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33 months

33 months

September 20, 2007

Dear Miles,

You love to talk. No, that sentence doesn’t quite express your love of the spoken word. You LOVE to talk. Constantly. All the time. You narrate every aspect of our day.

Watching television with you is the bane of your siblings existence. No matter how loud they turn the volume up, your voice can still be heard over it.

Your baby talk is slowly fading away and being replaced by real words. You no longer call your siblings by the cute nicknames you once gave them. I have caught them telling you to keep calling them by the special nicknames. You will humor them and say it once or twice, but quickly revert back to your new grown up way of talking.

Your insatiable baby palette is now being replaced with a picky preschooler one. You randomly turn your nose up in disgust at foods that just yesterday you loved. And tomorrow you will love again. Some meals you will only want to eat the vegetable, others only the meat, still others you want to everything, but with only one kind of food on your plate at a time.

One night I refused this unreasonable, to me, request and put all the food on your plate and told you to deal with it. You did. By throwing all the food off of your plate that you didn’t want.

I grabbed your wrist and reprimanded you. You looked at me with your big brown eyes and said, “Okay, mama”

As soon as I let go, you quickly reached over with both hands, grabbed the offending food, threw it off of your plate, and turned to me with, “Sorry, mama.” It doesn’t help matters that your siblings all laugh at your antics.


I love the way you describe things. Tonight for dinner we had “silly french fries” which really was asparagus. You call cows “moos” and have recently developed the habit of saying, “What the hell is this?” about everything you come across.

And just this morning you said,loudly to everyone within earshot, “It’s true I like eggies. So shut-up.” Completely out of the blue. No one had said you didn’t like eggs.

When we are out in public I find myself apologizing for your mouth by explaining you have a slew of older brothers. But if I were to be honest you get it from me. I am just happy that you haven’t picked up any other choice words of mine.

having fun at the dr

You are a creature of habit. Anything we do one time we must do forever. Whether it is read three “bed stories” under the covers of my bed, drink out of a certain cup, or wear socks with your crocs. There is no such thing as changing your mind in your little world.

You love looking at books and being read to. I will often find you sitting on the floor of our sunroom, your legs outstretched in front of you and resting on them a huge book. Your most recent favorite book is an Illustrated Pocket Guide to Insects. You keep handing it to me and demanding that I read it. It is filled with huge pictures of icky bugs that I would rather not look at, but I will browse through it anyway with you and give silent thanks that most of those insects don’t live anywhere near us.

he's looking for his own place

You still love baseball, more than I have ever seen in a child your age. You insist we call you a “baseball guy” not a baby, not a little boy, not a big boy. You are a baseball guy.

You also still love trains. But not Thomas, no you love Percy. Unfortunately for you everything has Thomas on it. This makes you angry. Irrationally angry. You will see Thomas on something in the store, like a cup or lunchbox, and feel compelled to throw it on the ground. That is how great your displeasure is that Percy is not the star. “Not wike it dat Thomas! My wike Percy!”

sometimes you hit yourself instead of the ball

We think you have restless leg syndrome. No really. You put yourself to sleep at night by kicking your legs. On those nights that you decide to come join Daddy and me in our bed you kick us constantly in our backs. And then kick all the covers off. If we pull the covers back up you kick them off again, laying on your back like you are bicycling in the air. Even holding your legs down doesn’t stop you. Not that I do that ever in the middle of the night. Ahem.

You have such a sweet disposition. Always smiling. Always happy. And when you aren’t it is for a good reason and usually brief. Like seeing Thomas on a store shelf.

I could go on and on about you. How you love talking on the phone, digging in the dirt, and eating french fries from Mac-n-donald. They way you rub my stomach and arms when you snuggle up to me and say I am “cozy and squishy.” And when I prompt you to say that about other people you say no one else is squishy like Mama. I love how you will get close to me when I am sitting on the floor, cup your hands around my cheeks and kiss me.

