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I found him like this

I found him like this

August 16, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

And before I could say anything he said, very seriously, “I NOT do it.”

“No?” I had asked.

And then he ratted out one of his siblings who was still in bed asleep.

“Really? He knocked over the sugar bowl? And then put the sugar all over your hands and face? And made you lick the table?” I asked.

Very seriously he answered, “Yessss, mommy.”

“But he is still in bed asleep. How can that be?” I questioned. There was a long pause while he licked the sugar off of his hands. “Huh, Miles?… Miles?”

“I not know what you talkin’ bout.”

Of course not.

Posted by Chris @ 9:58 am  

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  1. Susan says:

    Mmmm sugar-coated Miles. Delicious.

  2. Tammy says:


  3. Tonya says:

    Hi Chris, I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and it never fails to make me laugh. This just cracks me up. It’s so funny how they can lie with such conviction and a straight face. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Meg's Mom says:

    When our son would tell a whopper, we found that we could ask him if that was a “truth” or a “lie,” and he would always own up to lying! However if we asked him things like “Are you sure?” he would continue to maintain his story!

  5. Izzy says:

    How does that expression go? “When in doubt…deny, deny, deny!”

    He looks so cute in the photo. I best it’s hard to stay mad at that face :)

  6. Lily Calla's Mama says:

    Ack! Nothing like a morning sugar high to get you going. ;)

  7. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Oh, I’d say you’ve got your work cut out for you with that one…

  8. Jen says:

    Classic. Loved this!

  9. Zoot says:

    I did it. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I set him up to take the fall for me. I won’t let it happen again.


  10. Wicked Stepmom says:

    So sweet! LOL!

    May I borrow him to help me make some more sweet tea? Just a quick dunk to get all that toddler sweetness and you can have him right back. Promise. :)

  11. Not The Mama says:

    Oh. My. Word.

    I just burst out laughing. Good work, Miles.

  12. Lori says:

    It’s just one continuous party at your house! Hope you have a “sweet” day!

  13. Ave says:

    Adorable! Your Miles reminds me of my Stevie - they are about the same age (Miles 3 mos older I believe) and seem to behave much the same way. I turned around recently when Stevie was asking for “Juice!! Mommy, juice!” - I had heard the fridge open and see him sucking back on the syrup bottle!! LOL! I can so relate….

  14. Esme says:

    One of mine did something like this with jam, once. It’s hard to hide the evidence when you can’t stop licking your hands…

  15. lifeasamama says:

    that picture is great! what a sweetie. get it?

  16. Mir says:

    Mmmmm, crispy sugar-coated devil child!

  17. Lacy says:

    And in that moment - there’s a choice:

    “DAMMIT!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?” or grab the camera and laugh it off.

    Good for you for choosing the latter. :)

  18. Mary Alice says:

    We were so lucky in my family. Our baby sister was so eager to be a part of everything she actually would take the blame for anything and everything that happened in our house, even when she was not anywhere near it. Miles toally needs a baby sister like that!

  19. CathyC says:

    He is so cute!

  20. Susan says:

    If you’d just SHUT UP, Chris, he could enjoy the sugar a little more. ;-)

  21. Nicki says:

    There is only one thing to say about that photo. SWEET!!!

  22. wookie says:

    I found my oldest like that about a year ago. I asked her the same questions and got a lot of “I don’t know! Really! I don’t know!”

    My littlest tried to latch onto the syrup bottle when she was about 11 months old.

  23. Courtney says:

    OMG - that is too funny! He’s a smart one!

  24. Common Mom says:

    OMG thanks for the great laugh this morning :-)

  25. Maria Ashley says:

    I don’t know what was funnier, that story or Susan’s reference to earlier this week. Thank you for two laughs today!

  26. GraceD says:

    I blame the Bush Administration for his lying ways.

  27. peepnroosmom says:

    Oh, I was going to say what Susan said. If you would just SHUT UP he could finish eating the sugar bowl.

  28. Jessica says:

    When you are the youngest you have to learn to think on your toes!

  29. Christina says:

    How did he get even more adorable??? I’m still laughing; thanks for grabbing the camera :)

  30. chickadee says:

    that may be bad but it is so cute!

  31. sarcastic journalist says:

    Miles rocks.

  32. suburban turmoil says:

    So, so very cute. How could you be mad with that little face looking at you? :)

  33. Phoenix says:

    I not do it. The best toddler line in the book.

    Cute how he blames the sleeping sibling. Cute, cause I don’t have sugar all over my house. ;)

  34. Qalballah says:

    That one-liner should stand him in good stead for the rest of his male life.

  35. Diane says:

    I’m not sure which is cooler - the mom who loves her children so much even when her kids are naughty that she picks up the camera to document these “sweet” moments, or the child who stuck around to have his picture taken and explain it really wasn’t him!

  36. genpoco says:

    Soon his schemes will work seamlessly. I think this was just a dry run to gauge your reaction and see how it would shake out.

    Too freaking cute.

  37. Isabel Kallman says:

    what susan said

  38. Crisanne says:

    I love how he knows enough about lying to blame someone else, but not enough to pick someone who is actually awake!!! What a cutie!

  39. Salsaqueen says:

    As a scrapbooker, I can “see” what a SWEET layout that would make!

  40. Karen Vogel says:

    A friend of mine called to her 4-year-old last spring, “Mary! Where are you?” And Mary showed up at the top of the stairs with vaguely distended cheeks and said, “I’m up here. And I am not(should be italics on “not”) eating my Easter candy.”

