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a catch-all type of post

a catch-all type of post

August 23, 2007

Where in I answer all the burning questions.

Regarding the pajamas in the picture from a few days ago. It has been COLD here. Freaky cold. Where is my global warming, Al Gore, where? Today it has “warmed up” to 62. Last week it was 102, so 62 feels really cold. I am wearing long pants, a t-shirt, and a zip front hoodie thing that I hestitate to even mention for fear that Susan will hunt me down and physically tear it off my body. Yes it is tacky. BUT, I got it for $2 at Target in the boys department.

I am trying to clean out my closet. I’d love to say it is because I am embracing a more streamlined approach to my life. But that would be a lie. It is just so I have room to fit in some new clothes, which I desperately need. No I do. Shut up, Rob.

I will also be taking photos of the clothes so that Susan can make fun of me on her fashion blog. Seriously though, I just KNOW that the tapered leg jean is going to come back in style once I get rid of them. Not that I WEAR the tapered leg jean, I assure that I do not. But just knowing that they are there in my closet and I am ahead of the fashion trend makes me happy.

But now I will get rid of them. I have a heaping laundry basket filled with clothes to donate. Most of it at least 5 years old. Lots of it even older than that.

I think part of my problem with clothes is buying things I like, but that a) don’t match anything else I own, b) don’t really fit right, or c) don’t fit my lifestyle. Sadly the last one means coming to terms with the fact that as much as I like blouse type shirts for winter I will NEVER wear them. No more telling myself, “Well, maybe I might wear it if…”

No, Chris, when the temperatures are sub zero you will NOT wear that blouse type shirt, no matter where you are going.

Which brings me to my next point (were there any previous points? I don’t know) that I need a cashmere sweater for this winter. Need one. Or possibly two.

It also means that I should get rid of at least half of my jeans that don’t fit properly.

Basically, what I am telling you is that I will be naked. But at least I won’t be wearing tapered leg jeans with white running sneakers and a seasonal themed sweatshirt.

Over at handipoints, I have written about my love of office/school supplies. What’s not to love?

Right about now you can picture my husband frantically shaking his computer monitor at work yelling, “Step away from the debit card! AWAY I say!”

And at Parenting a memo from my daughter as a toddler. Those of you who have been reading here for over three years might remember parts of this post from it’s original incarnation.

Not sure I have anything else. This is the point where if this were a telephone conversation there would be a long empty pause and I’d say, “Well, alright. I should go and do something around here. I’ll talk to you soon.”

So, uh, yeah.

Posted by Chris @ 4:16 pm  

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  1. Diatribal says:

    Just wait 5 minutes….your weather will change!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Where do you live again? ‘Cause it’s 105 degrees here today, and I want to come live at your house. Seriously. There is not enough ice cream in the world to keep me cool this week!!

  3. NoMasNinos says:

    Does that mean your getting yourself a pair of skinny jeans?

  4. Andrea says:

    I love office supplies, too. They make me feel so organized. And it’s the *feeling* of being organized that really counts, right?

  5. Anne Glamore says:

    I have some of your missing degrees of hot.

    UNLIKE you, I am sweltering, so come to Central Bama for your heat fix.

    But LIKE you, I just purged everyone’s closets– especially mine. I just donated it all (some of the boy clothes that have been handed down three times went into the trash) and I feel so good I headed straight to the Internet and bought 2 34AA bras for my tiny titties and a pair of shoes (yeah Zappo’s!)

  6. Katy says:

    Sounds like a great day to me. Then again, I’m scared to clean out my closet - fashion be damned!

  7. jm says:

    Wait! There was a contest to win a fashion makeover from Susan??!!! What? Where? WAH!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Ah, jeans. The bane of a woman’s existance. I have only one pair that fit adequately. But here in St. Louis, land of 100 degree plus another 10 degrees of humidity weather, it’ll be another three months before I even think of putting them on again.

  9. Nicki says:

    I just moved from Texas to a state somewhere in the general vicinity of yours. I was freaking out about the cold. I mean I know it gets cold, but jeez….in August. I feel reassured now. I have more time to purchase those winter clothes. Any tips would be great? Please!!

    by the way, jeans that have been really worn can, apparently acquire the tapered look….after about 100 washings.

  10. Susan says:

    In WHAT universe does it make things better that you bought the hoodie for TWO DOLLARS in the BOYS DEPARTMENT?

    You need an intervention. Badly. I’m looking at flights RIGHT NOW.

    And I am happy to recommend some GREAT cashmere sweaters . . .

