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2007 August

when editing goes terribly wrong

August 14, 2007

I have my post up over at Parenting today. They have never really edited anything before, aside from the errant typo or egregious grammatical error. At least nothing I have noticed.

But this morning I went to look at my post and noticed this time they did edit an entire paragraph. And I can’t stop laughing.

The post is about things I didn’t know before becoming a parent. This is what it was supposed to say:

I didn’t know that it would be possible to spend half an hour in the shower and then come out just as dirty as you went in. Or to wash your hair but have the entire top and back half of your hair still be dry. That’s a skill, people.

Instead it says this:


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Conversation of the Day

After listening to non-stop bickering at the breakfast table.

Me to 6 yr old: Will you please stop saying shut-up to everyone. It is really rude and I don’t like it. Stop saying shut-up.

Miles, the 2 yr old, to me
: Why don’t YOU shut-up, Mommy.

Me: What? What did you say?

Miles, the 2 yr old, to me: I say why don’t YOU shut-up.

Me: Miles, that isn’t…

Miles, the 2yr old with a death wish
: Shut up I say.


Miles: Why you not shut UP?

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I am sending myself to time out

August 13, 2007

A month ago I refilled my son’s prescription like I do every 90 days. And have done every 90 days for the past 3 years.

Guess whose dr wrote it out for 30 days this time. And guess when my son let me in on this information? If you guessed when he took his 30th pill, you would be correct. Even though I was just at the pediatrician’s office on Friday.

And guess whose pediatrician is on vacation this week?

And guess how many hours I have been sitting here next to my phone waiting to find out if the on-call pediatrician will write a prescription for me? Did you guess 4 hours? Because that would be correct.

And as mad as I am at the doctor’s office I am more angry with myself. This was the first time EVER that I gave Rob the prescriptions when they came in the mail and asked him to send them off to the mail away pharmacy. And I did not check them before handing the envelope to Rob. And then when the medication arrived I didn’t check the quantity. I am not sure why I didn’t. I always do.

That’ll teach you a lesson, Chris.

Also, I am wondering why one of the workers at my neighbor’s house is throwing up on their driveway right in full view of the windows on this side of my house.

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Kristen, of the I’m Mom’s Favorite t-shirt fame, gave me this t-shirt when I saw her at BlogHer this year. Perfect for my daydreamin’ daughter.

Kristen also handed out shot glasses that my youngest two think are perfect for their morning oj. I also think they are perfect since those two are the primary reason I do need a cocktail most days.

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Rolling down a grassy hill

August 12, 2007


Remember how much fun this was to do as a child? I fear if I did it now I would vomit from motion sickness before I even reached the bottom of the hill.

Ah, to be young again.

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Quote of the Day

August 11, 2007

On the television: “…he was pretending to be a freshman.”

8 yr old: “That’s so funny. But how do you pretend to be a refreshment?”

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when the internet visits

August 10, 2007

I mentioned that yesterday Isabel Kallman was coming over to interview me about children’s clothing, specifically what you look for when purchasing clothing for kids, hand me downs, shopping sales etc. I guess she thought I would have some sort of knowledge in this area. Little did she know that she would have a window into my neurotic world of white socks and love of color navy blue. It is such a classic color, what isn’t there to love about navy blue. Nothing. I dare you to say anything bad about navy blue.

She also got to bear witness to the fact that I color co-ordinate my children’s clothing if they are going to be having their photos taken en masse. Because, as I told her, otherwise it looks like a a mismatched bunch of circus folk. When their clothing co-ordinates, you notice each individual item of clothing less and notice the child more.

The kids were all well behaved, which after the morning filled with tantrums that Miles had I was worried. Inviting the internet into your home is more than slightly nerve wracking. What if they think, “You are not nearly as articulate as you type and your kids are not even cute!”

The one photo I took

This is the one photo that I took from the entire day. Nice and blurry. I did that on purpose, the blur technique. No really.

Rob did a great job wrangling the kids on very little sleep. He had flown in from San Francisco on the red eye and not arrived home until 5am. I allowed him to sleep until 10 before forcing him to get up so I could make the bed and he could help make sure no one got dirty before Isabel and her cameraman arrived.

