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Freecyle this

Freecyle this

October 18, 2007

I have a love/hate affair with Freecycle. I have been complaining and moaning and bitching about Freecycle in real life (as opposed to my pretend life) for a few weeks now.

People ask for ridiculous stuff… a car( must be late model and working!), a computer (with windows vista installed), a Razr cellphone (working, ofcourse). Stuff that makes me laugh, because hello? Why would I be giving that away? But then I read Kristen and she summed it up better than I would have so I never wrote about it.

So then a couple of weeks pass and people they are now offering things that are, GARBAGE. Examples include: half a bag of napkins, 12 Tetley teabags, a hose that only leaks a little.

Then I offered up a refrigerator. I wrote in the description what town I live on and all the specifics I know about the fridge. White, side-by-side, probably 20 years old. Excellent working condition for something 20 years old. No visible dents or damage on the front.

Immediately I got emails asking dimensions, um okay I can do that. That is reasonable. But then people wanted things like photos (eh, too much effort), description of the features (it cools stuff?) and two people who said thay wanted it never showed up. It’s free, why are you making it so hard? If you care that much go buy yourself a new one at the store.

Then SJ wrote about the same thing and so I continued to only complain in real life.

Except that I got an email two days ago that took the proverbial cake.

I went last night to the super 8 motel on xxxxxx st in seedy town

and behind the biulding there are tons upon tons of mattresses. there
is full box spings and mattresses and there are queen ones and king if
any one wants any the are totally free.

Totally free.

There are no words. Except to say that after I read that I felt like I needed a good long hot shower.

I was tempted to ask someone to go down and take photos or measure the mattresses for me. But that would just be mean.

So instead I wrote back:

Hey Thursday is the day that the truck comes to xxxxxx st and picks up all the garbage. You might want to go and root through the big cans out on the end of the driveways. I bet someone is throwing away something that they mistakenly believe is garbage.I just know someone can do something with all those empty toilet paper rolls. Freecycling RULZ.

Posted by Chris @ 4:32 pm  

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  1. angela wd says:

    I haven’t heard of this Freecycle. Must check it out.

  2. Cathy says:

    I tried Freecycling, but the people are too crazy. Not showing up, showing up and asking if we have more stuff available, e-mailing me back to ask for extra cables and accessories and (my favorite) hate mail because I gave it to someone else. Now, I just stick everything on the curb twice a year with a sign that says free. Whatever is leftover at the end of the day goes to the trash.

  3. Amy says:

    Funny how i just posted a freecycle offer before i read this. i’m trying to get rid of all the stuff we got for our wedding etc and still haven’t used. my husband has to hear about me complain on a daily basis about my local freecyclers. some people not only want my free stuff, but they also want me to drive it to their house too! although, my husband is picking up a chest freezer for me tonight and i just got a bag of kids videos, so right now, you are right, freecycle RULZ!

  4. Angie says:

    That’s funny. You know, on trash day there are trucks that are constantly going through my neighborhood and people rifle through our trash. They take everything metal–you get money for that at the dump apparently. On the last trash day, I saw a woman fighting with the garbage man for the broken Barbie power wheel car in our yard.

  5. Amanda Regan (madamspud169) says:

    I love Freecycle I love the idea of something I no longer need / use helping someone else out & the fact it isn’t being dumped in a landfill site somewhere.
    I’ve had all sorts from Freecycle from some designer clothes & I mean true designer labels like Jaegar & Ben de Lisi to our current car which has nothing wrong with it at all. I have given away all the old baby stuff like cots, pushchairs, clothes & bedding plus my son has had some really neat toys I wouldn’t have got for him otherwise.
    Yes, there are always those who will want something for nothing but there are also those that appreciate anything they do get given & happily pass on their old stuff too.
    It just seems that you’ve had bad luck with it.

  6. Jennie says:

    HA! I have a friend who is pretty meticulous about her yard. She was working abroad and, during that time, her grad student (read: broke) housemate left a discarded mattress on the front lawn because it was bulk collection day later in the week. Knowing my friend would be horrified, I wanted to take a picture of the old mattress on the lawn to send her as a joke. I went to get my camera and when I returned to her not heavily traveled street the mattress that even a starving student wouldn’t sleep on was gone. Some people will take anything.