There is so much more I can write about you and your delicious ways, but we have to leave to drop one of your brothers off for baseball practice, another at gymnastics, and then go and watch a night game for yet another. Somewhere in the next two hours we have to eat dinner. And I have to decide what snacks to bring or else fork over my bank account for overpriced snack bar fare. And plan what sort of jackets to bring, because it might be cold. Maybe? Who knows this time of year.

tomato, or to-tay-to

And while I am thankful for your happy easy going personality, I also wonder if it developed because there was no other choice. Since you were born you have been dragged around. And then I wish I had dragged your oldest brother around when he was a baby, or maybe I should just tie him to my bumper and drag him around town now.

I promise I will never want to do that to you. At least not for another ten years, anyway.

I love you, baseball guy.

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  1. Fina says:

    You make me cry sometimes. I’m going to write a letter to my kids. Well, I’ll write an email to my 14 year old. Or maybe just a text message, cell phone to cell phone. And a real letter to my 2 year old. I hope you’re feeling better from yesterday.

  2. janet says:

    I wish blogging had existed when my older children were young (yeah, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). No, seriously, so that I, like you do now, could have preserved for posterity the precious moments I no longer have the brain cells to remember. This is a beautiful tribute to your baby … I mean your baseball guy. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Maine Mom says:

    Sweet. I love his “I still live my parents” t-shirt!

  4. Carrie says:

    As Always, So Beautiful

  5. Not The Mama says:

    So sweet, so beautiful. He’s such a precious little boy. I’m so glad you share him with us.

  6. nabbalicious says:

    God, he has grown up so fast. I can’t believe it’s been just a little over a year since I met him!

  7. Mymsie says:


  8. Crystal D says:

    Great photos. They seem to capture him perfectly.
    Calling himself “baseball guy” is just hysterical. What a funny little personality.

  9. Poppy says:


    I love reading your letters to your children. They are always so sweet.

    Wish I had thought of doing something like that when my children were younger. I’m doing it now for my granddaughters…you were my inspiration.


  10. Wendy says:

    Very nice. I like his puppy carrier.

  11. Lilly says:

    I think easy-going, happy and handsome is just who Miles is, whether he was first, middlish or later. Love reading your letters to him and seeing photos of his happy self as he grows.

  12. Karen Vogel says:

    Oh, gee - now you made me feel bad for not liking my children today. Any of them.

  13. emily says:

    Miles is, as always, adorable. I love that he is a “baseball guy” not a baby. And that he apologized to you for throwing the food off of his plate. He sounds like quite a character, but also, so much fun.

  14. Susan says:

    I would be happy to teach him to use “dammit” correctly.

  15. Heather says:

    Hope you’re feeling better today.

    Thanks for another wonderful post that makes me excited to have children. I know they aren’t always sweet and fabulous and funny, but strangely I remain undeterred by this fact. I also think I just spelled that wrong.

  16. Tiffany says:

    coming out of lurkdom-my now 5 yr old was obsessed with Percy too! and absolutely HATES diesel 10,much to the pleasure of us,his parents, to torture him with. For Christmas last yr we bought him the offending Diesel 10 and put it under the tree for him to get all pissed off about it and scream * i don’t like diesel 10 he’s mean!”

    your son is a doll and I enjoy reading about your kids antics!

  17. Megan says:

    Your son is such a cute little baseball guy! You really portray his personality through your words. He sounds funny.
    When my oldest was about his age, we were eating out and he wasn’t paying attention when his food came. He turned around and was honestly suprised by it’s apperance. At least, that what we figured when he exclaimed “What the hell!?”. Awww…..just warms the heart, doesn’t it?

  18. ChristieNY says:

    Absolutely adorable! SUCH a sweetie. BTW I’ve started cutting my 3.5 yr old’s food into “tiny twinangles” instead of squares because he’ll eat down to the crust instead of taking a bit of each square, and I think of the injustice of the “tiny twiangles” every time I cut it - too funny!

    Happy 33 months, Baseball Guy! :)

  19. Lori says:

    Can I buy him from you?

    I named my first car Percy after the train, so I understand where The Baseball Guy is coming from.

    Well, let me know how much he costs. You accept personal checks, right?

  20. Leeann says:

    I absolutely love your letter and my 12 year old daughter and I both get such a kick out Miles. Thank you so much for your blog and the enjoyment we get from it!


