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Dirty little confession

Dirty little confession

October 2, 2007

My post is up over at Parenting.

No longer is being good relegated to the month before Christmas in our house. And Santa and the Tooth Fairy, they are like that. (Imagine my fingers crossed tightly together)

Threats and bribery, the hallmarks of stellar parenting.

Posted by Chris @ 2:55 pm  

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  1. Karen Vogel says:

    So, what do you do when they stop losing teeth, hmmmm? And I sure hope you’re not one of those parents who shell out the big bucks for each tooth. For my take on the matter, check out The Economics of Teeth under Popular Posts at my blog The More The Messier.

  2. kris says:

    And friendship! This is how I keep Stacy in line.

  3. BOSSY says:

    When Bossy’s kids were little we didn’t have threats and bribery. Just Child Labor.

  4. Bronnie says:

    lol.. I loved that post!

  5. Jess says:

    Hey there is nothing wrong with bribing a child. Whatever works for you stick with it.

  6. ann-marie says:

    when i was a kid, i used to get a quarter for each tooth lost. one time i decided that wasn’t enough and wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking for more than a quarter.

    the next morning i awoke to a quarter and a penny in my tooth pillow. smarty-pants tooth fairy. ;)

  7. Kate says:

    Our tooth fairy left a JFK .50 piece. It wasn’t about the money but they were like cool tokens and we would count them to know how many teeth we lost etc.

  8. Ani says:

    Genius. sheer genius.

  9. xianfern says:

    The Easter Bunny is a great bargaining tool too! Although, it’s really only good in the spring.. I hadn’t ever thought of the tooth fairy as a way to keep the kiddo’s in line! I like it though..very clever! ;)

  10. rebecca says:

    I am two days late in reading your Parenting post, but had to laugh out loud. Last night, my 5 year old found a cutesy “lost tooth holder” that still had a tooth inside. (Oops.) Granted, the tooth had been lost a looooooooong while back, but he decided (unbeknownst to me) to put it under his pillow and try his luck with another Tooth Fairy visit. He was disappointed this morning to find no loot–as I quickly stammered and stuttered about the TF’s inability to find the little box because he’d been holding it all night long… etc. I decided to throw the money in or under his bed today, which we will (wonder of wonders!) find at bedtime tonight. I felt sort of bad about it until I saw another mom does the same thing. I feel so much better now!