  7. Karen Vogel says:

    I too have a love/hate affair with Freecycle. I think it is a good idea, but I still resent the time my local Freecycle moderator threatened to kick me off the list for trying to give away my 4-year-old daughter. (This is when she was wreaking total havoc with our toilets, etc. - you can read about it under the Popular Posts section of my blog.) Anyway, the moderator said she got a whole bunch of e-mails insisting she call Child Protective Services. Can you imagine a better example of humor-less, self-righteous environmentalists than my freecycle group? It was obviously a joke! Get a grip, people!

    One guy got the joke. After the brouhaha died down, he e-mailed me and urged me to post an e-mail saying TAKEN: Pending Pickup

  8. liz says:

    Our freecycle has cracked down on people posting wishlists for stuff people would never give away like 52 inch plasma tv’s or nice sets of matching furniture. I have stopped offering stuff that people ask for because no one ever shows up for it. I do still offer stuff because those people usually show up. I’ve gotten rid of a very heavy sleeper sofa and a piano on freecycle, plus carpeting, bookshelves and my kitchen cabinets from when they took them out when I got my kitchen redone. I also put stuff out on the curb with a free sign and am amazed at what people will take. Once, we were cleaning out our garage which had tons of perfectly good toys that just needed a good scrubbing. A man came by and took most of the stuff and told us we had just made his Christmas, so we went to the basement playroom and dragged up a bunch more stuff. He had his little boy with him so I’m pretty sure he didn’t just take it all home and put it in a garage sale. Oh well, if he did, at least it’s out of my house.

  9. sleeping mommy says:

    OMG your response is priceless.

    I get irritated with our Freecycle too, but for the most part its not as bad as your area sounds.

  10. MamaLady says:

    Love your response. I have wanted to do the same thing.
    I am part of two Freecycle groups. One in a larger town about 40 miles away. Lots of wackos!
    Our smaller town’s group is great. We don’t have a lot of offers or requests, but when we do we help one another out.
    The spirit of Freecycle has not been lost. Thankfully!

  11. Serendipitious Turtle says:

    So, it’s not just the one around here? Well, that makes me feel somewhat better. Actually, the one for my actual little town is fine. It’s the one for the large nearby city that’s awful. I wonder about people’s command of the English language when I read posts from there- sometimes I can’t even tell what they’re talking about. And they ask for the most detailed and outlandish things. I signed up for that one because I was widening my search for something I needed to find for work (I work for a non-profit with a shoestring budget, so finding things we need for free is a definite plus), but I left myself on the list for the amusement factor.

  12. Karen Rani says:

    I gave up - it was easier to put stuff on the boulevard and count down from 10 minute to see how long it would last.

  13. peepnroosmom says:

    I started a Freecycle account about a year ago. It was kinda cool, but they sent me about a hundred emails a day offering up other people’s garbage. There wasn’t ever much of anything to get excited about. I finally deleted my account.

  14. Sherry says:

    My chief complaint? Those people can’t spell!

  15. Dan says:

    I wrote a similar freecycle rant a while ago.


  16. jody2ms says:

    I had to do a double take as I thought I clicked on SJ’s site by accident when I read your first paragraph.

    Have never heard of Freecycle. We just load stuff up and take it to various charities. When we moved, we gave everything away. It was unreal. I actually gave a set of crystal away….10 place settings of each 5 different types of glasses and goblets. I hadn’t used it in over 17 years, so what was the point in keeping it?

    Do you have a Catholic womans shelter near where you live. Maybe they could use le fridge.

  17. JanB says:

    The one that really ticked me off was when someone asked for an RV. Come on.

    I hate seeing pets listed too, tears my heart out.

  18. lori says:

    I posted an ad on freecycle for a big pile of very nice stuff that didn’t sell at a garage sale and was sitting out at our commercial bldg by the dumpster with giant free signs next to it: desks, tables, chairs, books, etc.

    I got e-mail after e-mail like this: “I live an hour away. Can you tell me what stuff is still there? I am not driving an hour for nothing.”

    Why, yes, of course. I will go out there and tell all the random other people who read the ad and *just drove over* that they aren’t allowed to look through the pile until YOU get here and go through it first.

  19. hipwritermama says:

    I’ve read about Freecycle but haven’t tried it. I still can’t believe people act like that for free stuff! Your response was awesome.

  20. S says:

    I do not really find your e-mail funny at all. I live in an very economically depressed area, and although I would never accept a used mattress or likely offer one… I see many who would take it any day over sleeping on a cold floor this winter. I do not judge self-rightously and overbearingly those who would. If someone is willing to pick up a bag of tea or a half package of napkins, you can bet they are truly in need of those items. Why knock them?