  21. nancy says:

    We have all said it a million times YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEAUTIFUL PERIOD! :0) You are truly blessed may the lord protect you and yours darling! Take care smooches!!!!!!!!!

  22. MsRebecca says:

    How precious.. he looks edible.. [in a non cannibalistic way]

  23. Diatribal says:

    I’m so relieved to know that my daughter is not the only toddler that says, “what the hell?!”

    Your little one is too beautiful. Thank you for sharing such lovely things about him.

  24. Susan says:

    Your letters to your children are my all-time favorite blogs.

  25. Jessica says:

    I loved this one :) I really need to write a letter to Ari now! Baseball guy sounds like a really wonderful kid.

  26. Christine says:

    So, you’re not dead. That’s good.


  27. peepnroosmom says:

    Happy Birthday, Baseball Guy! You are really growing up too fast.
    Chris, now is the time to put a brick on his head to keep him from growing up that fast.

  28. Adrienne says:

    He is so precious….

    I have a question, though, and you are going to think I’m nuts…is that dog stuffed in his hood a TY brand dog named Toffee?

    If it is, I’m starting to lose it. (There’s a story behind it…but I’m still going to question my sanity…LOL!)

  29. dawn says:

    Beautifully sweet.
    I love that first photo is says so much about the love for and from a child.

  30. Heather says:

    Your posts about Miles always bring a smile to my face. I totally love that orange shirt! Do they sell that in adult sizes? I would LOVE to get that for a brother in law of mine. ;)

  31. Jeanne says:

    You are both adorable.

  32. Heather says:

    he reminds me of my 33 month old. so laid back compared to his older brother and sister. i love this age so much. i agree, miles is definately edible. i’m in love with that pic of the two of you. what a sweet baseball guy/baby.

  33. fidget says:

    baseball guy is the bestest, even better the Percy

  34. SummerM says:

    Awww, so sweet. Thia made me go hug my three year old. :)

  35. liz says:

    He’s delicious.

  36. whoorl says:

    Yes! Restless Leg Syndrome! Wito has it too.

  37. carrie says:

    What a sweet post for your adorable little “baseball guy”. I hope he appreciates all you’ve done for him when he’s older!

  38. Angela says:

    I’ve just found your blog and I am absolutely amazed by your family… all those incredibly gorgeous blonde children, how lucky you are!
    My mother wrote in a journal for me when I was little and let me read it when I was a teenager. I hope you save these letters for your kids– I loved the ones my mom wrote to me.

  39. nan says:

    I realise that they are born that way, but maybe youngest children are so happy and confident because they have SO MANY people who love them? Or never have to compete with a baby sibling? Anyway, RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME: try this, it works wonders for my middle boy. With breakfast or lunch, give him brewer’s yeast, whatever it says the dose is on the bottle. My boy chews the tablets, but you can get the powder and hide it in a smoothie. Something about the B vitamins, relaxes their nerves or whatever. If we have none for a week or so, Sam starts complaining of pains, and kicking around. It really works!

  40. Melissa White says:

    Isn’t it time to have another one?(I have 7 myself)

  41. Karen Rani says:

    Miles and Thomas need to get together. They would make us blush with their potty mouths. (Thomas also learned from yours truly)
    The best is “fwikken.”

  42. Monique says:

    Every note you write is endearing..
    Me too you make me cry~ Very touching and yes he is a darling baseball guy.
    Has he seen “Everyone’s Hero”? My grandson Lucas who is 2..loves it.

  43. Jen says:

    Beautiful post, beautiful baseball guy.

    I just bought that “I still live with my parents” shirt for my little guy! He is 30 months today.

  44. Jenni-nifr says:

    Absolutely made me cry! I LOVE the picture with the puppy hanging in his hood.

  45. Tina says:

    Wow… I visit your blog daily… and curse myself for not keeping up better with mine. I find your stories so full of life, and reality, and love. They often give me courage to not think I have it so bad, being a single Mom of only one 10 year old daughter.

    I felt compelled after this post to simply say - “Well Done”, your post about Miles was so heartwarming, and with the pictures, I felt that even as a perfect stranger I had an overwhelming sense of your relationship.

