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October 22, 2007


I love this photo. This horse was standing apart from all the others who were crowding around the perimeter of the fence.

The horse reminds me of myself. He is standing there, all alone, looking around at all the beautiful landscape, and thinking, “Yeah, this is nice, but how the hell did I get here?”

Posted by Chris @ 9:10 pm  

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  1. Barb Cooper says:

    Nah. I think he’s waiting for the others in the pack to catch up.

  2. Kellan says:

    What a sky - it’s sooo blue and perfect. So it the photo. Thanks.

  3. Julie D. says:

    Absolutely breathtaking…

  4. Belinda says:

    When I used to have lovely pasture, I could sit and watch my horses for hours on end. I love the dynamics, and especially how one was always “on watch” while the others napped or grazed. *siiiiigh*

  5. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    Is your sky really that blue, or did you have some kind of sky-blue-filter on the camera? Beautiful . . . but all your pictures are awesome, especially the ones of the kids. I love the way you capture them candidly (is that a word?)

  6. Chris says:

    This was what it looked like yesterday. The sky was so bright it was almost surreal with the colored leaves.

    Today it is back to being a gray and gloomy fall day.

  7. Maine Mom says:

    Chris, you make me laugh everyday! I love looking at the pictures you take and reading your comments. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. fidget says:

    I love this shot.

  9. Carrie says:

    That is a beautiful picture & the sky is such an amazing blue! Great photo!

  10. kalisah says:

    those colors don’t even look real.

  11. Susan says:


  12. lotus07 says:

    Feel the horse….be the horse…..

  13. misty says:

    LOL… I think similarly all of the time!

  14. Caffienated Cowgirl says:

    Are you sure it isn’t thinking “will anyone notice if I take a nap?”…at least that’s what I’d be thinking if I were the horse…

  15. Jennie says:

    It really does look like he’s thinking that.

  16. Cindy says:

    Why does he look so much like a cow? At first I thought it was a picture of a cow! Maybe that’s because I live around so many dairy farms??

  17. Lizzi says:

    The phrase “thinning the herd” comes to mind ….

  18. Laurel says:

    I think you should start a career as a professional photographer….you know, in all your FREE time?! Gorgeous shot, along with the others!

    As for the horse, I’d rather be a palomino….gee, do I hear a new online quiz coming up….what breed of horse are you?

  19. shukr says:

    o wow. too true.

  20. shy Victoria says:

    “Yeah, this is nice, but how the hell did I get here?”

    I so totally understand.