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2007 August

a catch-all type of post

August 23, 2007

Where in I answer all the burning questions.

Regarding the pajamas in the picture from a few days ago. It has been COLD here. Freaky cold. Where is my global warming, Al Gore, where? Today it has “warmed up” to 62. Last week it was 102, so 62 feels really cold. I am wearing long pants, a t-shirt, and a zip front hoodie thing that I hestitate to even mention for fear that Susan will hunt me down and physically tear it off my body. Yes it is tacky. BUT, I got it for $2 at Target in the boys department.

I am trying to clean out my closet. I’d love to say it is because I am embracing a more streamlined approach to my life. But that would be a lie. It is just so I have room to fit in some new clothes, which I desperately need. No I do. Shut up, Rob.

I will also be taking photos of the clothes so that Susan can make fun of me on her fashion blog. Seriously though, I just KNOW that the tapered leg jean is going to come back in style once I get rid of them. Not that I WEAR the tapered leg jean, I assure that I do not. But just knowing that they are there in my closet and I am ahead of the fashion trend makes me happy.

But now I will get rid of them. I have a heaping laundry basket filled with clothes to donate. Most of it at least 5 years old. Lots of it even older than that.

I think part of my problem with clothes is buying things I like, but that a) don’t match anything else I own, b) don’t really fit right, or c) don’t fit my lifestyle. Sadly the last one means coming to terms with the fact that as much as I like blouse type shirts for winter I will NEVER wear them. No more telling myself, “Well, maybe I might wear it if…”

No, Chris, when the temperatures are sub zero you will NOT wear that blouse type shirt, no matter where you are going.

Which brings me to my next point (were there any previous points? I don’t know) that I need a cashmere sweater for this winter. Need one. Or possibly two.

It also means that I should get rid of at least half of my jeans that don’t fit properly.

Basically, what I am telling you is that I will be naked. But at least I won’t be wearing tapered leg jeans with white running sneakers and a seasonal themed sweatshirt.

Over at handipoints, I have written about my love of office/school supplies. What’s not to love?

Right about now you can picture my husband frantically shaking his computer monitor at work yelling, “Step away from the debit card! AWAY I say!”

And at Parenting a memo from my daughter as a toddler. Those of you who have been reading here for over three years might remember parts of this post from it’s original incarnation.

Not sure I have anything else. This is the point where if this were a telephone conversation there would be a long empty pause and I’d say, “Well, alright. I should go and do something around here. I’ll talk to you soon.”

So, uh, yeah.

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And all this time I thought it was well known

August 22, 2007

shhhhh, the whole country is a SECRET

This is a sign in front of a small sandwich shop near where I live. Whenever I head into the “big” towns to go shopping I drive by it.

The first few times I thought that surely the owner would realize their mistake and change the sign. Or that some patron would enlighten them. But as the months have gone by and the sign is STILL there in front of their store everyday I can only guess that this is not going to happen.

I thought briefly about making an anonymous phone call, along the lines of, “Hungary? Everyone has totally heard of it. It’s not a secret.”

Then I decided I had to photograph it, because what if someone did tell them and they did change it. Then I promptly forgot my camera every time I left the house. Until today.

I have the urge to go in the middle of the night and change it for them.


and then,


Do you think they might get it? Probably not, but at least it would amuse me.

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Just tryin’ to impress you with my stellar parenting skills

August 21, 2007

Last night it suddenly got quiet.

“Hmmmm, why is Miles being so quiet?” I asked Rob.

“I think he fell asleep,” he answered.


Why yes, he is asleep.

So tired

And what were we doing that was so important that we failed to notice our tired toddler lay down on the floor?

He's asleep?  Who?  Where?

Watching riveting television and eating popsicles, of course.

Or in my case, working on my computer, ignoring my husband, and eating a popsicle.

I think the popsicles are to blame.

I am not sure who is to blame for the bickering that occurred after this over who was going to carry him to bed.

“But I am working.”
“Instant messaging is not working.”
“I am just telling Mir about this that I was writing. And I knew you wouldn’t appreciate it.”

“And you are doing?”
“I am watching the hurricane.”
“And that is important because we live thousands of miles away?”

“That weather guy looks an awful lot like Seinfeld. Oh wait, you ARE watching Seinfeld.”

In the end my compelling arguments, or laziness, won and Rob brought him up to bed.

