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24 Hours in the Life: Part 3

24 Hours in the Life: Part 3

August 7, 2007

8:45 Serve breakfast to the kids. Surely the organic soy milk cancels out the sugar cereal, right? Look! It’s my own cereal party!


8:50 Log back onto the computer and check email. Email etsy seller from whom I bought a bag.. It arrived and is way way smaller than the measurements on the ad lead me to believe. Reread the ad and am still confused. Or measuring challenged. Or possibly retarded.

9:00 Continue in fruitless quest to access the control panel of my other blog. The red headed step child of my blogs. Poor neglected little blog.

9:30 Cringe when I hear an avalanche of blocks fall on the tile floor in the sunroom.

Realize I have done nothing productive online. Consider posts I still need to write. Feel uninspired. Decide to take a shower.

Walking by 6yr old son’s room reminds me that the tooth fairy forgot to come AGAIN. It has been a week. And not only that he had a second tooth fall out. There is a backlog for the tooth fairy now.

Hope he hasn’t checked envelope yet. Run back downstairs, rummage through pocketbook. I have a choice between a $20, a $5, three nickels and two pennies. Decide to give him the $5 and the change, reasoning he will lose it within a day and I’ll get it back.

10:00 Slip $5 into the envelope and “remake” his bed. Take the two tiny teeth and put them into my top drawer. Not sure what I am supposed to do with these things. Many of them are lost. But saving them is weird. I don’t save their toenail clippings, why save teeth.

tooth fairy envelope

In shower.

Dig through enormous pile of clothes in the basket on my bedroom floor looking for something to wear in this oppressive heat. Get dressed.

Go downstairs. Ask son if the tooth fairy came last night. He says he checked and no the tooth was still there. Casually suggest maybe he is wrong. He says he is NOT wrong. Casually suggest he re-check. He says he has already checked and isn’t going to again.

One of his brothers says that maybe the tooth fairy didn’t come because he is so fresh. Nod my head in solemn agreement. That is absolutely why the tooth fairy has not come. Packing my sunscreen for hell. I am already dressed for it.

Sit on front porch while kids ride bikes and scooters on driveway. Write blog post in between counting how many times they can bounce a ball, jump rope, or time them running around the yard. Make up numbers a lot. Mentally ad stopwatch to all their Christmas lists so they can time their own selves.

11:00 Go inside and do more of the laundry dance. Wonder if I should chance throwing a dry clean only skirt into the washing machine. Weigh the options in my head, ultimately deciding not to chance it. Then deciding it still looks clean to me and put it on pile clothes on the counter that belong to me and will be carried upstairs and put away sometime before hell freezes over.

11:15 been looking for painter’s tape. Finally decide to ask kids if they know where it could be. And what do you know, they know where it is. It is outside on the front porch where “someone” has wrapped 50 ft of it around the porch pillars. I wish I could say that I laughed, but I didn’t. Instead I shouted something like, “Oh for crying out loud. WHO DID THIS? HUH? DO YOU HEAR ME? WHO DID THIS? AND WHY?” Not one of my children answered, though I think I may have heard my neighbor who lives a block away shout, “NOT ME!”

Finish getting tape off of the porch. Much muttering and swearing.

11:25 Use the painter’s tape to tape off the trim in the butler’s pantry. The trim that I force my husband to put up before he left on a business trip and made him miss his flight.


11:30 Open up the can of paint and realize that I have hardly any paint left and will need to run out to the hardware store at some point. Paint the trim.

11:40-12:00 No idea what I did here. Wander around the house aimlessly and listen to incessant tattling would be my guess.

12:15 6 yr old comes running inside to the sunporch where I am now sitting typing this up. “The babies have turned on the hose and they are making a flood.”

Go over to that side of the house and discover that my 10 yr old, WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER, turned on the hose and then gave it to the little kids who made mud puddles and are now soaking wet. I am a mean parent who does not allow playing with hose unless permission is asked. Water isn’t free you know. Also, if they had their druthers they would keep it on all day.

Yell at everyone to get inside. Resign myself to the fact that my neighbors probably think I am a screaming shrew.

12:20 Make everyone who is wet and muddy change out of their clothes. Hurray MORE LAUNDRY!!!

Make 10 yr old unload the dishwasher to contemplate the error of his ways

12:30 That little brat Caillou is on tv. I rejoice because my 2 and 4 yr olds will sit quietly for an entire half hour. And I’ll let you in on my dirty little secret… sometimes I rewind it and let them watch it twice in a row. Calliou I want to hate you, but I am unable.

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  1. Stacey says:

    LOL. I desperately want to hate Caillou too! But at 7a.m. when my wiggly 3-year-old has been up and kicking me for the last half hour while I vainly try to eek out just a few more minutes of sleep, Caillou has been known to save my life…or at least *her* life. There is nothing more precious to me at 7am (I’m not a morning person, obviously) than being able to say “Caillou’s on” in a sleepy stupor and then have both kids (my son’s busy kicking my husband) race out of the room immediately. On good days, we even remember to leave the TV set to PBS. Otherwise, there’s the torture of having them both come back as tell us we need to come “fix” the TV….ugh!

