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when the internet visits

when the internet visits

August 10, 2007

I mentioned that yesterday Isabel Kallman was coming over to interview me about children’s clothing, specifically what you look for when purchasing clothing for kids, hand me downs, shopping sales etc. I guess she thought I would have some sort of knowledge in this area. Little did she know that she would have a window into my neurotic world of white socks and love of color navy blue. It is such a classic color, what isn’t there to love about navy blue. Nothing. I dare you to say anything bad about navy blue.

She also got to bear witness to the fact that I color co-ordinate my children’s clothing if they are going to be having their photos taken en masse. Because, as I told her, otherwise it looks like a a mismatched bunch of circus folk. When their clothing co-ordinates, you notice each individual item of clothing less and notice the child more.

The kids were all well behaved, which after the morning filled with tantrums that Miles had I was worried. Inviting the internet into your home is more than slightly nerve wracking. What if they think, “You are not nearly as articulate as you type and your kids are not even cute!”

The one photo I took

This is the one photo that I took from the entire day. Nice and blurry. I did that on purpose, the blur technique. No really.

Rob did a great job wrangling the kids on very little sleep. He had flown in from San Francisco on the red eye and not arrived home until 5am. I allowed him to sleep until 10 before forcing him to get up so I could make the bed and he could help make sure no one got dirty before Isabel and her cameraman arrived.

There were a few really funny moments, one was when I was showing my daughter’s closet on camera and the pole fell down and we couldn’t get it to stay back up. I have asked Rob a couple of times to replace it with a more sturdy one, but in terms of projects it is very low on the list, right behind polishing the copper bottoms on my pots and pans. Most of her clothing is in her dresser where she can easily reach it herself.

Another one was when we were sitting in my family room filming and my 8 yr old walked by the picture window that is located behind the couch and was jumping up and down to look in the window at us. I had to remind him that this was not the Today show.

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  1. Woman with Kids says:

    I’d totally watch you over Meredith though…

  2. kate says:

    oh too funny!

    I love the fact your 8 year old was jumping outside the window. He just wanted to be on camera!

  3. Wicked Stepmom says:

    I feel like you’ve left us hanging… :)

    When will the video be up on AlphaMom?

  4. GraceD says:

    Man, if a bomb dropped on your house while Isabel was there, the future of quality mommyblogger would have been gone in a poof of navy blue smoke. Such is the power of the two of you combined.

    And, all I have to say about your taping is that it’s bound to be a far superior to the babble-fest of my own video debut on the AlphaMom site. I’ll get around to blogging about it when I’m over myself.

    Finally, I’d like to say a bad thing about navy blue - Monica Lewinsky’s dress.



  5. Chris says:

    Oh Grace, Grace, Grace. I had successfully repressed that particular blue clothing item.

  6. myfullhands says:

    My days of wearing navy blue ended when I had children and will resume when they choose to wipe their noses somewhere else.

  7. Isabel Kallman says:

    I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. You were fabulously articulate and I loved all your thoughts.

    Your family is so beautiful and fabulous. My cameraman couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful footage we shot.

    We hope to have this available by month’s end if not sooner.

    And, Grace you were lovely and inspiring in your interview. People, don’t believe her!

  8. Antique Mommy says:

    After 8 years in Catholic grade school uniforms, I no longer love the color Navy Blue or Hunter Green. Or anything with a Peter Pan collar. It looks fabulous on other people.

  9. NoMasNinos says:

    I love navy blue as well. Good thing I have only boys, but if I had a girl, I’d probably also dress her in blue. Whats not to like.

  10. OMSH says:

    I laughed at that last line. I can visualize the hilarity of that situation.

    I too think that navy is a magical, do-it-all kind of color.

  11. Annie says:

    I too love Navy blue. Such a classic. I can’t wait to see the interview.

    And I laughed at your son jumping in the window ala The Today Show. I’ve never quite understood those people so desperate to be on camera. I’m usually running the other direction!

  12. Maclaine says:

    Totally off topic but I lurve your rug!! Any chance you remember where you got it? I know, long shot.

  13. Chris says:

    I bought it at overstock.com.

  14. Eli says:

    My navy blue is actually White and Black. Too predictable? Also, I love my pink T-shirts (hot pink and soft pink)–I feel energized and peppy with them on.

    I think I need more navy blue in my wardrobe. Hmmmm…I have to go shopping. No choice. I’m lacking in navy. Its a necessity.

  15. jean says:

    Did they at least notice and compliment your freshly painted trim? And I love the photo room divider in the corner. Where did you find that?

  16. Heather says:

    I was going to ask when it would up at Alpha Mom…I just read Isabel’s comment and that answered my question. I had to laugh out loud at Grace’s comment.. I totally forgot about that dress, until now. ;)

  17. motherofbun says:

    Your 8-year-old jumping up and down outside the window? PRICELESS. That is so funny. (And something MY son would do too!)

  18. Y says:

    Isabel was in your house?

    I am hurting with jealousy. HURTING.

  19. celeste w says:

    Just gotta say, I discovered you via Blogher, which I attended for the first time, and I’m your newest biggest fan.

    You have to write a book!