There were a few really funny moments, one was when I was showing my daughter’s closet on camera and the pole fell down and we couldn’t get it to stay back up. I have asked Rob a couple of times to replace it with a more sturdy one, but in terms of projects it is very low on the list, right behind polishing the copper bottoms on my pots and pans. Most of her clothing is in her dresser where she can easily reach it herself.

Another one was when we were sitting in my family room filming and my 8 yr old walked by the picture window that is located behind the couch and was jumping up and down to look in the window at us. I had to remind him that this was not the Today show.

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He Has a Very Shiny Nose

August 8, 2007

If you guessed I didn’t blog at all today because I was burnt out from yesterday, you would be mostly right. I sort of feel like what else is there to say?

But the other part of it was that I was trying to finish painting the bits of trim my husband out up this past weekend, finally.

Tomorrow Isabel, of Alpha Mom, is coming over to interview me about clothing for kids. So I spent today getting the house company ready. Or more accurately company that is coming with a camera ready. And I thought I probably should dress the kids in clean non stained clothing.

And my children spent the day trying to give the house that frat house/crack huse look of which they are so fond.

I am hoping that those fabulously painted bits of trim will dazzle and distract her from other things like…oh the broken kitchen.

Related to nothing, Miles is sitting on the floor playing his “scissors games,” which makes me think of Rudolph and his reindeer games.

Suitcase update: dirty clothes have been removed. The rest of it, still packed and on my bedroom floor.

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24 Hours in the Life: Part Who Really Cares Anymore

August 7, 2007

6:00 pm 11 yr old asks if he can grill dinner tonight. Oh twist my arm. He decides to grill sausages. He gets them all ready, goes outside and begins grilling them when the grill stops working. I can’t believe that it has run out of propane we just filled it not long ago. We try to start it with a match…nothing.

So I end up having to put the half cooked sausages in the broiler, even thought it is about 190 degrees in the house.

To make up for this torture I feed the kids their dinner on paper plates so there will be minimal clean up.

6:38 Dinner is over. Clean up. My 2 and 4 yr olds are doing a “project” which involves cutting up my mail and gluing it to the kitchen table. I oooh and aaaah enthusiastically over their creations. I start the kids on their shower line up. No one ever wants to go first. One of those things I just do NOT understand. We negotiate the line up for so long and so fiercely that I feel completely confident that should the Koreas call me up I could get them to skip and play hand clapping games together in a matter of minutes.

7:07 6 yr old comes down from his shower. Soaking wet, hair still soapy, legs still caked in dirt, yet wearing pajamas. Questions of how can you still be dirty after being in the shower are met with an incredulous eyeroll.


7:15 Get kids to do their chores. Chat with various kids about various things, none of it particularly note worthy, just the end of the day type stuff. Do some more laundry.

7:45 Bring the 2 and 4 yr old upstairs and give them a bath.

8:30 Kids are all bathed. They sit down and watch a Netflix movie. I finish up my BlogHer post.

9:00 Bring 4 yr old daughter up to bed. Tuck her in. Turn on her fans (the princess must have two). Make sure there are no peas under her mattress. Read a quick bedtime story. Comfort the tears when I say I can’t read a second one. Bring the book downstairs and put it on the couch to read to her in the morning. A compromise we seem to make almost every night.

IMing with Mir and talking about our garbage output. My family doesn’t make that much garbage. Not sure why. Wow, my life is exciting.

Tell everyone it is time for bed.


9:45 Repeat my nightly refrain. “Closing time! You don’t have to go to sleep but you can’t stay here.” Tonight I added the extra special “Make your bedroom your new beginning. GOOD NIGHT!”

9:59 pm One benefit of having a child with ADHD who is an insomniac is that he will do chores at night rather than go to bed. He is vacuuming right now as I type this.

11 yr old tries to clean up the paper mess on the table, when Miles runs over yelling “I not done my scissor game!”

10:15 The 24 hours ends very much like it began. Miles laying on the floor insisting he is not tired. My 11 yr old walking around looking for “something” he can neither describe or name.

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24 Hours in the Life: Miles Says

If you can’t see the video, you can click and see it here.

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