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you know you are a blogger

you know you are a blogger

August 14, 2007

when your kitchen is filled with black smoke, flames are shooting out of your oven and first thing you do is grab your camera.


That and your 11 yr old son shouting, “Get a good picture of me!” while he puts the fire out.

But, I figured out what to write about over at BlogHer.

Posted by Chris @ 11:14 pm  

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  1. BeingParents says:

    It is funny how we try to preserve the moments that are most dangerous. That was a great picture but a bit risky.

    just my 2 cents

  2. Kate says:

    The best picture I ever took was when my then 18-month-old knocked 5 dozen eggs onto the floor and proceeded to smash each unbroken egg with his hand. I walked into the kitchen and there he was, sitting on top of all these broken eggs, smashing away.

  3. Beth F. says:

    I absolutely would have done the same thing!

  4. Bronnie says:

    Haha! That is so me too. Something unusual happens (not necessarily good, and I always yell ‘where’s my camera?’.
    I’ll head over to BlogHer & read up!

  5. Sarah says:

    *dies laughing*
    I love it!

  6. kate says:

    good thing you are getting a new kitchen!

    I do the same things you are definitely a blogger!

  7. Clare says:

    Firstly, I had a gigle. Then I was very impressed, and maybe a tad concerned that you were prepared with means to put OUT the fire. Has this happened before?? lol

    I’m glad I am not the only who choses the “grab camera” option when walking in on a situation like that :)

  8. Danielle says:

    but the real question is, what were you cooking?

  9. Abel says:

    This is funny…so much sacrifice for the blog.

  10. CathyC says:

    Too funny!

  11. Qalballah says:

    You know you are a blogger when you think ‘man, why does cool stuff like this never happen here’… God FORBID!

  12. Mary Alice says:

    I think your son has found his calling. Firemen are heros every day.

  13. Mary Anne says:

    As my husband remarked last week when the glass panel in the overhead cabinet door (that I hate) in our kitchen shattered while closing…. Ah right…Some people will do any thing for a new kitchen!
    At least the fire was contained and you got good footage!

  14. Jessica says:

    LOL I will have to tell my husband this :) He’s the only other person I know who has set the oven on fire :) I’m glad everything turned out okay :)

  15. MJ says:

    Oh man… read the blogher entry to figure out what happened, just too lazy to register and comment over there. Anyway I did the same thing, made hamburgers in the oven on a flat sheet … can anyone say duh? But I did one worse than you, i put them in the oven to cook and went to pick up the kids from play practice at school and came home to kitchen full of smoke. Thankfully didnt burn the house down.

    Its really nice to know though that Im not alone in my insanity lol.

  16. genpoco says:

    Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep. Hurray for home safety!

  17. Brigitte says:

    Your son must have been so thrilled for an excuse to use the extinguisher!

  18. Rebecca says:

    Ha! We had an incident with a very hot glass pan not sitting for a bit to adjust temperature before being set on the cool stove. I won’t say who did it but it wasn’t me or the kids. Anyway, glass shattered everywhere - no one was hurt, kids were not in kitchen but the mess it made. My first instinct was to grab my camera but I couldn’t find it and hubby kept asking me to get the broom for some reason. Hello? I have a blog to think about! :P

  19. Kris says:

    I would say, “you know your a HARD CORE blogger when…” :)

  20. Pam says:

    I did the exact same thing when I tried to set my house on fire while BBQ’ing a pork roast. First thing that came to my mind” Oh, I am SO going to blog about how I set the house on fire. And then I got the camera.

  21. Woman with Kids says:

    Huh. Looks like dinner at my house…

  22. Dina says:

    Oh yes, been there done that with the burgers and the oven myself. My husband still talks about how I was on the phone, looked in the kitchen, saw the oven was on fire, and continued my conversation like I was in no rush to deal with the fire. “Yeah…uh-huh…oh looks like my oven is on fire…uh-huh, yep…maybe I better go”. It was pre-kids but to this day we also keep a fire extinguisher in our kitchen, even though we didn’t have to resort to using that time.

  23. Anne Glamore says:

    You also know you’re a blogger when something happens at the dinner table and your oldest son says sarcastically, “Mom is SO going to blog this.”

  24. Not The Mama says:

    Yikes. I’m glad everything is okay! And I love that you reached for the camera — where would we be without bloggers chronicling these sorts of things?

  25. Manic Mommy says:

    Damn! I’m gonna have to light shit on fire if I want to be popular?!

    Worst I’ve done is blown up baked potatoes. Not once, not twice, but three times! Yes, I prick them with a fork before I put them in the oven - still happens {shrug}.

    I was kind of hoping it would happen last night so I could blog about it…

  26. Daisy says:

    My daughter and friends started a bucket candle (citronella) on fire, then insisted on a picture before we put it out. Yikes. You can see it hter, if you wish. http://compostermom.blogspot.com/2007/07/choose-your-own-adventure-if-you-dare.html

  27. Shaylind Standing says:

    Yikes! Good the the camera was close by.

  28. carrie says:

    My husband (the firefighter) would be so proud that you had an extinguisher handy — and I’m proud that you got a picture!

    Hope the smoke clears soon and the after fire scent doesn’t linger for too long! Glad everyone is okay.

  29. Maryam in Marrakesh says:

    I would grab my camera first, too…….! Note to self: my fire extinguisher immediately.

  30. Tamatha says:

    You already scored the new ovens, right? If not, I applaud your devious plan for the new appliances.

