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Answering questions

Answering questions

October 29, 2007

1) Nikon 40x

2) We just got a Target near us. I am so happy. I feel like I have maybe joined the fringes of civilization. My husband is less happy. I think his exact words the last time he called me on my cell phone and found out I was in there were, “Get the hell out of that store!” I know. Next time I will be turning my cell phone off.

3) The coat is from Old Navy. And I paid full price for it that is how much I loved it.

4) The mascara held up fine. In fact I didn’t wash it off with special makeup remover last night (the purchase of which necessitated a trip to Target) and it is still on this morning. But I am still indifferent. I’m not sure what I hope for, is looking 10 years younger too much for a mascara?

5) Yes, really, alcoholic beverages other than beer are only sold at liquor stores. Or package stores as they are also called. I don’t know why, maybe because they put the bottles in brown packing paper like you would use for packages? And yes I do call it that, only because it is too good to let die.

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  1. Susan says:

    In Oklahoma, we can buy only 3.2 beer in the grocery. Real beer, all wine, and any kind of liquor must be acquired at a liquor store.

    And the beer and wine sold in the liquor store can NOT be cold. Room temperature only, because that will keep you from getting loaded in the parking lot. Of course.

    But! Starting this fall, we can buy booze on election day. Warm booze, sure, but still!

    Oklahoma is such a weird place to live.

  2. Susan says:

    AND! You need some Neutrogena Oil Free eye makeup remover.

    That is all.

  3. Chris says:

    Oh and you cannot buy liquor on Sunday or after 8pm on any other day. The Puritans live on.

  4. Jen says:

    I think PA may have everyone beat. You can only buy cases of beer at beer distributors. You can buy individual bottles or six-packs *only* at bars. Reread those two sentences again. Yup, and it gets better. Wine and liquor are only sold at state stores. By state employees.

    They’ve gone wild in the last few years and a few state stores are open Sunday afternoons. Only a few though.

    Thank god we don’t drink, or this would drive me insane.

  5. Karen Vogel says:

    I noticed when we were living in Newport, RI, that the liquor stores were closed on Sundays. I guess that’s so no one gets sloshed on the way home from church?

  6. Susan says:

    Liquor stores are closed here on Sunday, too! And also on all bank holidays. God forbid we be drunk on July 4th. Or Memorial Day. Or Labor Day.

    Not that *I* would be drinking on any of those days. No no. Of course not.

  7. Diatribal says:

    Well…where I come from in AR, they still have dry counties and wet counties. If you live in a dry county, you are S.O.L. if you want to buy booze. Or you can always drive to the “Last Chance/First Chance” liquor store. You can’t buy booze ANYWHERE on a Sunday, except in restaurants. So, if you are out of beer at home, you can get loaded at the local Applebee’s, but don’t drive home, cuz you know those State Troopers don’t want to arrest you for DUI because you can’t drink at home! Thank god I have moved to more liberal ground. I can actually buy a 6pack on Sunday now!!

  8. Sue says:

    It is a scientific law that you cannot leave Target without spending over $100.

  9. coloradomommy says:

    We can also only buy anything stronger that 3.2 liquor at a liquor store (but I like “package store” much better) and they are closed on Sundays. As are car dealerships. Yes, cannot buy a car here on Sundays. It takes some planning if you want to have a beer while watching football on a Sunday. Sigh.

  10. Ashley says:

    Maybe I do like living in the last frontier. Our liqour stores are open everyday, some 24 hours. Oh, and we have a drive through liquor store! It really doesn’t get any better.

  11. The Simple Family says:

    We can only get liquor at the liqour store in TX. In NC, you have to buy it at an ABC store, which is government-owned.

    We can, however, get beer at the gas station– which I totally find really fun.

  12. Paige says:

    It’s so fun reading a blog from someone who lives in the same state I do. Someone who can understand that hard liquor is not sold in the grocery store, that TJ’s in our state does not have “two buck chuck”, that after 8 and on Sundays no packies are open… *sigh* That, and all the other fun things about CT.

    Both Wild Oats AND Whole Foods (both in West Hartford, I have no clue where you are) are much better options for organic-type grocery shopping. :)

  13. Shaylind Standing says:

    I live 5 minutes from a Super Target. Of course, so does everyone else in Minneapolis (home of Target corp).
    Once I got out for under $20. True story.

    p.s. I wasn’t impressed with Trader Joes, either.