    To cap it all off - the “I live still live with my parents” shirt gave me the perfect morning chuckle that was just what was needed.

    Thank you

  46. Jennifer says:

    This was wonderful!

  47. Camilla Todd says:

    You have left me with the most astounding happy feeling in my gut. You make nasty people who write rude emails back to me at work, all fade away. You remind me people can be lovely. And that photo of you with your son is the sweetest portrait ever, he has a fantastic smile.
    Thanks for making my Friday morph from fun into awesome! :D

  48. Sock Girl says:

    Beautiful post! He’s adorable.
    (And I love the “I still live with my parents” shirt!

  49. JESSICA says:

    oh im crying and im at work and i dont care because this moment that you stopped and wrote this it was a break in a hectic world where you look at your kids and be thankful for all the small things. :-)

  50. qtpies7 says:

    Thats great! I am glad I am not the only one with an adorable terror! Happy most of the time, but watch out for the wrath!

    I just found out about a book for journaling to your children, written by a friend of mine, I am not sure where it is available. But if anyone wants to know, I can get her information. I don’t have time to journal for 7 kids, so I won’t be doing that. I prefer to just get through the day with everyone alive and my house not on fire.

  51. Mir says:


    And you will have lost the will to tie him to the bumper by the time he’s the age of your oldest. (I just realized you could be a grandmother by then. How scary is that??)

  52. Jordana says:

    He’s such a beautiful baseball guy. My almost three year old will. not. stop. talking. either. But she’s so cute, I usually forgive her.

  53. Pamela says:

    yes. children are so lovely and innocent. It’s a joy to have them. It can be tiring to teach them too!
    BTW, he and you have very similar smiles and face shape. Undenialable, he is your son.Pamela.

  54. The Veggie Vixen says:

    “What the hell is this?” I love it! Very sweet post for a very sweet little boy.

  55. Carolynn from Western Australia says:

    Miles has the most amazing dimples and some truly priceless facial expressions. I just want to squeeze him soooooo tight.

    He is just so precious as I’m sure all of your kids are.

    Chris hope you are a lot better today?

    Love Carolynn :)

  56. Annie says:

    I took my oldest son everywhere when he was a baby and he’s still a PITA. Is there something about the oldest child? I have several friends who have very…ahem…challenging first children. I thought they were supposed to be extra cooperative and helpful. I think maybe they’re just bitter that they’re not the only child…not center of attention….he’s always harassing the younter ones and disturbing the piece. In spite of it all, I still love him to tears.

  57. Annie says:

    Excuse me…the PEACE…

  58. Marie says:

    Beautiful !! Now I wish I had written my son letters like this when he was small.

  59. Lisa Lisa says:

    I’m trying so hard not to cry as I read this. I can relate, I have a son who just turned 3 in July. I have noticed that he is also becoming a “Big Boy”. He is my youngest of three kids. Makes you want to cherish everyday with them once you’ve realized they are growing up. When I get home I’ll give him a BIG hug n kiss!

  60. Tricia says:

    Is it bad that I am proud when my kids yell “What the Heck” when they want to question anything?? Whew!

  61. warillever says:

    So sweet!

  62. Joy H says:

    Funny, sweet and delicious all wrapped into one — one perfect baseball boy!

  63. Debbie says:

    I just got back from visting my only child who has grown up and moved away. I am so emotional when it’s time to leave. I came home and checked the computer and cried twice as hard when I read about Miles. Anyone who ever doubts your love for your children need to read your post about Miles. Your a loving mom!

  64. Monique says:

    A little afterthought..as I have come back to read this again and again:)

    Where on this earth did you find his tshirt? Our Loulou would look cute in that too:) And his parents would love it..The one about Baseball Guy still living w/ you:)

  65. Lynsey says:

    So beautiful!! It gave me butterflies. What a gorgeous little boy. I can’t wait to start a family of my own.

  66. mrs darling says:

    This is positively beautiful!

  67. Mary Jo says:

    I needed this today. My 2-year-old is going through a major testing phase (which I’ve heard lasts another 16 years or so) and this was a great focus on the so many cute and wonderful things I love about him.