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Don’t be jealous

Don’t be jealous

August 27, 2007

I am on my way right now to bring my 11 yr old to baseball practice. The Fall baseball season has begun.

And I just removed and threw away the toilet seat to the downstairs bathroom the kids use the most. It smelled in there no matter what I did because the pee had soaked into the hinges and couldn’t be washed out. Heather B will remember that my 6 yr old came out of there and proclaimed, “It smells like a public restroom in there.” My lovely lilac scented Method air freshener was fooling no one apparently.

After I threw it out the door next to the garbage cans, where it broke, I realized that the new seat Rob bought didn’t fit. Because I bought a “special toilet” that actually flushes everything down in one flush and never clogs (touch wood) And they don’t sell the fancy toilets at Home Depot. Ergo, they do not sell the fancy seats either. So if you stop by, be forewarned that you will be squatting over the toilet like you are in a porta potty. And with the Method air freshener, it should smell like one too.

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  1. Diatribal says:

    Hey now! Method air freshener is awesome! I love all of their home products, especially their all-purpose cleaner. I cleaned my entire house with that this weekend…walls, floors, sinks, counter…everything. I even used it on my baseboards!

    My parents put that type of toilet in their new house. Good luck getting a replacement seat! You may have to order one.

  2. Nicki says:

    I understand that smell too well. My son, while potty training, would pee all over the walls, the training potty, and floor (he did the drunk man leaning on the wall peeing). An entire can of Lysol nor a soak in bleach, couldn’t cover that smell! Getting rid of the “training potty did. Who knew that plastic absorbed urine so well!!

  3. Karen Vogel says:

    Once again, parallel lives. I can swap toilet tales with the best of ‘em. Check out this post:


  4. Salsaqueen says:

    If you are female and FACE the bowl as a man would, straddle the bowl and squat, there is much less…errr…room for error shall we say! This was taught to me by my dh’s Japanese cousin when we visited Japan. Works very well. Unless you are on the Shinkasen (bullet) train going 200 MPH around a curve and then gravity kinda takes over! But in your non-moving bathroom, it should not be a problem. Hope you get your fancy-schmancy seat soon.

  5. LaShawn says:

    aHHHH little boys and toilets. I could scrub mine 5 times a day and it would still smell around the toilet. Can’t wait til all four of them are using the potty!

  6. CJ says:

    As a mom of four boys(four boys who simply cannot pee *in* the toilet)I practically did the dance of joy when I discovered this toilet seat.
    Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Jonathon Morgan says:

    Have fun at baseball practice! This is part of the reason I keep trying to indoctrinate Edan in sports. I’ll someday have a team to coach. ;)

  8. Susan says:

    Rethinking booking flight to come see you. At least until you get that toilet thing fixed . . .

  9. Lisa says:

    You’re not dis’ing Method are you? I loooooove their products.

  10. Chris says:

    Totally NOT dissing Method.

  11. Alexandra says:

    I am SO changing our toilet seat tomorrow. That lingering smell has been a mystery for many many years. I will be sure to get one the fits before tossing the old. The good news is that some over zealous pee’er has already done half the removal job for me.
    Couldn’t God have come up w/ a better way for elimination? And birthing?

  12. Deputy's Wife says:

    Funny you should post about smelly bathrooms. I have the same problem here. Tonight I caught my seven year old doing the hula while peeing in the toilet. Well, I should say around the toilet. No wonder I got odor problems in there. (btw, I replaced my seat two months ago. Smells like a port-a-potty again. Sorry.)

  13. Lizzette says:

    I’m trying to force, I mean teach my boys to pee sitting down while holding their privates down. They can save the standing up for public restrooms and the great outdoors - so far so good.

  14. Lizzette says:

    Okay, I know it’s only been 3 months since the oldest has been potty trained, and the other one is still in diapers, but still, I should get some credit.

  15. Lynda says:

    I have two boys. I have seriously considered getting rid of the toilet, tiling the whole room and just putting a big drain in the middle of the floor. Then I can just go in there with the jet pressure washer.

  16. Henri says:

    Anyone consider a urinal? Yeah it sounds gross because we really have only been exposed to the public restrooms ones, but in ones house were you can keep it relatively sanitary, I have found that it does a great job of keeping the pee contained, and the room less smelly. Go in once a day and bleach it down…….and your done! - No wall, seat, metal hinges, under the toilet seat, around the toilet, the floor, the baseboard, the fancy cutouts on the baseboard, the spare toilet paper holder…..and on an on - the joys of having boys.

  17. Brigitte says:

    Really, I think men standing up to pee indoors is a hold-over from back when people lived in straw and mud huts and emptied their chamberpots into the middle of the street. Men need to realize that sanitation has advanced a tad since those days!

    Like Lizzette, I think stand-up-peeing should be reserved for public restrooms and the outdoors.

  18. Holli says:

    Try the new scent reed defusers (sp). I noticed that Target sells them now. They are great :)

  19. t in hd says:

    My son was potty-trained sitting down, as his father before him. Sorry boys, but there is no standing and peeing in *this* house! Of course, here, the girls outnumber the guys, so it’s easier to force the issue. ;-) However, my son still manages to overcome this difficulty by instead never remembering to flush the toilet, so the bathroom still ends up smelling like public urinal. :-( Oh well, you can’t say I didn’t try.

  20. Chris says:

    My husband wanted to install a urinal when we added on this particular bathroom to the house. I was horrified at the thought and promptly vetoed it… but now?

  21. tuesday says:

    Well, at least you made me want to go and buya method air freshener!

  22. Heather B. says:

    I was more concerned by the fact that one could lose a limb while closing the door if standing too close to the sink. But such a pretty sink it is.

    FYI, I’m thinking of coming back in the fall. It’s a pretty drive with the leaves.

    And P.S. could you please force Susan on a plane to come see you. I will pay you to do it. Thanks.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    What’s even worse is that the floor around my boys’ toilet, under the very badly placed stick-on floor tiles placed by the previous owners, is the original wood, and I swear pee has soaked into it! I know! It’s so gross, and no amount of scrubbing is going to help. I think we are going to have to paint the floor with Killz primer and then, I don’t know, put down some kind of pee-resistant material.AND buy a new toilet, because I can scrub that damn thing all day and it still smells!

  24. jean says:

    Well, isn’t that just special. Once the men/boys start peeing standing up - it’s over with. In this house everyone sits. It was a challenge with my husband but after cleaning the room just once, he was sold on it. Trust me, I am willing to pay for the therapy my son is going to need. But I not willing to put up with the urine stink. Bad Mom Award is going to be all mine this year.

  25. Maureen says:

    I sing the praises of the Westport Easy 2 toilet seat — you flip the hinges and the WHOLE SEAT pops completely off the toilet so you can clean under the hinges and even soak the hinges if you want. Pops off, pops right back on. That’s right, I SING THE PRAISES of a freaking toilet seat because stinking pee can no longer hide under the hinges. May not fit your fancy toidy but it’s $30 at Lowe’s just in case.

  26. Daisy says:

    Maybe that’s the problem in my upstairs bathroom? but that toilet has the opposite problem — it’s old. really old.