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2007 October


October 31, 2007

screaming pumpkin

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The Princess


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Please Don’t Litter

Please Don't Litter

Remember that tv commercial from the 70’s?

Except Miles is a pirate. But how awesome would that be if they resurrected that commercial, but with pirates.

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Mad Pumpkin Carving Skilz

Pumpkin Carving Skilz

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Getting into character

October 30, 2007

(updated below)


Now Miles can wear the pirate patch for his Halloween costume with authenticity.

Update: He was walking around with a blanket over his head like a ghost and his sister grabbed it and tore it off of his head, poking him in the eye. It hurt and then he wouldn’t stop rubbing it. Anyone who has ever scratched their cornea knows it feels like there is something in your eye. So I patched it up. This morning I took the patch off and aside from some stickiness all around his eye from the patch, he is fine. And already bugging me to go trick-or-treating…RIGHT NOW.

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Answering questions

October 29, 2007

1) Nikon 40x

2) We just got a Target near us. I am so happy. I feel like I have maybe joined the fringes of civilization. My husband is less happy. I think his exact words the last time he called me on my cell phone and found out I was in there were, “Get the hell out of that store!” I know. Next time I will be turning my cell phone off.

3) The coat is from Old Navy. And I paid full price for it that is how much I loved it.

4) The mascara held up fine. In fact I didn’t wash it off with special makeup remover last night (the purchase of which necessitated a trip to Target) and it is still on this morning. But I am still indifferent. I’m not sure what I hope for, is looking 10 years younger too much for a mascara?

5) Yes, really, alcoholic beverages other than beer are only sold at liquor stores. Or package stores as they are also called. I don’t know why, maybe because they put the bottles in brown packing paper like you would use for packages? And yes I do call it that, only because it is too good to let die.

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I am about to become unpopular

I am about to be kicked out of the tree hugger club. I tried. I really did.

Trader Joe's

And as hard as it is to say this, I was not impressed with Trader Joe’s. Seriously, what is all the fuss about? The organic section of my local grocery store has a wider selection. There was almost no fresh produce. I was expecting fresh vegetables, people.

When I was in California in 2006 for BlogHer Jenijen brought me to a grocery store that was so wonderful that when the front doors opened a bright light shone down upon us and I heard angels sing. Really. This is what I expected from Trader Joe’s. Maybe my expectations were too high.

I bought lettuce, hermetically sealed in a bag. They sell the same brand at my grocery store. I bought some badly bruised bananas, but they are pesticide free I told myself. Of course they look like crap. I bought two green peppers, but they were wrapped in plastic and styrofoam. I hate that. But that was on my first pass through the store when I thought the good stuff must be around the next corner. Also I drove and hour to get to the store I couldn’t leave without buying anything.

I lapped the entire store three times. Each time thinking I had missed something. A hidden aisle. Or maybe there was a secret door somewhere. In the end I went resignedly to the check-out with the things I mentioned above and at least 30 fruit leathers that the kids threw into the cart.

We left and drove to our local grocery store where I did my real grocery shopping, where a good 75% of what I purchased was organically grown. Including bananas that did not look like they had been stomped upon. The other 25% was made up of things like Apple Jacks, Tostitos, bread, and Curious George fruit snacks. You know, the essentials.

Now I will be sitting over at the unpopular table, luckily my high school years prepared me well.

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Pied Piper

October 28, 2007

Pied Piper

He leads the children away, not with a magic pipe, but with food from the snack bar.

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My new mascara


Yes, I was woman #2… was there ever a doubt?

While I was in Target Susan called me and we had a long conversation about mascara. Probably too long given that it was mascara and not something actually important. But that is okay, I embrace that this is what my life has become. We also talked about s’mores, sunglasses, and soccer. Does that make me seem more interesting? No, I thought not.

Susan had posted about her ongoing search for a mascara that was a)waterproof, and b) not clumpy. So to help in her quest I bought this:


I am not thrilled or unthrilled with it. It only cost $5, so my bar is not set too high. I will see how it lasts all day. I have a baseball game, the last one of the season, and then going to Trader Joes, to further my new mission as a tree hugger. Albeit one with shaved armpits, make-up, and bleach. Not to mention tree allergies, so there will be no literal tree hugging.

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Transformation to Big Complete

October 27, 2007

transformation complete

Previous steps in the transformation included:

1) Telling me to wait OUTSIDE the bathroom while he goes potty. Because not wearing diapers for almost two weeks means he has forgotten that I have seen and wiped his bare backside for almost 3 years.

2) Telling me he is not a baby, a brover, or cute. He is just big, no further descriptive adjective is needed. And don’t you forget that.

3) Giving up napping. Because that is for a baby. See above.

4) No more kisses, especially on his face while he is trying to watch tv. Kisses may, however, be tolerated if they are offered in exchange for staying up later.

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