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Burdened by chemicals

Burdened by chemicals

October 25, 2007

I have a post up over at my poor neglected little blog, the red headed step child of my blogs:

If you are like me you are probably sipping your fair trade coffee and thinking, ‘I already buy hormone free milk, organically raised beef, eggs from free range hormone free hens, chickens that were raised with love, hand fed, and coddled like pets until the fateful day they had their heads chopped off. I clean with vinegar and water, and wash my sweatshop free, organic cotton clothing in all natural soap that leaves my clothes just as dirty as they went in the low energy-low water usage washing machine. And now I have to worry about this too?’

So, go on over and read if you feel like you don’t already have enough things to worry about. War, what war? My Saran Wrap is probably killing us as I type.

Posted by Chris @ 10:17 am  

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  1. arduous says:

    Eeesh. I already have a joke with my best friend about how we are going to have flipper babies from all the mercury in the fish. Now even if we give up fish (which you’re not supposed to do anyway) we also have to give up plastic and non-stick pans?
    When did everything become so hard?

  2. Karen Vogel says:

    Can someone clue me in to the multiple-blogs concept? Why? Seriously - I’m new to all this and want to know.

  3. Amy says:

    How about this one - check out your soft soap label. Triclosan - a chemical used in many anti-bacterial hand soaps - is a toxic chemical that turns to chloroform when water is added. So - not only does it give us cancer, but its also helping grow that big ol whole in the ozone.

    My sister is a chemist - she couldn’t believe this chemical is in our soap. In the lab, triclosan is used sparingly and treated very carefully for these reasons.

  4. HamIam says:

    Amy - creepy…especially given that I distinctly recall seeing triclosan as an active ingredient in Clearasil face wash!

    But, I believe it…nothing is safe or sacred.

  5. Just Seeking says:

    Very scary. But yes, also so taxing on the system. Why don’t we live in simpler times? sigh.
    Another thing to worry about—head over to Jen M’s blog today and read her post—www.getinthecar.blogspot.com

  6. falwyn says:

    Imagine my fingers stuck in my ears. Lalalala! But yes, I’ll go read it…

    I actually want to ask something about your (amazing wonderful) photos, specifically the one in the “to the librarian” post. I know most of the amazingness is just your mad skillz. However I am curious about any postproduction you may do, program you use, any favorite tricks. Perhaps you have awesome, non-glaring-Southwest light as well. That could help. :)

  7. Lotus Carroll says:

    Let’s all just go live in the woods.

    I hear the wolves will help us raise our babies. Might be a nice break.