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Making an informed decision

Making an informed decision

September 13, 2007

reading the tetanus information sheet

Ever the informed consumer, Miles reads the immunization information sheet before deciding that he will get the tetanus shot if he can have candy. Wots and wots of candy.

He will however scream loudly enough to shatter windows in buildings two floors down. That is his right, dammit, and he will exercise it.

Posted by Chris @ 8:41 am  

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  1. Fina says:

    eegads, you JUST posted this, and I read it within 2 minutes. I have a life - I promise! But my husband took my 2yr to day care, my 14yr old is sleeping and I HAVE QUIET TIME while I work at home today!!!!! So I’m catching up on my daily required reading. Immunizations - a necessary evil. So glad my 14yr daughter is practically done - meningitis is the next/last one. Who knew they needed that?!?!? My 2-year old is done for a few years too - thank God!! Glad its a happy picture of your baby boy that you posted!

  2. Salsaqueen says:

    I screamed when I got my tetanus shot too. It hurt way worse and for way longer than the actual injury I had to have the stoopid shot for! And I didn’t get wots and wots of candy either!

  3. Not The Mama says:

    My partner screamed when she got her tetanus shot as well. And she whimpered about the pain for two days afterwards. Maybe I should have given her “wots and wots” of candy to make it better.

  4. Lilly says:

    Miles is the cutest!

  5. Karen Vogel says:

    Our now 7-year-old had some immunizations done when he was 4. We explained carefully to him what was being done, and he sat quietly and didn’t cry. When he came out, his little sister asked him why he had a band-aid on his arm. “Because,” he said solemnly, “I was shot.”

  6. Karly says:

    Aw, the poor baby! My son had to get a wart burnt off his hand and I told him after that we would go to the store and he could pick out any candy bar that he wanted. He chose a half pound Hershey bar and had it eaten within minutes. ;) Wots of candy cures everything.

  7. Esme says:

    When my 10-month-old had his latest immunization, he howled — but only while the nurse was in the room. As soon as she left, he gave her back one final glare and then looked at me and grinned. My baby is hardcore!

  8. Jamie says:

    My 9 year old goes in tomorrow and I’m dreading that he’ll have to have a shot- every year when he has the flu shot it takes 3 of us to hold him down.

    A week after I took my 2 year old in for her shots, we had to go back for her sister. She was fine until we got into the hallway that leads to the rooms- where she promptly got into a slightly crouched position with a hand on each thigh as she walked down the hall. The nurse was the same for the two appointments and felt so bad that she had caused enough trauma for her to remember it. Bad mama that I am, I laughed.

  9. Pamela says:

    My daughter did not cry when she has your shot. But when she gets older, her sensitivity to pain gets lesser. Before the syringe is out, she starts crying. She is 5 years now. She will always ask do I need to have an injection if I go to the doctor ? Pamela.

  10. Lovebabz says:

    My Margeaux was brave the first round of shots and bragged to her other 3 siblings. This time around she screamed and jumped off the table and refused to sit still. Yes of course I promised candy for days. That was the trick. Candy today, your car keys next. Aaargh!

  11. carrie says:

    Good for him!

    I hate the shots myself — maybe it would help if I had a distraction.

  12. Pia says:

    Julie’s screams makes the doc take a few steps back to get away from her - so we have to be the good parents and make sure the doesn’t tumble off the bed-thing. And that was for looking in her ears… I can’t wait for shots :(

  13. Gretchen says:

    I just took my 11 yo in yesterday for his tetanus booster, and he was great! All of my boys had to get shots of some sort this year. Each year they get promised that it will be years and years before they need another, but then the immunization schedule is updated and new ones are added, so they are always needing this or that. We had lots of trips to the store for candy this summer. On the way to the van after the appointment yesterday, my 7 yo asked when he would be due for his next shot; I told him he wouldn’t have an appointment until next May. He cried because it would be that long before he could pick out some candy for himself. (because you know, I never ever ever buy them candy or treats or anything remotely fun, unless they are getting shots. Ummm, don’t think so LOL)

    Yes, my 7yo cried because he *wasn’t* going to be getting a shot. Sheesh!

  14. Jennifer says:

    ewwwwww SHOTS! ick. He deserved the candy. Wots and wots of it.

  15. fidget says:

    tetanus shots hurt so bad but are essential for klutzes like me. Hopefully Levi (my son) can wait to saw off his fingers or impale himself on a rust piece of rebar until after age 2

  16. Student Nurse Nancy says:

    OMGosh! I just gave out a ton of those DTaP shots a few days ago in nursing school! Bless their little hearts, it kills me when they cry.

  17. peepnroosmom says:

    He is just the cutest. I love his dimples!
    Please give him wots & wots of candy.

  18. still standing says:

    I LOVE IT!
    He’s too cute and you’re too funny.

  19. BetteJo says:

    But he’ll be so damn cute doing it!!

  20. Jessica says:

    Poor guy! I dread the day I have to take Ari in for his three year shots :(

  21. liz says:

    I’m glad to know he does his research first!

  22. Moose says:

    Small Miles sounds remarkably like me at that age. At any age, really.

  23. Hatchet says:

    My year old 6daughter just recently had to have a blood draw to test for food allergies and her allergist prescribed a topical anesthetic (Lidocaine, if I remember correctly) that came in a tube.

    I have never had any doc prescribe a topical anesthetic for shots and was stunned, however we immediately ran out and filled it. You apply it thickly and leave it on for an hour before your appointment. Then, when they go to give them the shot/blood draw, it doesn’t hurt a bit.

    You all may want to ask your docs if they can prescribe such a thing because if that’s all it takes (roughly $25 for a fair sized tube) to keep the kids happy or at least less traumatized, I’m all for it! When it was time for the blood draw, she sat and watched and never made a sound - it didn’t hurt at all. I’m planning on using it next time she has to go in for shots, too!

  24. Lori says:

    I love how you capture every moment and make it amazingly hilarious. Keep up the good work.

  25. JESSICA says:

    oh my gosh look at his little dimple. what a cutie !!my son just had a tetanus and a meningitus this past spring. hes 12 and he goes on a lot of church youth group trips and does alot of camps and his pediatrician said its imperative that he have both. as they get older they dont cry they just complain alllll the way home. :-) my stepson had his kindergarten shots and myself and his mommy took him and he knew he was getting shots but when the doctor came in with bandaids pandemonium set in ! he says why do we need bandaids huh why bandaids and i took the upper portion his body and his mother took the legs. it was not pretty and daddy was all he could say . we had to call dad cause mommy and i were now the evil ones lol !!

  26. Shannon says:

    Hee. Smart kid to negotiate the terms of his vaccinations.

  27. Sunny says:

    Sloan has her 15 month shots on Thursday. Soo not looking forward to it. :(

  28. Suzanne says:

    In his defense, the tetanus is a rough one…

  29. Adrienne says:

    That picture of him with the informed consent info is priceless. I swear the evil part of me wants you to post that at every anti-immunization parenting site you can find!

    Your kids are each just about a thousand pounds of cute.

  30. charlie says:

    The Lidocaine ointment is also “hands down” the BEST thing for a burn, (to alleviate the pain afterwards I mean) especially those bad ones from the kitchen. My grandfatheer was a doctor and told me about it years ago. It’s a great thing. Never thought about using it for shot sites, thanks!