  41. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    I woke up one morning to find my son taking a can of vegetables and grinding an entire bag of oreos into the tile grout on the kitchen floor. Another morning he was standing on a chair at the kitchen sink, several bags of my food storage flour had been poured out on the floor. He was pouring cup after cup of water onto the floor in an effort to clean it up, only making clouds of flour puff up into the air and creating a lovely paste on the ground. He looked up at me with his little eyes peeking out of his flour covered face and said, “No holler! I no yike it when you holler!”

  42. Andrea from Germany says:

    All I can say is thank God my children cannot read English!!! My boys are crazy enough, but I do not need someone turning my kitchen floor into a pizza parlour or my pantry into an ant paradise.

    But c’mon, you can be honest, you *S*T*A*G*E*D* that photo, right? ;-P

  43. Jenni-nifr says:

    Ditto to Susan. I love both of the miles related posts this week!

  44. t in hd says:

    What. Beautiful. Eyes.

    Seriously. I just keep looking at those eyes.

  45. Norma says:

    Chris, you crack me up! Do you just carry your camera around your neck to capture all these great shots? Just wondering.

  46. jean says:

    Reminds me of my younger self. It seems that someone had written my sisters name in marker on the wall. When questioned, I denied doing it. How could it be me? It wasn’t my name it was my sisters. It must have been her. It wasn’t until my mother pointed out that she was only 11 months old and couldn’t say her name let alone write it correctly that I admitted the truth. Oh, those were the days.

  47. Rae says:


  48. Manic Mommy says:

    God makes ‘em cute so you don’t kill them.

    My father actually taught my oldest niece this little manuver. When my sister caught her, she took and framed the picture ‘for Papa’.

    We have those same Thomas ‘jamas.

  49. InterstellarLass says:

    Plausible deniability. Perhaps he’ll be a defense lawyer.

  50. Christine says:

    Mine has a new “thing.”

    “Presh, did you get into the craft closet?”


    “Presh, I am going to ask you again and give you another chance to tell me the truth. Did you get into the craft closet?”

    (as if she never heard me to begin with and it will magically make it all go away) “What?”

  51. carrie says:

    What a cute little trouble maker though!

  52. Bastet says:

    He is too cute to get into trouble!

  53. BetteJo says:

    That clinches it. He’s gonna be a star!

  54. Still Standing says:

    I have the same problem…my kids are just too dang cute to get what they deserve.
    Good luck!

  55. liz says:

    He’s just so fireplacing adorable.

  56. qtpies7 says:

    LOL it hurts to laugh right now, but it was too funny not to laugh! I think its so funny when kids start to lie, even though we treat it with seriousness, it is still neat to see their thoughts hit a whole new level.

  57. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    Too funny! Poor you…he must have been really wound up after that!

  58. Sue says:

    “I not know what you talkin’ bout”!!!
    Isn’t this his favourite cliche? Really funny.


  59. Diatribal says:

    Oh…so sweet! (Not to mention STICKY!!)

  60. Suzanne says:

    At least it wasn’t butter…

  61. Mocha says:

    Geez. What kind of parent are you. I should come right over there, pick up that sticky child and bring him home with me.

    Because we have lots of sugar and cameras and that’s what is required. I love him. You, too.

  62. houkhouse says:

    Your stuff is really funny - in that “real life is funny” kind of way! Some of my children share some characteristics with yours. If you want to visit, check out http://dyingarts.wordpress.com/2007/01/24/sorry-mommy/
    and see if we have anything in common. I know the grabbing of the camera at a time of potential disaster thinking “this will make great blog stuff” is one thing.

    I enjoyed - take care and good luck in the trenches!

  63. maria says:

    You have a great sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh. He is adorable.

  64. Maddy says:


    Fab pic.

  65. Shannon says:

    That is awesomely funny and I am going to show it to my husband.

    I think he knows how cute he is.

  66. Heather says:

    Chris, I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now and decided to leave a comment. I love this entry along with many others!I have a three year old who is always in constant denial. Especially now that we are potty training.

    Me: Do you have to pee?
    Him: No! (as it trickles down his leg)


    Any pointers? They say little boys are hard to train, I’m beginning to believe it!

  67. reen says:

    Sweet! He needs to learn “I do not recall.” That’ll skate him through a lot.

  68. Gloria says:

    He couldn’t have just used the spoon? Not very good as espionage is he? This way he could have closed the lid when he heard your footsteps. He could learn from my children!

  69. Heather says:

    That is too cute. Miles is such a darling.

  70. Heather says:

    I love this. He is so adorable, but you already knew that. :)

  71. Amanda says:

    I don’t know if it was the thatch of bonde hair over dark eyebrows, the Hershey kiss eyes or the pouty lower lip, but I never doubted for a second that he was innocent. Darn that sleeping sib and his nefariou, sleepwalking ways!

  72. Tara L. in Haiti says:

    I have seven kids. I have one three year old boy that is EXACTLY like this one you have here. SOOO cute that they get away with all sorts of tom-foolery.

    Like your blog a lot!

  73. MsRebecca says:

    That is too funny, the salt with Brandon about a month ago, his answer ” I’m sorry Mommy, I just couldn’t help myself!”
    I know the feeling kid… I know the feeling..

  74. Jenn says:

    LOL - they are just to cute to be mad at aren’t they?!

    I have to say I love your blog, I have read for a whole but never posted before - but your kids are just adorable, and your posts SOOO FUNNY!

    Anyway I came out of lurking to say TAG! :-)

  75. Meagan Francis says:

    Ha–that last line is priceless!

  76. Alice H says:

    Yesterday Boo told me he had learned to count to one. Then showed me. With his middle finger.

    When I asked him who taught him that, he said, “Um…you?”