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He Has a Very Shiny Nose

He Has a Very Shiny Nose

August 8, 2007

If you guessed I didn’t blog at all today because I was burnt out from yesterday, you would be mostly right. I sort of feel like what else is there to say?

But the other part of it was that I was trying to finish painting the bits of trim my husband out up this past weekend, finally.

Tomorrow Isabel, of Alpha Mom, is coming over to interview me about clothing for kids. So I spent today getting the house company ready. Or more accurately company that is coming with a camera ready. And I thought I probably should dress the kids in clean non stained clothing.

And my children spent the day trying to give the house that frat house/crack huse look of which they are so fond.

I am hoping that those fabulously painted bits of trim will dazzle and distract her from other things like…oh the broken kitchen.

Related to nothing, Miles is sitting on the floor playing his “scissors games,” which makes me think of Rudolph and his reindeer games.

Suitcase update: dirty clothes have been removed. The rest of it, still packed and on my bedroom floor.

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  1. Susan says:

    I want a picture of the suitcase, please.

    Also I think you are keeping it packed JUST IN CASE we decide to go see Mir on the spur of the moment. Which is ALWAYS a possibility.

  2. diatribal says:

    I too would like to see a picture of said suitcase. I was wondering about its status earlier!

    I HATE getting the house “company ready” about as much as I hate keeping it ready to show buyers! Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Crissy says:

    I feel your suitcase pain. I have a duffel on my bathroom counter full of clean clothes from a trip I got back from on July 27. Not just my clothes, either. All the kids jammies from our stopover where we spent the night. Ack.

  4. Scout's Honor says:

    Wow, I just unpacked my suitcase from our Disney World trip in April. You are ahead of the game, my friend.

  5. OMSH says:

    One article of clothing at a time mine is getting unpacked. When I need it, it comes out. I’m thinking that by the time BlogHer roles around next year I will nearly be done.

    It doesn’t help that there are bags of school supplies sitting on top of it either.

    Good luck with the interview - remember to share the link!

  6. Mary Alice says:

    Your kids are fond of the frat house/crack house style of decorating too?
    My children try to relax me, by assuring me that none of their friend’s Moms clean ever and say that I am just too uptight about the whole clean thing. According to my children our bathrooms - even at their worst - are apparently so clean you could eat off the floor when compared with the bacteria cesspools that serve in their friends homes. I think my children are perhaps lazy and additionally they are rotten liars.

  7. Claudette says:

    My laundry basket full of CLEAN laundry sometimes sits for a couple of days (or more) and I just take out what I need to put on whenever. I sometimes kick it from this room to another room so I won’t have to look at it every friggin time I walk by. At 7 months pregnant, bending down to pick it up isn’t my favorite activity….your recurring suitcase theme reminded me of that!

    PS we’re doing construction on our basement. ALL of the basement’s contents are mostly in my livingroom. And my kitchen. And the toddler’s room. And our bedroom…the garage…backyard…need I go on? I visit your site to aim at staying sane during this phase. You make me laugh!

  8. Meg says:

    Hey, Sophia plays a “scissor game” too! She sits at the table, cutting paper with safety scissors and telling me, “I beezee workin’, Mama.”

  9. Wendy says:

    I want a picture of the butler’s pantry and pictures of the butler. If he is hot, then shirtless, please.

    Where can we find this interview when it is done? I would love to hear what you have to say about kid’s clothing. Frankly, I am interested in anything you have to say.

    One last question: My husband said that my daughter would always have way more clothes than my son. However when I was packing for our vacation, I discovered that my son has a closet and dresser full of clothes that he rarely wears. Is this true for you? Do your sons have just as many clothes as your daughter? Or does one beat the other in the clothing dept? Just curious.

  10. CathyC says:

    Suitcases are like furniture, only softer. Think of it as another dresser drawer.
    Company clean rarely happens here. My mother has to be coming over to keep the illusion that she didn’t raise a pig.
    Have fun today!

  11. Wicked Stepmom says:

    My husband has a pile of clean clothes ON TOP OF the hamper in our room rendering it useless.

    No matter though, b/c I am following your laundry advice and now keep a laundry bag outside the bathroom where everyone is to place their dirty clothes (har har) at the end of the day so that I can toss into washer before bed (again, har har).

  12. javamama says:

    Ooooh, children’s clothes? Do tell.

    I just did the painful purge that every parent must do once in a while (I’ve only got three, but somehow we’ve collected enough hand-me-downs for the Von Trapps!)

    Now I realize, uh… we need some new clothes. Clothes I might actually have to buy for the first time in 11 years!

  13. kris says:

    I have not unpacked my BlogHer suitcase either. I found one of the cats resting comfortably in it this morning on top of jeans and shoes. It would really have been a shame to disturb her in her napping state, so it remains in the same spot. And likely will. Until BlogHer ‘08.

  14. Suzanne says:

    “frat house/crack house”… heehee… I will pause in my giggling just briefly enough to call Child Protective Services…

    love your blog.

  15. jm says:

    Maybe we should put up a status report on the sidebar of your blog. Like they do in hostage situations. But for your suitcase.

    “9 days. Still unpacked.”

  16. MsRebecca says:

    My suitcase is still on the floor from our trip to the Fingerlakes wine fest..June 22nd and counting..If things are in there, it’s so much easier to find them later.. somethin’ missin? check the suitcase.. wahla!

  17. Jenn says:

    Really I think you are just staying packed in hopes of your hubby wisking you away on that unexpected romantic weekend w/o kids!

  18. Nancy says:

    Your 24 hours in the life posts were totally and completely funny!!!

  19. Heather B. says:

    Oh I can’t wait to show off pictures of my bedroom. It will put your one unpacked suitcase to shame.

    Also, so when do I get to visit? Huh, HUH??

  20. coloradomommy says:

    Totally off subject, but do you guys have any pets? Haven’t heard any mentioned and I’m thinking the house is full enough already…but if you do, my awe will reach a new level.

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  22. Heather says:

    my children are also fond of the crack/frat house look, only i call it the getting ready for cps look. some days i feel like all that’s missing from the mess is a pile of feces from countless cats.