  2. JoAnn says:

    Can I just say I love your blog!!! And I can so relate. I don’t have 7 kids ( I have 3) but I can so relate!

  3. Jen says:

    Ack. I loathe Caillou. Even my 3 year old daughter (who is a big Caillou fan) knows that he is a whiney little git. Sometimes, when she whines, I call her Caillou and she gets very angry (hee hee)… Because secretly, SHE KNOWS.

  4. elasticwaistbandlady says:

    I know that male pattern baldness is a genetic thing, but Caillou’s folks have lustrous flowing locks. Well, as lustrous as the animators could ink in, anyway. So why then, is Caillou totally bald? Are they training him up to star in a sequel to Eddie Murphy’s The Golden Child? Did he eat the shampoo instead of using it on his hair, so they punished him? Maybe he pulls his hair every time he doesn’t get his own way, and has nothing left?

    So many question that only PBS can answer. Maybe I’ll call and ask during their next pledge drive.

  5. Tara (Lily Calla's Mama) says:

    I feel the need to tell you how much I love reading your blog. I only have one kid, and she’s 11, but reading about your younger ones reminds me of how my own used to be. I’m so glad Caillou wasn’t around back then. LOL! Instead, we now have Pokemon. Ack! ;)

  6. Scout's Honor says:

    Afraid to admit (please don’t hate me), but I looooove Caillou. Now that Franklin the Turtle–he’s one whiny bastard–and don’t get me started on that whore Dora!

  7. Jen says:

    When I first saw your taped off trim, I thought you’d just gotten really ambitious and painted extra. That blue looks really nice as an extra trim stripe. Maybe you should start a new trend?

  8. Woman with Kids says:

    Glad I’m not the only screaming shrew… Not that you’re a shrew… please don’t yell at me.

  9. genpoco says:

    ah crap. The Minion hasn’t watched Caillou in 6 years, but since reading the last paragraph the theme song is stuck in my brain. I remember every freaking word.

  10. Mark says:

    Hmmmmmm, I’ll have to get a ruling on whether your nomination for Sainthood will negate your need for sunblock for the weather down below.

    Oh and to expedite your application for said Sainthood, hush hush on the mention of Shrewness.

  11. elasticwaistbandlady says:

    Hey genpoco, Shari Lewis has been dead for many years, taking Lambchop to the grave with her, and yet I still find myself singing, “This is the song that doesn’t end, yes, it goes on, and on, my friends……”

    Well, it’s like the song that never ends. So, of course it didn’t die with Shari. “Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it FOREVER just because…”

  12. Michele says:

    Hate Caillou. My kids do too. They are only two, but they have pretty good taste, albeit an endless capacity for reruns. I can show them the same tivo’d “Jack’s Big Music Show” three times in a row and they still dig it.

  13. Annie says:

    “…sometimes I rewind it and let them watch it twice in a row…”

    HA! I think I love you. I’ll confess to doing the same thing with a Baby Einstein video today. Usually I avoid tv viewing as much as possible, but today Henry was hot, jet lagged and cranky. And back-to-back viewings of Baby Einstein’s Baby Signs gave me one blissfull hour of silence.

  14. Mel says:

    A butler’s pantry! I am so jealous!

  15. Julie says:

    Caillou is NOT allowed in my house. (My husband refuses to let our children see it). For this very reason my son wants to see it daily.
    Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  16. NoMasNinos says:

    I always tell my husband there is probably less screaming at an insane asylum. Although, some days I’m just too tired from the previous day’s screaming to scream anymore. That’s when I tell my husband to hurry home from work to do his share of the screaming. LOL! I know there’s got to be a better way, but I’m just too tired to figure it out, or lazy, whatever.

  17. Jackie @ Family Daze says:

    I’m so relating to you right now!

  18. Karen says:

    Yes, there is a better way. Have you noticed that these comments have degenerated into a celebration of shrieking at children and shutting them up with television? I know this wasn’t the intention of your post, but…. I guess there are a lot of frustrated mom’s out there. I have my moments too, beleive me (mom of 5) but I just had to comment on the negativity I felt reading the reactions to this post. All children want is our attention… positive attention. They just want to know that we’re not trying to shut them out/up.. that they matter. A good day sees me remembering the trick of ‘filling them up’ emotionally at the start of the day… I find that then they’re more able and willing to play more cooperatively with one another, without always being after me. For a while anyway ;)

  19. fidget says:

    The ONLY reason I have bathed / showered in the last 5 years is because Calliou exists. I have no idea why but that whiny lil bastard is magical

  20. Kelly says:

    Maybe it’s simply a case of ‘misery loves company’….
    kids like to hear other kids whine (someone to empathize with?) just as parents like to hear other parents going through the same types of frustrations…. People like to see themselves mirrored. I think we especially like it when there’s some sort of resolution to the ‘problem’ too.. which Caillou provides. How’s that for a little amatueur armchair psychology? :)

  21. YetAnotherKaren says:

    I have a drawer full of teeth too. I don’t even know which ones belong to whom at this point (I have 4), or what I will ever do with them.

  22. Nicole says:

    What is going on in that picture of your trim? Is it both taupe AND white? I keep staring at it trying to understand if it was before or after painting.
    help! Photo with tape off please?