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2007 August

The Great Potholder Controversy

August 2, 2007

It happens every year that free stuff is given out. People complain.

A potholder? How dare they give me a potholder! Are they implying that I should be in the kitchen cooking?

Or for the vegans among us, Are they implying I should eat animal flesh?

Damn that patriarchy for thinking we as women are in the kitchen.

Oh wait. I am in the kitchen. A lot. See I have these kids and they oddly want to eat all the time. And sometimes they are not happy with foraging in the cabinets and want me to cook actual meals that they can then complain about. I love it.

And lord knows I spend way to much time taking stuff out of the oven, sometimes fun stuff like cookies. And I love me some meat. Mmmmmm, meat.

A few Christmases ago I bought one of my sons one of those looms that you make potholders on. Remember those? I don’t think that there is a person among us who has not made a potholder by weaving those little loops.

He loved it and totally ran with the making of potholders like there would soon be a shortage of cotton loops. And then he threw away all of the “old and yucky” potholders that we had in our kitchen. Why wouldn’t I want to use a 4″ square cotton potholder that was hand woven by my beloved son, even if it meant I burned my hand on every damn baking pan we own. I mean, duh? At least according to him.

I have tried to bring other potholders or oven mitts into the house, but my son pipes up with, “I can just make you some more! Don’t waste your money buying things I can make!” (As an aside, who is this child? And how can I learn how to make Legos?)

I am just glad that they didn’t have sewing kits or ironing supplies in the BlogHer schwag bags because at my house those are man jobs.

I would have had to become very offended and throw the sewing kit into the trash with shrieks of, “Does the patriarchy think I sew?!? Is that what they think?”

And all that being offended energy would have taken far too much time away from my ongoing quest to find out where the free drinks were being served.

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August 1, 2007


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