  11. Jessica says:

    Being originally from Boston, I fully understand the need or footie-pajamas in August. We are going there for a visit this weekend, and just in case, I packed sweaters and jeans for everyone. And by just in case, I mean because we will definitely need them.

  12. BeingParents says:

    Hi I live in NY and it was in the 50s which scared me,I don’t want winter so fast.We need to save to earth before its too late,we also need to go green.Its easier than we think.

  13. Holly Smith says:

    Naked and changing the sign from the earlier post…that will definately make the national news!

    Hope you laughed!

  14. Brigitte says:

    I am so usually that out of style, fat mama (except I avoid pictures or logos on my clothes, if possible).

    I DID finally buy some capris, so you KNOW those are going out of style any second now (or did they already?).

  15. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    I believe the rule is, ‘if you were old enough to wear the trend the first time around, you are not allowed to wear it again when it comes back’. This keeps me from embracing the ‘preppy look’ or the ‘grunge look’ ever again. Thank God.

    So, toss all those tapered pants and happy shopping!

  16. Lori says:

    I understand what you mean about your clothes. You spend such a long time accumulating things that are perfect looking, but they just don’t work in all practicality. But you just don’t want to get rid of them because as soon as you get rid of that shirt you haven’t worn in 5 years, you’re gonna wonder where it is. I love my clothes! They’re like children to me.

    On the bright side, at least no one else has gone through and gotten rid of stuff for you…

    Good luck re-creating a wardrobe!

  17. Katie says:

    Let’s go shopping! (I don’t think I have any tapered jeans but I’m guilty of a bunch of the other stuff.)

  18. Jodi says:

    It has been freaky cold here too. This morning it is 52F and I am freeeeeeeezing!

    I want some global warming too. If he sends you some pass it this way would you? Purty peeeeease????

  19. fidget says:

    I COMPLETELY understand A, B, and C

    I have 5 large trashbags of ill fitting poorly styled clothing on my front porch waiting for me to bite the bullet and donate it. I’ve managed to pry it from the closet by my overwhelming anxiety over parting with my Daisy Dukes from 11th grade is still preventing me from actually donating the items. Did I mention perhaps if i Shimmied and greased my butt up with crisco I might be able to fit an ankle in said Daisy Dukes…

  20. GreenCanary says:

    Cleaning out one’s closet is cathartic. I never do it, which is why I’m so neurotic and tense :)

  21. Still Standing says:

    I am so desperate for a change in weather that I forced Fall upon us last weekend. I cranked down the AC, I made a large pot of beef and vegetable stew and warm sweet cornbread and jumped into my boots and blue jeans. The only thing that I couldn’t recreate was the crispness in the air that energies you….but I tried. In fact, I’m getting all warm and fuzzy writing this….I think I feel the change in the air….*Honey, where’d I put my boots??

  22. Not The Mama says:

    I just cleaned out my closet too (in preparation for our impending move!) and it was amazing the things I found in there. Especially since I KNOW I did a major closet cleaning just a year ago. How did all these things slip through the first round of cuts?

    And I’m astounded by your weather. It’s still hovering right around 100 every day here in Atlanta. Honestly, I’d give anything for one day of 62 degrees. Or even one day of walking outside and not immediately feeling as if my hair is about to burst into flames from the intensity of the sun’s rays.

  23. Personal Chef to 2 says:

    I did a major jean purging before the summer. How sad it was to see my 20’s and much smaller ass being thrown into a bag and given away knowing that even if I starved myself for the next six months they would likely never ever fit again.

    And I hear ya on the weather. 60 degrees earlier this week and will feel like 105 tomorrow. What a tease!! I’m beyond ready for fall/winter! Bring it on!

  24. Kate says:

    I am in the same boat as you, fashion-wise. I have lots of clothes and shoes that I bought in college…which was quite a while ago. So, they don’t really fit and don’t look good, yet I keep them. I can truly say that I have a closet full of stuff and nothing to wear. Or what I have does not match up with the events I attend (which now consist mainly of taking my son to daycare). I just want the shopping fairy to stock my closet with stuff that fits, looks good together (and on me), and has the appropriate shoes/accessories.

  25. Gift of Green says:

    I remember my tapered leg jeans with the zippers at the ankles from junior high. God I loved those jeans. Sniff.

  26. Sarah says:

    Hey what’s wrong with a zip-up hoodie? I have a few and practically live in them! Of course, mine came from the women’s department, but I would probably wear one from the boy’s department, too.
    But, tapered jeans….nope, sorry, never…