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passing the time

passing the time

September 26, 2007

Yesterday at 3:30 the repairman made it to my house. I opened the door and he walked through my foyer, still filled with weight equipment that my husband has promised me will be moved soon, so hopefully I will not have to put the Christmas tree up behind it and string garland around the weights. The we walked through my dining room which is 2/3 filled with huge boxes that contain my kitchen cabinets. And into my half torn out kitchen.

I didn’t correct him when said, “Oh, I see you just moved in.”

He checked out the refrigerator, fiddled with it for awhile and then said, “This can not be repaired. You need a new one.” I suspected as much.

I asked about the freezer that they can not seem to find anyone to repair for me. The repairman laughed and said that everyone who does refrigerator repair also does freezer repair. But he could not do it right then because he wasn’t sent on a freezer service call. Of course not. Nothing can be easy.

So I call FRIGIDAIRE for what is seriously the twelfth time. And I am given the run around yet again. Transfered and put on hold until I finally had to get on with my life and hang up. At this point I have told them I expect a new freezer also. I just don’t think that brand new appliances should have problems.

I could probably complain more, but I’ll stop myself.

In other news, my suitcase from BlogHer is finally completely unpacked. Rob wanted to use the bag for an upcoming trip. The contents might be on top of my bureau, but they are no longer in the suitcase.

I will now begin passing the time and checking out my front door window every five minutes looking for the UPS man with my new camera.

Posted by Chris @ 9:17 am  

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  1. Jeana says:

    Do you know just the other day I wondered if you ever unpacked that suitcase? Which sounds little weird to say it out loud. Or type it.

    I will never buy another Frigidaire appliance. We had so much trouble with our front end loading washing machine that we finally bought a new one, rather than mess with one more “warrantied” repair. Since then I can’t tell you how many other people have said they had trouble with their brand new Frigidaires.

  2. Jess says:

    dang and i thought i was first!!
    Fridgidare, dell they are on the top of my list.

  3. rose says:

    Hey-don’t know if your blog reading includes Consumerist, but it’s a site that gives a lot of info on resolving consumer complaints, and getting to the top of the food chain quickly to get the service you deserve.

  4. Jackie @ Family Daze says:

    Feeling your pain. We were without a washing machine for THREE WEEKS. This is not good for a family of nine. Things were getting scary. It took SIX DAYS for the repair man to even darken our door before parts could even be ordered. I was not happy.

  5. Karen Vogel says:

    I’m speechless. Usually the repairmen are nice and take pity on you, especially when they see all the kids. Our plumber gives us top-notch service. But then, I think he was able to buy his condo in Aruba due to all the toilet problems caused by my then-4-year-old. Probably a boat, too.

  6. Heather says:

    I’m with Jess on the this one - Dell and Frigidaire are tops on my list. Along with Time Warner. And that repairman - I hope on his next call he has to deal with a super stinky fridge!

  7. Dianna says:

    Can’t wait to see some photos with the new camera! I’m expecting big things here!

  8. Wendy says:

    I would tell them that I want new appliances from another company. You know like Maytag, because he is off fixing things that arent even appliances. That kind of service comes in handy.

    Loving my semi-new-got-it-for-Christmas-because-I-am-really-old-and-dont-deserve-fun-things-as-presents French Door fridge.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Can’t wait to see updated house renovation photos with the new camera!

  10. Esme says:

    Oh no… everyone has Frigidaire on the top of their list! This means that my appliances are going to hear you and break down out of solidarity with their brethren. Crap!