  31. suburban turmoil says:

    Oh shit! I’m jealous that your 11-year-old can do what my 14 and 16-year-olds couldn’t in a million, zillion years..

  32. Kathleen says:

    Kris you are amazing! I wish I could think that fast.

    I set my oven on fire with bacon– That is actually one of my funniest stories to tell. Imagine thinking you can make a quick dinner– what can be better than breakfast for dinner? You have a Christmas MS orchestra concert in 30 minutes,the oldest is screaming that the 3rd is making the ceiling fall down in the shower. Which he did because he thought it might be fun to toss cupful after cupful of water up to “see what would happen”. Quickly running upstairs to stop the “sky from falling” and returning to a kitchen full of smoke and flames shooting out of the burners. Realize that you have no fire extinguisher, throw 5 lbs of flour on the flames (it worked — but stunk and was a mess). Then in your brilliance toss the flaming cookie sheet off the back deck and set the back yard on fire briefly. After ensuring that the fires are out, rememeber the concert, force all the kids into the car, coughing the whole way. Each couch is proceeded by the second son,the worrier, chanting his personal montra “Mom’s gonna die…” over and over. All while Christmas music is playing on the car radio.

    We all survived, the house survived, the oven did not, and the only lasting effect is that 5 years later they won’t let me broil anything in the oven (which is bright and shiny new now!)

  33. Karen Vogel says:

    We have those sort of oven fires frequently, probably because I never clean the oven. My husband has helpfully suggested having spare heating elements on hand, so we don’t have to keep running out to get one. He’s smart enough not to criticize my housekeeping skills, I guess.

  34. nancy says:

    oh my god I hope everyone is ok……LOL I almost burned our kitchen down warming up a can of soup LMAO! Thank goodness you have a fire extinguisher I ran back and forth cupping my hands under the faucet over a huge pile of dity dishes to and from the stove LOL!!!!

  35. angie says:

    I would’ve done the same thing.

    A somewhat similar experience would be after Christmas when I was putting together the newly unwrapped Easy Bake oven (bought by a well-meaning relative for my 7 year old) and my 3 year old got his hand stuck in it. It was unplugged, fresh out of the box and my camera was only inches away from me (it was Christmas, ya know!), but I got the shot in record time. Complete with a tear running down his cheek because no tasty treats were emerging from said oven. Take that, Hasbro!! Lemme see your recall now!


    PS-Before anyone gets their shorts in an uproar, I assure you he was not injured.

  36. Barb Cooper says:

    Wait… it’s not SUPPOSED to do that in the oven.


  37. Barb Cooper says:

    Aw maaannn. That was supposed to be a question mark. “Wait, it’s not supposed to do that in the oven?”

    See? Much funnier.

    Would you mind if I said that I let your editor edit it for me?

  38. Wicked Stepmom says:

    Too funny.

    I’m guilty of the same dedication! For things like:

    - finding a gigantic spider IN MY PANTS while WEARING THEM and maintaining the presence of mind to trap it so I can take pictures & proclaim to my husband “The Internet has to see this!”

    - coming upstairs to find Gretel pulling fistfuls of DIRT from my African Violet pots and dumping it all over my cream colored sofa

    - letting Hansel eat fistfuls of Ovaltine just so I can VIDEOTAPE it.

    You’re not alone. And apparently neither am I! LOL

  39. motherofbun says:

    Oh man… Yes, Yes! And as you go through some very painful or sucky, or humiliating thing you think, “well, at least I can blog about it.”

  40. Suzanne says:

    So funny! My husband keeps saying “stop using the kids as blog fodder!” and “stop writing about me… my life is not an open book”. But all 5 of my blog readers appreciate it.

  41. Rae says:

    You also know you are a blogger when you have *five* (did I count right?) blogs. :)

  42. Anna says:

    That’s one way to get a new kitchen quick! ;-)

  43. katieo says:

    Ah Blog fodder. Love love love it. A danger to my family but so many are blog GEMS. How could I ever resist?

  44. Lady M says:

    I’ve been retelling your story all day. So funny! Glad you are all safe.

  45. Maddy says:

    Burning down the old kitchen is a good way of making sure no one changes their mind on the new kitchen reno. Good job.

  46. Sue says:

    How come such “cool” things happen to you all the time?

  47. MsRebecca says:

    Amen sister, I then would have taken a dozen photos with the kids tryin’ to roast marshmallows over the open flames~

  48. OMSH says:

    Yep, Meredith smashed her face on the tile two days ago and what did I do? Waited until all the blood cleared and the tears subsided and then took a picture.

  49. Jen says:

    OK, I have to tell you this totally true story:

    The house we leased when we first moved to Texas had been remodeled. After we moved in, we began hearing stories about our landlords and discovered the house had been remodeled because they had a kitchen fire. After much snooping and gossiping (I know, admirable, right?) it turns out that the man of the house was home alone. Decided he would cook himself some hamburgers, but fell asleep on the couch as they were cooking. He awoke to flames and black smoke. Panicking, he picked up the pan with the hamburgers, intending to take the inferno outside. On his way through the garage, he tripped and fell, setting his CAR on fire as well! The house was half destroyed by the fire and the car was a total loss. His insurance company ran a story indicating that people should NEVER try to remove a flaming pan of burning food from the kitchen.

    So see? You handled it GREAT! LOL

  50. Tonya says:

    Too funny Chris! We threw a swamp cooler off the roof. It was the old one. The kids said, “Get it on film, mom!”
    This is what bloggers do!

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