    Chris says: Considering gas costs $3.19 a gallon here I think it would be cheaper to go BUY 12 tea bags and half a package of napkins. There is no public transportation here. I would rather sleep on the floor than a used hotel mattress that has sat out in the rain for a couple days.

  21. S says:

    I forgot to add how grateful I am to have everything I need for my family and yet be humble enough to recognize that it is a sad reality that many do not. Get off your high horse Chris!

    Chris says: You get off first.

  22. Kerry says:

    I had to leave freecycle. It’s clear that part of the membership requirement is lack of education and certainly a lack of common sense. The typos made me crazy before I could even get to the substance of the add, which was usually, “Desperately needed. Am disabled. Need 2000 or newer snowmobile to get around my property.” This same poster would ask for computers (to be fixed up for the disabled) and automobiles, because he was disabled.

    Or the: “My daughter’s having a baby and doesn’t have no crib or clothes or diapers” adds. Made. Me. Crazy.

  23. Nikki says:

    I have a love/hate thing kicking with Freecycle too.
    I love the idea of it and have given away a ton of things there (a personal trampoline that was in GREAT condition, just not used once we got a full size one, a swingset, etc).
    However, I HATE the no-shows and have begun a list of people I’ll no longer even read responses from because they’ve repeatedly not shown up and not bothered to let me know they weren’t coming! Frustrating.

  24. The Simple Family says:

    You forgot the part about “cum dumpster.”

  25. Andi says:

    . . . I use empty toilet tissue rolls . . .

    Of course, I use them to make elaborate mazes for my geriatric hamster, because she has nothing else left to live for. And I only use my own, not other peoples’ . . . And yes. I am with you. The floor is a much better option than a thrown-out, mildewy mattress. Sleeping on the floor won’t kill you but blood loss from bedbugs and whatever respiratory illnesses you can pick up from rain-soaked, mould-riddled mattresses very well could.

    In theory I love the idea of Freecycle. In practice I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole because there are some real loonies out there, and no way are they getting my address! Instead, if our family has something we want to get rid of and it’s in fit condition, it goes to the Salvation Army. If it’s not in decent condition, we throw it out; I can’t imagine who would have so little respect for other people that they say “here, it’s mouldy, torn up, ready to be thrown out and generally useless. Maybe you would like it!”

  26. Dana says:

    Too funny. I use Freecycle also and have experienced the same thing. I just don’t understand it…and I guess it COULD be dangerous..but I never have them come to my home - I usually leave the stuff outside my work so I would think that is safer than the usual. Still, there are a lot of bozos out there, like you said, asking for a new car or a nice computer or a trip to Hawaii, ha ha

  27. Catherine says:

    I’ve had similar freecycle experiences. Uhm it’s FREE - why are you making this hard on me? Ours also experienced some sort of political schism. I’ve also had crazies on Craigslist. But it doesn’t stop me from using it.


  28. lisa says:

    hahaha I’m enjoying your responses to your commenters. I agree - I also say no to yucky mattresses! I’d prefer a clean sheet and the floor!

  29. Sara says:

    Freecycle makes me crazy. And the mattress thing? I have a hard time sleeping on a hotel mattress that’s actually IN the hotel (why yes, I am a germophobe, why do you ask?) I can’t imagine picking one up that’s been out in the elements and in any proximity to a dumpster. I’ll be going to have a nice long bath in Lysol now…

  30. gorillabuns says:

    i tried to give a couch away for free during a garage sale, no one wanted it. i tried to give it to goodwill, they wouldn’t take it. i put it on the curb for big trash day, it was gone within the hour.

    obviously, i wasn’t marketing it to the right consumer.

  31. elizabeth says:

    CAN’T stand freecycle - jerks ruin it. Just like people ruin blog comments by not letting the OWNER of said blog to write whatever they want!

    I’d rather sleep in a sleeping bag on a floor than a whatever infested mattress from a motel. IF they were any good the motel would have donated them to the shelter in the town. Sometimes garbage IS garbage.

  32. Brigitte says:

    Makes me glad I never got around to signing up (procrastination IS good!). We either donate to Salvation Army, or set stuff in the “good” portion of the dump, where other people take it away.

    And I HAVE slept on the floor in a sleeping bag, it’s way better than a diseased, pee-smelly mattress.

