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Daily Dose of Fall

Daily Dose of Fall

October 22, 2007

These are the things I see everyday.

Sometimes you see the beautiful colors and scenery so much that you forget to really look at it. I have beauty fatigue!

That is one of the things I like about always having my camera with me. It reminds me to stop and really look through the viewfinder. And if I don’t the camera sits and mocks me from the passenger seat, much like my almost teenager does when he is in the car.


The view from the end of my driveway.

Posted by Chris @ 4:23 pm  

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  1. arduous says:

    That’s just beautiful!

  2. Gwen says:


  3. Katiebod (Roses are Red, Violets are Violet) says:

    The reds…the oranges…I’m GREEN with envy.

  4. Jaime says:

    WOW!! That is beautiful!

  5. Amy says:

    I am so immensely jealous. We’re surrounded by evergreens and all they do is go from luminous green in spring/summer to dark bottle green in autumn and winter.

    We’re busy planning some climers and ivy for next year just to inject some of these beautiful orange and reds.


  6. salsaqueen says:

    For those of us in Southwest Florida where we get NO leaf change, Thank You! The colors jump off the page at me. Just beautiful.

  7. Jenni-nifr says:

    So gorgeous! Our leaves never have enough time to change colors in Houston. They just fall off.

  8. lizinsumner says:

    Wow! In the Pacific Northwest, we only get what I call “Autumn Tease”…..tease because we get SOME fall colors, but there are so many green fir trees mixed in with the deciduous (have NO idea if I spelled that correctly!!)trees that the fall colors never really stand out….don’t know where you are, but wherever you are, it’s truly beautiful! Ninety degrees?? You’re not in Seattle, fer shure!!!!!!!!!

  9. Susan says:

    I should send you the view from the end of my driveway. You’d die laughing.

    Somehow the tumbleweeds in the Mojave Desert don’t quite compare.

  10. Shannon says:

    No more whining about the cold, missy! Not when you have a front yard view like that!

  11. Monica says:

    What a beautiful sight. Wish I had fall color like that here in Oklahoma. We just get kinda brownish yellow and then the leafs blow off the trees. Of course we haven’t been cooled until just recently either. I’m very envious of you with those fall colors.

  12. Monica says:

    Okay I meant cold I was up late with a baby you all give me a break and don’t laugh to hard. LOL :)

  13. Dana says:

    oh my goodness. Spectacular. I wish I had that view. We are going this weekend to Arkansas to hopefully see some pretty fall foliage. A Plethora of PIctures to come!

    I love your photos.

  14. Joy H says:


  15. Lottifish says:

    So jealous.

  16. Terri says:

    What a gorgeous view! Here in the area of Georgia in which I live we don’t get really vibrant color changes in the fall. I wish we did.

  17. esther says:

    That’s a gorgeous picture, I’m so jealous! I’m not seeing anything that pretty in New York yet this fall and it’s almost November …

  18. Shelley says:

    I live in AZ, so we don’t get that fall foilage AT ALL. I am so very jealous that you get to see that everyday. It’s so beautiful!