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August 20, 2007


My daughter spent the entire afternoon yesterday in a lake, hanging onto a large floating inner tube thing, kicking her little legs. She literally spent hours at a party yesterday in the water doing this.

I was tired just watching her.

What do you think the odds are that she went to bed early? And/or slept in?

If you answered slim to none you would be right.

As for me, sitting in my easy chair on land, repeatedly scanning the lake, picking out my children from among the party goers, counting to seven over and over again like a person with a bad case of OCD– I am still tired.

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The Internet Visits Again

August 19, 2007


And this is what they get for breakfast.

Photos shamelessly stolen from HeatherB because I never remember to take photos.

And Heather learned that my house is exactly like I portray online. No secrets here. My kids are always well behaved, side splitting funny, and clean. Definitely clean. In fact the entire 24 hours was was one photo op after another. And Heather wants a four year daughter more than anything else in the world. Maybe even more than stabbing herself in the ears with ice picks. Oh, and I never ever raise my voice. Why would I? My kids are perfect.

An actual conversation that occurred on Friday afternoon in which Heather was enlightened to the world of crazy things parents say.

Me to my 6 yr old, “No more snapping. Do you understand? I do not want to see you snap again.”

Heather to me, “Wow. Snapping isn’t allowed? What is wrong with snapping?”

Me to Heather, “What isn’t wrong with it?”

But 24 hours later after she got up close and personal with Mr. Snappy Fingers, she fully understood.

And understood the need for copious amounts of wine.

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August 17, 2007

“It still really smells in here.”

“Have you considered cleaning the oven?”

“No. Not at all.”

“Or maybe throwing away the hamburgers that are still inside of it?”

“I was thinking we should just throw the hamburgers away with the oven.”

Good bye oven

Good riddance.

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I found him like this

August 16, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

And before I could say anything he said, very seriously, “I NOT do it.”

“No?” I had asked.

And then he ratted out one of his siblings who was still in bed asleep.

“Really? He knocked over the sugar bowl? And then put the sugar all over your hands and face? And made you lick the table?” I asked.

Very seriously he answered, “Yessss, mommy.”

“But he is still in bed asleep. How can that be?” I questioned. There was a long pause while he licked the sugar off of his hands. “Huh, Miles?… Miles?”

“I not know what you talkin’ bout.”

Of course not.

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It’s a sign

August 15, 2007

Tonight I was cooking dinner, homemade sauce and pasta if you must know. I reached across the stove top to grab the pot of boiling pasta water and in the process singed all the hair off of my forearm. Granted I don’t have a particularly hairy arms, but it still smelled.

And I think that it matches well with the Eau de Burnt Hamburger I have been sporting all day.

I am choosing to take this as a sign that I should no longer cook, at least until I get my new kitchen

Completely unrelated, I just trimmed the front of my 6 yr olds hair with a pair of round tipped safety scissors. I am a woman of many (questionable) talents.

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you know you are a blogger

August 14, 2007

when your kitchen is filled with black smoke, flames are shooting out of your oven and first thing you do is grab your camera.


That and your 11 yr old son shouting, “Get a good picture of me!” while he puts the fire out.

But, I figured out what to write about over at BlogHer.

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you can skip this one

Some people hate having posts of links to other places. But then other people are like, “Why don’t you tell us when you have something up somewhere else? Because we love you so.”

And since I like the latter people better, here ya go:

I have written about my son’s long flowing locks

Seriously his haircut is so bad that I asked him this afternoon if he took scissors to his own hair since we had it done. He denied it, even when I told him I wouldn’t be mad. Even when I said that I would be happy to know he did this to his hair and not someone I paid good money. I really don’t think he is lying.

Over there at my other blog I am talking about vaccinations and reviewing the book, Vaccinated: One Man’s Quest to Defeat the World’s Deadliest Diseases. Oooooo, controversy.

And at some point this evening I will have a post up over at BlogHer about home renovation. The topic is a surprise. And not just because I have no idea what I am writing about yet. Ahem. But it will be fascinating.

But you want more than this lame post. I know. I can feel it. How about a photo or two from this weekend?

little boat, big water

That little boat is our row boat in the big water. I don’t row. I sit on shore and take photos.

And this one is where I try to get all artsy and shit.


Oooooo, reflection.

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