  33. fidget says:

    someone asked for a monkey on our freecycle.. the appeal went on monthly for quite awhile. My favorite used item on my local freecycle was someone offering a toothbrush boasting that it had only been used once!

  34. Amy says:

    Does S realize that the dollar store sells these items for less than what it would cost these people in gas???

  35. Kate says:

    Freecycle seemed inundated with garbage here, too, so I used to try to give away stuff in the “free” section of Craigslist. But I had problems with that too, with people not showing up, and annoying emails, and huge senses of entitlement. So then, I started listing things (good things - a couch, an aquarium, a (fairly basic) elliptical machine, an unused breast pump, a baby glider) on the paid section, but listed them as free “if someone picks [it] up today, and comes exactly when they say they will.” So far, that’s worked like a charm. I think it’s attracting the people who actually need/want whatever the item is, as opposed to the people just trolling for free crap. I guess I could have sold them instead, but even that seemed like too big a pain, and people are always selling their stuff on craigslist for far far more than I would ever pay for it.

  36. Karen Vogel says:

    Um, Chris, as far as going through the garbage, you (and everyone else here) need(s) to check out this post from a blog written by an American mother of 7 who is living in India for a few years:


    People really do go through all her garbage looking for stuff. It’s their family business.

    As far as the mattresses go, they might have been in good condition (if it hadn’t rained yet) - hotels often throw out perfectly good stuff. Though the bedbug issue would have kept me from checking it out, myself. But anyone who stays in hotels has slept on those (or similar mattresses). This discussion reminds me of a discussion carried on back in the dark ages before blogs by Amy Daczyzyn (sp?) and the readers of her Tightwad Gazette. Some of them wrote in saying that buying used bed linens was “yucky” and they would never do it. And she pointed out that if any of them had ever stayed in a hotel, they had stayed on “yucky” sheets. Boy, do I miss her…

  37. Susan says:

    Oh my god the comments here have me wiping away tears. So funny.

  38. t in h says:

    I just had my first Freecycle experience here in Germany last week. I offered a set of four dining room chairs that have seen better days, but could be decent if someone wanted to put the time into putting new fabric on them. I posted on day one, got a response on day two and a young woman picked them up on day three and gave me a box of chocolates as a thank you. Ruck, zuck, fertig! as we say here. Soooooo much easier than schlepping the darned things off to a charity shop. I hope my future transactions will be so positive!

  39. Annie says:

    The put it at the curb approach works in our neighborhood and is so much easier than driving give aways all over town. OK, so we’re not too upscale, but it’s not bad either. Sadly, our geriatric cat couldn’t get down from my son’s bunk bed and peed a river. The end of that mattress. Anyway, last night we were hauling it outside for a dump run…my husband says, we could just put it at the curb with a “free” sign. Now that’s f*****ed up. You know Chris, it is an Ikea mattress and considering what a fan you are of their products and used mattresses, if you want it, just come and get it! It’ll be at the end of my driveway. ;)

  40. Annie says:

    Just thought I should clarify that the mattress is truly going to the dump. I wouldn’t wish anyone a night on a cat peed mattress.

  41. InterstellarLass says:

    Um. Ewwww. Motel mattresses? I just got sick.

  42. Beth says:

    I use Craigslist for a lot of things, but I won’t even look at ads that don’t have photos. I figure it’s not worth my time to drive around the county for unknowns. My two cents.

  43. Lazy Organizer says:

    My aunt left a washing machine on her lawn with a sign that said “free”. It was still there weeks later so she finally put a sign on it that said $100. It was gone the next day. Just a thought.

  44. misty says:

    no way…
    who even feels good about posting an ad notifying people of old (gross) motel matresses? Did they then proceed to reward themselves for the good deed they had just managed? CRAZY!

  45. Trish says:

    You laugh… but we used to live in Madison, WI where twice a year (the weekend in May when all the students went home for the summer and the weekend in August when all apartment leases turn over) the entire city celebrated “dumpster diving”. People would gear up for these weekends and spend two full days driving around looking for loot on the curbs left by people moving out. The first dumpster diving weekend we were there I saw leather couches (free!), halogen lamps (free!), refrigerators (free!), clothes (free!), oriental rugs (free!), and more than my share of just plain garbage. My next door neighbor furnished her entire house with the spoils from just two of these weekends.

