she prescribed the antibiotic since nothing else was amiss. And I went home and took it and chugged water and cranberry juice until I felt all better. Then I went back to drinking the Propel water with a vengeance, to stay hydrated you know.

And my symptoms came back. Holy hell. Dr Google said I could have bladder cancer, or bladder prolapse, or a host of other things I would rather not have. My eyes were involuntarily welling with tears as I composed goodbye letter to my kids in my head.

Then Rob said, “I bet it is that stupid Propel water.”

And I laughed, pausing long enough from composing my obituary, to tell him how stupid of an idea that was.

But since I didn’t have any better ideas, I figured why not.

You know what happens next right?

In an effort to not waste the “stupid” water and to get it out of the house so I won’t drink it, Rob began drinking it all.

He woke up Sunday morning saying he felt like he had been kicked in the bladder. And I was feeling as good as new.

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