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some links for you

some links for you

October 9, 2007

Today I have my post up over at Parenting, Overdue Letter of Thanks

My best friend Lisa and I were high school friends who went away to the same big city college. We were good kids who never got into trouble. Not because we never got caught, but because we never did anything bad. I think the worst thing I remember doing in high school was stealing for sale signs from in front of people’s houses and putting them in front of other people’s houses. Whoa boy, we were crazy.

Also, the lovely Mir is having a giveaway over on her Want Not blog for DVD versions of Brain Quest.

Belinda has posted an “I Dare You” challenge about conquering areas of clutter in your house. She has set up a flickr pool so that you can post your before photos and then have some accountability toward cleaning and organizing the space. If anything looking at the photos will make you feel more normal about your own clutter areas. What? You mean no one has a house that looks like it was ripped from the pages of a magazine?

I just got back from having my hair done. It was long overdue and I was starting to frighten myself. Two hours and lots of dollars later,I got home and my sons said that it looked exactly the same. I guess they are all blind and could not see the 4″ wide stripe of mousy brown hair down the center.

Speaking of blind, I think I need glasses. I called Susan the other day and asked her if people still went blind. Like should I be afraid of this slight deterioration of my eye sight. And she assured me that I was not in fact going blind, just getting old. Welcome to your forties when your eyesight blissfully goes so that you don’t have to view your own burgeoning wrinkles. Even though I am not yet forty. I am just an overachiever like that.

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  1. Paula says:

    My favorite is returning home after a work appt but BEFORE my hair appt with the 4″ wide stripe of dark brown hair and my husband tells me my hair looks really nice.
    Um…didn’t have my hair appt yet…I know, he gets points for trying!

  2. Karen Vogel says:

    Yes, at my last eye appointment, my eye doctor essentially explained the deteriorating eyesight as the insides of my eyes starting to sag. As if the rest of me sagging weren’t enough….

  3. nancy says:

    Just got new contact lenses… and now that the prescription is correct, I can see EVERY wrinkle and line! Yikes. I want my old lenses back?

  4. dcfullest says:

    My family doctor likes to say many people develop the dreaded CSS disease when they turn forty.

    CSS= can’t see shit.

  5. becky says:

    and that means CRS isn’t far behind.

    CRS = can’t remember shit

  6. Fina says:

    followed of course by WGAS -
    who gives a shit

  7. Caffienated Cowgirl says:

    Oh, the hair comments! My hubby errs on the safe side and waits until I ask what he thinks…Glad you got a couple hours of pampering though.

  8. lori says:

    i thought since i’d been wearing glasses since i was 11, i’d be spared the “oh crap i’m getting old” moment.

    i forgot about bifocals.

  9. Liz Jones says:

    Thank you!!