  14. arduous says:

    Are bars open on Sundays in CT? I don’t think I could handle your puritanical laws. Not because I’m such a drinker, but because I’m a procrastinator and I just know I’d end up going to a dinner party on a Sunday empty handed….

  15. Michelle says:

    These alcohol laws are cracking me up! I’m pretty sure there’s a liquor store within 15 miles of my apartment that DELIVERS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yay southern California!

  16. dynamitt says:

    we too have drive through bottle shoppes (thats what it is called in Australia) it puzzles me that you have such drive through shoppes when it is illegal to drink and drive.

  17. Katie W says:

    As a UK resident I find the US alcohol laws hilarious. Here we do have alcohol only shops, but most people get all their alcohol, beer, wine even the good stuff from the supermarkets, most of which are open 24 hours, woooooo!

  18. Paige says:

    Katie- It’s not all of the US that has the ridiculous alcohol laws. Just some random states.

    Bars ARE open on Sundays, and after 8pm, and even after 8pm on Sundays. There is no smoking in them anymore (or in any restaurant in CT), but they are open.

    AND sorry Chris for answering questions in your comments. :)

  19. Mir says:

    I have never heard the term “package store” until I moved down here, and they are ALL package stores here. But the first time Otto drove me past “Sam’s Package” my inner 12-year-old boy triumphed and I completely lost it. (”Sam’s Package? What do you DO there? Sneak a peek? Rate it? TOUCH IT??”)

  20. t in h says:

    Here in Germany alcohol, all alcohol from beer to wine to the hard stuff, is right there on our supermarket and corner shop shelves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “liquor store” here in my entire life.

    So dh can pick me up a bottle of peppermint schnapps while getting the bread, milk and eggs. ;-P Alas, no 24 hour shops however. Crikey, no shopping ‘tall on Sundays.

  21. Colleen says:

    Growing up in MD, I thought all liquor had to be bought at a liquor store (including beer); no alcohol was sold at the grocery store. We moved to WV for a while, and the local grocery stores & walmart sold beer and cheap wine, but no hard liquor, and there are no liquor stores. Where do you go to buy liquor in WV? Rite-Aid Pharmacy. LOL (I’m glad I don’t drink)

  22. josy says:

    here in canada (at least in all the provinces i’ve ever lived in, i hear quebec is different) you have to go to a liquor store to get your booze. and it’s a million times more expensive thanks to ’sin taxes’. so are cigarettes. but not porn. anyways, you can get beer at a vendor, but not wine or hard alcohol.

    but i don’t know what you americans are complaining about. when i lived down there i didn’t drink because the beer tasted so bad and had practically no alcohol at all.

  23. deborah says:

    you are so fortunate to finally get your Targay! I love love LOVE mine. funny thing though, my cell never works inside - my hubs says it has something to do with the flourecent lighting. Go figure. Maybe you should check that one on for size next time you’re in there and it craps out on you.

    you kn..w whe…n yo….r tal….n to….. ooops dropped calll. must have been the lighting in Target.

  24. rain says:

    ahem. The PACKIE. Thats what its called. LOL And its not open on Sunday, unless you live in New Hampshire or you are a certain number of miles from the NH border, I think? No wine in the grocery stores, unfortunately.

    Oh yeah, and as a flashback to a post that I forgot to respond to it is most definately a PURSE. ;-)

  25. Cindy says:

    In Ontario — you get beer at the Beer Store and liquor at the Liquor Store (LCBO). Yes, we’re original that way. You can get wine at other places (the Wine Store inside the grocery store — but it’s a separate checkout).

    My favourite story is when I was in university a group of us ran into some guys from the US. They were looking for beer at 11pm. We sent them to the Beer Store (they kept asking what it was called — hello “The Beer Store”?). After they left on their 6 block walk we mused about whether or not we should have told them it was closed after 9pm on a Saturday???

    I definitely agree with my fellow Canadian about American beer and it’s lack of taste/alcohol.

  26. Coleen says:

    Oh yes, I am a PA resident as well. Things are getting better, but when I was a kid NOTHING was open on Sundays thanks to the blue laws. Even still car dealerships just started to be open on Sundays a few years ago.