    I should probably call the repairman in advance…

  11. Shaylind Standing says:

    I know which company to avoid when buying appliances now. Thank you kindly for the warning.
    I’m eager to see your new kichen. :)

  12. Henri says:

    I would avoid Maytag - when my husband and I built our house, we bought all Maytag appliances: washer, dryer, stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher - out of all of them, the only one we haven’t had a problem with is the Stove (knock on wood) I went almost 3 weeks without my fridge working properly - my freezer kept the fridge temp while my fridge kept the outside temp!!! Each one has been repaired numerous times, and we exchanged the microwave for another brand.
    FYI - Check out Consumer Reports - We don’t buy anything wihtout checking them first.
    PS Can’t wait to see photos

  13. tracey says:

    Kenmore is on my black list, I wonder if they’re related to frigidaire? We don’t like dell much either.

  14. Barb Cooper says:

    Oh, I just went through the Endless Camera Wait myself. Hang in there, because it is so, so, SO worth it when you get it. But you could learn from my mistakes and not greet the UPS Delivery Person so enthusiastically that he thinks you’re coming on to him. I’m just saying’.

  15. stacie says:

    New reader here: If Frigidaire knew you were blogging the play-by-play, I’ll bet your repairman would not only fix fig and freezer, but perhaps even tap dance for good measure.

    PS Your blog is so good–just what I needed. I’m falling off my chair laughing! Please stand still for just a sec so I can hug you!

  16. Jocelyn says:

    FYI-my husband’s family owns an applinace store complete with delivery and service. As you thought, your experience with your delivery a while back was completely inexcusable on their part. Also, like the repair man said, anyone who can fix a fridge should also be able to fix a freezer, except he should have done it while he was there. Lastly, our family no longer carries Frigidaire, because it’s crap…it seriously breaks down ALL THE TIME. Just thought I’d let you know :)
    I really enjoy your blog! I saw when you were featured in Good Housekeeping, and I have checked in every day since.

  17. BOSSY says:

    Blood. Pressure. So. High. Right now.

  18. Heather's Garden says:

    I bought a new fridge in mid-April from Lowe’s for my rental property near UCONN and you guessed it — it’s a Fridgedaire. We discovered on July 26th that it wasn’t working (just a few days past the 3 month window from Lowe’s) and had to call a local repair service to work on it through the 1 year manufacturer’s warantee. Remember July 26th? 2 months later we’re now 5 visits, 2 service people, and 5 parts down the road and it’s still not working. Now we’re waiting for the 2nd compressor to come in so it can be replaced. Thank God my tenants have another fridge of their own or I don’t know what I would do. But apparently it’s not a lemon fridge, all fridges can be repaired.

  19. Kelly Corbet says:

    Oh, man, I wish we didn’t have so much appliance-breakdown in common!

    My Amana freezer–bought largely to extend the “mother’s milk” period of my son’s life–broke just AFTER I finished nursing. Throwing bottle after bottle of pumped, healthy, now-not-frozen milk down the drain…OUCH! Fixing an almost-new freezer costs almost as much as buying a freezer?!?

    And, my Thermadore oven melted down one night during “self-clean.” I teach cooking classes online, and with a shoot the next day, I figured a sparkling oven would be a nice touch. I got sparks, not sparkles! There were flames inside the oven, and smoke outside the oven. We had to change everything for the shoot the following day, and it took a shocking amount of time and calls to get Thermadore to make good on their 2-year-old oven!

    My crockpot is my new best friend:)

  20. Kristen says:

    we are supposed to unpack? Isn’t it just easier to leave it all there for the next trip?

    And it’s a great place to check for clean underwear when you can’t find any. For when you overpacked, and all.

    Did I just say that out loud?

  21. Mary W says:

    OH Chris - oh oh oh joning the frigidaire service and appliances suck. We were in our house TWO months when the motoor on our brand new dishwashr broke - followed by the stove handle . The handle came off, in my hand, when I opened it to remove dinner from the oven.

    When I called to have the dishwasher repaired their repair tech lied to me. he didn’t want to drive all the way to BFE Texas. Told his boss they were waiting on parts. the bos found the parts and told they guy he had to come and fix my dishwaher. He said he’d be there on Monday. I waited at home for three days I told them he’d be there on SATURDAY. The guy whined and said he was missing his son’s soccer game. My reply” well, you should have been here wednesday like your promised-fix my damn dishwasher.”

