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24 Hours in the Life: Part 5

24 Hours in the Life: Part 5

August 7, 2007

3:30 Decide to go outside in the backyard with the children after my daughter tells me that I neeeeveeeeer play with her. We practically bathe in DEET here.

DEET, we practically bathe in it here

It’s hot out. And humid. I hate sweating. Wonder why my children insist on screaming “Look at me! Look at Me!”
when I am right there looking right at them. WHERE ELSE WOULD I BE LOOKING?!?!

4:15 decide to head over to the post office and get our mail. Really I want to bask in my air conditioned van. Then go over to the hardware store for a gallon of Benjamin Moore white paint.

checking out the missing teeth

6yr old checks out his missing teeth in the rear view mirror.

4:45 Pick up paint samples for the dining room. I hate the red dining room. It feels like you are in a cave, especially in the winter when the insulated draperies are up. Why yes, it is another paint color that my husband picked out and now hates.

paint samples

They are different colors. Yes they are. Have you been talking to my husband?

5:15 arrive back home. I have no idea what I am making for dinner. In an effort to procrastinate I open the new gallon of paint and put the final coat on the trim in the butler’s pantry.

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  1. Crisanne says:

    I love your play-by-play. I’m still trying to figure out how you’re still standing after going to bed at 2am!!

  2. coloradomommy says:

    I hate making dinner. No, I hate being responsible for every aspect of dinner every day. The making of it is fine, but the planning of meals, shopping, cooking and doing dishes has worn it’s welcome.

  3. Anna says:

    Both colors look lovely! And similar…but no less lovely.

  4. Liz in Australia says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how you’re still standing after going to bed at 2am!!

    Me too. I’d have totally fallen over around 3pm.

    Although I totally get the staying up after the kids are finally in bed because it’s the only time the house is actually QUIET! And I only have two (until late October, anyway).

  5. Scout's Honor says:

    I’m so jealous of your heat and humidity. Right now it’s 60 degrees, dark, stormy, and pouring rain in Seattle. bleck! I used to brag Seattle was gorgeous in August. Rain, rain go away….

  6. Kyran says:

    I love this, although it makes me feel intensely inadequate. We have trim that has not been painted in ten years, and sometimes I think it might be worth having a fourth child so I can keep blaming it on “the baby”.

    also, we must establish how much sleep you run on. five hours? is that typical? i can’t function with less than seven, optimally eight. what is your secret?

    if it is illegal, you can totally email me your answer.

  7. Joy H says:

    HOW do you manage to paint with littles underfoot? NOT that I would attempt this on my own but I’m just curious.

  8. MsRebecca says:

    You had me hooked until you said Benjamin Moore! That’s a bad word where I come from, I work for Sherwin :)

  9. Diana says:

    Your bracelet totally coordinates with the gravel!

  10. NoMasNinos says:

    We’re not allowed to use DEET at our house. Every time I bring up its possible use my husband gives me the long history and story about how its an Agent Orange derivative originally used during the Vietnam War for defoliating purposes, cancer, etc., etc………..(He’s the biochemist, not me.)

    So instead of Cancer, we just let the west-nile-virus-malaria-carrying Tiger Mosquitos eat us alive when we’re outdoors. The heat, humidity, and mosquitos turn us into prisoners during the summer.Aargh!

  11. Tamatha says:

    After spending 24 hours in the ER when my daughter came down with Lyme Disease we totally bathed in DEET, too. Or at least we did when we lived in warm climates. It’s gray nine months of the year in Seattle, but, ta da! No Lyme Disease. It’s so worth it.

    And I totally see a difference in the paint colors. The one on the right is more taupier (is that a real word?) like chocolate milk mixed with cream.

  12. Jessica says:

    Wow! I have had that little sleep before, but I only have one child! How do you manage???

  13. Wendy says:

    On the edge of my seat on how the day will end. Will everyone fall asleep? Will there be another TV inducing obsession? The questions neverned, well maybe.

    As for SuperNanny, if she walked into my house suggesting finger painting there would be a search party out for her. I agree that woman was a bit compulsive, but there is no need to get all crazy.

  14. jm says:

    Oh, I get your plan. Your going to allow them to paint in the house, but they have to paint the dining room! God, you are SOOOOO much smarter than Supernanny.

    And, check out the Ralph Lauren color called “Rice”. Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams can look it up in their color book and mix you a pint to try out. It is THE MOST PERFECT neutral I have ever used. A warm light color that isn’t yellowish. It is awesome. Without fail.

  15. Maddy says:

    Love those little benjamin moore paint samples. We’re painting our first floor in “Powell buff.” But I also checked out Barely beige and desert tan. Powell buff is apparently really popular in model homes, which might mean it’s too bland-oid. But I really like it. I’m sick of painting though.