  46. Nana says:

    My SoCal Freecycle groups don’t allow postings for expensive items — and, so far, people have been reliable. I send goody boxes to soldiers overseas (anysoldier.com), including reading matter. But 5-year-old computer manuals … sheesh! Another annoyance: “lotion samples,” which I thought would be travel size…nope, it was three of those tiny one-use packets. I thought the bag was empty when I picked it up.
    OTOH, Craigslist ad (with pix and measurements) got lots of responses from Nigeria…one a full month later.

  47. peanut says:

    Here’s how it went:

    I read your post. Went to Freecycle website and signed up for the group in my area. Perused various requests and offers. Wondered who the hell would give away a mobile home.
    Went back to your post and followed the link to Kristen’s article.

    Giggled to myself.

  48. MommaJ says:

    I’ve managed to give away a number of decent items on Freecycle, and have decided never to respond to the “ninjas” who bomb email you 4 seconds after you’ve posted–the pros who spend all their time refreshing Freecycle and no doubt sell everything they get on Ebay. Instead I answer the ones who respond the next day–they’re much more likely to be people who really need my stuff and actually show up. I also refuse to deal with people who launch into long-winded tales of sorrow: Really, lady, I don’t give a crap about your wall-eyed daughter who has pined for a doll carriage ever since her pet guinea pig died of mononucleosis..and, I don’t believe you anyway. Unfortunately, for those of us who live on quiet, lightly traveled side streets, the option of just leaving stuff on the curb doesn’t exist. I do find that the guys who pick up our trash (private service, and they aren’t supposed to take anything except what’s in the trash cans) will occasionally covet something that happens to be in the driveway on its way to the dump, and ask if they can have it.

  49. Jen @ amazingtrips says:

    “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. We live in Southern California and I am always seeing pick-up trucks with 20 or more used mattresses piled high on the back, making their way south in to Mexico.

    Although a used mattress ranks up there on my disgusting meter, I could use me some empty toilet and paper towel rolls. Our kids LOVE those things.

  50. Barb Cooper says:

    I joined FreeCycle but it was way too overwhelming–I was get a gazillion DIGESTS a day. But I didn’t want to unsubscribe (I have my own e-mail list and it causes me pain when people unsubscribe because I’m insecure like that) so I just went no mail.

    Listen, you should try it. It’s HILARIOUS! Because now all I get are the directives from the moderators imploring people to stop trying to sell unwanted pets and to stop placing WANTED posts that are…well, stupid. Also, the occasional reminder that FreeCycle is not a dating service.

    You are correct. It RULZ.

  51. Susan says:

    Oh Barb, now you have me thinking about Freecycle dating. Because you know there are those mattresses outside the Super 8 . . .

    Good lord.

  52. t in h says:

    Wow, maybe the Freecycle rules over here are stricter. The offers and requests are short, sweet and to the point and they are reasonable. Any nonsense and you’re booted. End of.

  53. Qalballah says:

    I think the concept of Freecycle is good and it should generate the notion of recycling instead of trashing, but yeah there was one on our freecycle “Wanted: Car”…um…OK.

  54. Manic Mommy says:

    There’s someone on our Freecycle list that posts weekly with crap like “box of packing peanuts” located at curb - come n get it! I have stuff I want to get rid of but I don’t want these people actually coming to my house.

  55. noodle says:

    You’ve summed it up. The no-shows and level of neediness were what made me stop offering. Really, if I’m offering a bag of girls clothing, sizes 4-6, I’m not going to measure the pieces. I am also not going to go through and list out the brands, nor am I going to tell you how many of the items are “good” and how many are for play.

    But the kicker was the knock on the door asking why her bag of clothes wasn’t on the porch where I’d said it would be. It had been 9 days since she’d said she was coming, I donated it at Day 5. She was *furious* at my audacity.

    I offered a fridge too, and after two failed pickups, I called a church to see if they wanted it. They did, AND they showed up when they said they would.

  56. Aileen says:

    There was a post recently for a free stripper pole!! No lie! The reason she was freecycling her stripper pole? Because she kept it in her basement and it was great but you couldn’t really glide on it or do any sort of gymnastics on it. That’s why she bought a NEW one… rendering the old one moot!! Nice huh? She said it was great exercise, and I’m sure it is. I’d love to have been hiding on her street to peek at the person picking up the stripper pole!

  57. Mom101 says:

    I have this impression that Freecycle is all these cool, overeducated, liberal yuppies that just want to do something eco-cool for the world and then you all have to go and burst my bubble. I haven’t been on there, but living in New York City I’m afraid there would be scarier items than used motel mattresses.