    They sent this guy from just south of Oklahoma - two hours away. There was a repair guy who worked for frigidaire two blocks away.

  22. Jen @ amazingtrips says:

    Our three year old dishwasher broke six times in 11 months. SIX TIMES. Every time it would break it would be a minimum of three weeks before it was repaired. When I was 9-months pregnant, DAYS before delivery and lugging around an extra 100 pounds (while also trying to potty training our 2.5-year old triplets), our dishwasher broke again. And then, our second refrigerator and freezer broke when the compressor went out. AND THEN, our PRIMARY refrigerator and freezer went out.

    IN JULY.

    We had gone shopping at Costco a few days earlier and had more food in this house than ever before = because I’m thoughtful and didn’t want the family that would be in town looking after the kids, while I was in the hospital, to lug 3-2.5 year olds shopping. Especially since they were also going to be hand washing every cup, bowl, plate and saucer once a day.

    All of our food had to be transferred to coolers. We had to buy styrofoam coolers to supplement our “real ones” because we didn’t have enough space to store 8 gallons of milk, 6 gallons of OJ, 5 dozen eggs, 4 gallons of ice cream and enough popsicles to construct a popsicle stick fridge. Just when I didn’t think it could get worse, our 13-year old dog was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and we got hit with a $300 vet bill on top of the appliance repair costs. Because almost all the warranties had just recently expired. And me, being a savvy consumer thought “Ah, nah. We don’t need to renew them. What are the chances…??”

    I’ve had so many problems with appliances and the “customer service” is ALWAYS crap. It doesn’t matter what appliance brand you have, because we’ve had them all. I think Mac needs to make their own appliance line. I’d totally buy an i-dishwasher; i-fridge; i-suds-o-matic. If there was ever a problem, the smart appliance would e-mail the Apple Genius and arrange for service repair BEFORE it failed.

    I know, I know. It’s brilliant. I’ve got lots of good ideas. Sadly, none of them involve paying the $50.00 to renew a warranty for an additional 3-years. Or, buying paper plates.

  23. Melissa says:

    Yeah, Frigidaires haves issues. My boyfriend bought a new house and the really wide. side by side fridge he had before wouldn’t fit in the new kitchen so bought a new fridge. I picked it out for him and it was a Frigidaire, and the few reviews of it, since it was new, were good. His old fridge was a Fridgidaire and he never had problems with it. This on was wacky. It was a freezer on top model with a filtred water dispenser on the front door. Well, it wouldn’t make ice and everytime it would try, it would spit water out the water dispenser in the front, so then you would have a puddle. It still did it even with the ice maker turned off so he had to disconnect the water. I think they may have replaced the fridge, I don’t if they could fix it there, I believe it was wired incorrectly or something like that.

  24. Dawn says:

    Ok, coming out of lurkdom.

    RETURN THE FRIGIDAIRES. Do an internet search…they are nothing but problems from a house burning down when their oven malfunctioned to broken refrigerators and washers and dryers. My sister’s frigidaire just melted down (literally) all over her kitchen floor (wood) and the repairman, when he finally came out three days later, said that it could not be fixed it was a defect in the parts. At first Frigidaire said they would replace it but then backed out. They also said they would fix the floor but have backed out of that too.

    Bad, bad Frigidaires…return them…pleeeeaaase….

  25. Jamie says:

    Our brand Amana died in the first 2 months, and after it was fixed the icemaker died. We got it fixed (the motor was bad, Amana knew it, I wasn’t happy but didn’t have to pay for it). Then I get a “your warranty is about to expire, please purchase the extended warranty” notice that basically included the wording “we noticed you’ve used your warranty- you might need it again”. Um, if I needed your warranty covered repairs twice in 2 month old fridge, I wouldn’t be pointing it out again a year later. We haven’t had any more problems, and I love the french door style.