    Then again…no. There is nothing scarier. Except maybe the sheets.

  58. Danielle says:

    I’m with you on Freecycle. I’ve given lots of things away on our list but I get tired of people that want pictures of a box of clothing, boys, size 3T. I was tempted to take a picture of just the box when I know they really wanted a picture of the clothing but still. It’s free. I also get very angry when people do not show up. I had one woman that didn’t show but wrote me with an apology, a valid excuse and asked if I still wanted to share. I could handle that. The woman that wanted to come a month after I responded to her, NO!

  59. Kristen says:

    The best is my friendly troll who reminded me (and all my commenters) that Freecycle is about GOOD KARMA.

    Right… I’m sure that’s what the bozo asking for a car is thinking about.

    I have a bunch of toys and other things that I’ve thought about Freecycling, but from what I have heard, actually trying to set up pickups etc can be an asspain, so I’m donating it to charity.

    Plus, I own a house and can write it off, right.

  60. actual pissed off freecycle user says:

    I’m sick of freecycle. No I’m not going to capitolize that. Once I offered a free catbox. Used, never been changed. Been sitting oh let’s say for 6 months outside my backdoor. Any takers? ….. heee you wouldn’t believe the response if I told you!!

  61. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    I love Freecycle b/c I DON’T have to negotiate price, arrange pickup times (just leave the stuff outside your door!), or apologize b/c something is dirty from sitting in my basement for 10 months. For the most part, everything I’ve picked up has been great too. I think if you’re going to resent the time you put into handling requests, you should either just throw away your item, or try to sell it, so you at least feel like you are making money for your effort. That said, that person who posted an offer on old hotel mattresses should be forced to sleep face down on one of those puppies for a week. Mmmmmmmm, I bet that’d be nice.

  62. Izzy says:

    Oh good gravy, the stories I could tell you about my Freecycling days. In fact, I don’t know why I have never written about them because God knows they supply an endless amount of blog fodder. In general? The people are out of their freaking minds, as I suspect you already know :)

  63. Meagan says:

    LMAO. Not long ago I posted about the person who was giving away expired, frozen Go-Gurts on my local Freecycle. In order to pick them up, they advised that you bring a cooler and ice to keep them frozen. I guess I just don’t think expired junk food is worth that much effort, but…

  64. Anne @ AKA Mum says:

    Weirdest offer I ever saw was from a man offering sex to women. Needless to say he was very swiftly banned from the list LOL. And some nuffies think it’s a chat group and start waffling on every few months about whether or not they should give out their phone number in case the picker-upper is delayed.
    I’ve not had any bad experiences although our group broke away from the official “freecycle” thing a while ago, our mods are really good at keeping posts to the rules we have - no requests for things worth over $250, pets have to be microchipped (as per local laws), although tempting no offers of your kids or husband LOL. I think I’d go insane if our list was full of loonies asking for (working) cars, computers, etc. It’s bad enough dealing with the sob stories - I don’t care why you want it, in fact a sob story means I’m LESS likely to give it to you!

  65. Belinda says:

    “You get off first.” *snort*

    Not just used motel mattresses, but used motel mattresses that have been lying out in an ALLEY. Holy bedbugs, Batman.

    I’m still on our local freecycle list, and have given away some pretty decent things–a refrigerator, a brand-new storm screen door still in the packaging, etc. Stuff that we just didn’t want to go to any trouble with, and wanted gone ASAP. I haven’t gotten anything that way yet.

    The thing that drives me buggy about it, at least around here, is the volume of unwanted pets being dumped “to good homes.” Always one of the same three or so lame excuses, too, the most common being, “We’re moving and can’t take him with us.” arrgh.

  66. Amy says:

    heheehhee we’ve been very fortunate with our FC across the pond (may be that it is only just starting out) in that most of the offers/requests are pretty reasonable.

    Having said that there have been some incredibly weird offers too. I am hoping that someone will generously offer up an inheritance though so I’ll persevere :-)


  67. Sara says:

    I’ve had a Free Cycle account in Alexandria for 2 years now. We’ve gotten and given away a lot of things. I get emails about things that have been taken and I’ve posted a “TAKEN” email about it, months after the fact. That’s frustrating and extremely annoying. I do get chuckles out of the folks that have a sense of humor when they post offers. Like the gal that posted about the booze she had to give away to the person with the best sob story. Frustrations abound when you have tons of people that read, reply and usually cannot spell. Sometimes I want to just smack them, other times I just delete.