    Also, our fairs, carnivals, festivals, etc. tend to be completely alcohol free (there are some exceptions). I will never forget the look on my NY friend’s face when she saw the “ALCOHOL PROHIBITED” sign on the welcome gate to my town’s huge fair. Instead of drinking we prefer to drown our sorrows in fried food and sweets - it’s an easy trade.

  27. Katie says:

    I bet Ashley is from Ohio. I miss Ohio’s super lax liquor laws.

    Congrats on the new Target! Just the other day while looking at our bank account online, my husband asked me what exactly I was buying at all those trips to Target. And the bad thing was I couldn’t remember. (I think socks? Kids underwear?)

  28. Ani says:

    I moved down South from MA and I miss the packies. And here beer and wine are at the grocery store but can’t be purchased on Sunday. Liquor is at the liquor store, again closed Sunday. And in many places, restaurants can’t SERVE alcohol on Sundays. And in a nearby city where you can, the restaurants have to go apply for a special Sunday liquor license every week. Yes every week.

    I grew up elsewhere with rum, whiskey and vodka on aisle 3 of the local supermarket. Grocery list: eggs, milk, rum, beer, fresh bread. Ah…those were the days.

  29. Not The Mama says:

    I’m in GA and I’m so used to buying alcohol only in package stores that I was on vacation up north somewhere a few years back and was stunned to see liquor in a grocery store. I had no idea! And low, the jealousy began. We also have blue laws, which means no alcohol sales on Sundays. (Which means after midnight, so no late-night runs if you run out of beer at your Saturday night party.)

    Also, I am getting a 40x for Christmas and I CAN’T WAIT. Your photos are making me more and more excited.

  30. Courtney says:

    Gotta love living in S. LA where you can buy alcohol ANYWHERE, and walk around on the street with it. We have drive-thru daiquiri shops too. They just don’t put the straw in your cup so it’s not an “open container” in your car. LOL!

    And my beloved Tarjay. I went for $15 worth of Rx’s yesterday and left spending almost $100. I have a new purse and new shoes though! :o)

  31. Tami says:

    Tami says:

    I remove my waterproof mascara very easily and cheaply. Just use baby oil. Works great!

  32. Kelly says:

    KC is a two-state city, Missouri and Kansas. So, there are different liquor laws in the same city.

    In KS, the alcohol in grocery stores can’t be above 3.2, the liquor stores just recently began to be open on Sundays (and can sell ONLY alcohol, you have to go to a separate store for limes/salt/ice for your margaritas, or even a corkscrew), and the bars close at 1:00am.

    In MO, it’s a lot more lax…they have REAL liquor in the grocery stores (also in some drug stores, and in TARGET!!!), and most of the bars stay open until 3:00am.

    So…if we’re in a bar in KS but want to keep drinking, we drive to MO and find a 3:00 bar and continue the party.

    I live and work in KS, but only about a mile over the state line in each case and I grew up in MO, so I cross the state line a lot for alcohol, later parties, and cheaper gas.

    One time a guy I was dating brought a 6-pack from a grocery store that I know is only on the KS side and I was like, “that’s not REAL beer!” Seriously, what’s the point of drinking if not for the buzz?!!?

  33. Brigitte says:

    I think that in all mascara ads, they’re wearing FALSE eyelashes, there’s no way my lashes would get that thick and long otherwise.

    I’m used to the packy being closed Sundays, but I always get caught heading to a Memorial Day or Labor Day picnic empty-handed, because they’re closed on those Mondays, too.

    We can get “Maudit” beer around here, that’s a good Canadian-type beer . .

  34. BOSSY says:

    Target Schmarget. It’s great and all, but inevitably after putting all the cool stuff in your cart you always have to hand them the whatchamacallit. Money.

  35. Kristen says:

    We still don’t have a Target here so I am quite jealous.

    And I grew up in IL where things might be closed on Sundays, but you could get liquor anywhere. Then I moved to PA for a while and thought the state stores were hilarious! Now I am back in IL and so glad I can get it at WalMart!

  36. Kathy says:

    I grew up in West Virginia where you can buy beer at some grocery stores, but anything stronger comes from the State ABC store with state employees. Only restriction on hours was from like 2AM on Saturday night til noon on Sunday, I think it was. When I was in high school, I remember beer runs across the state line into Virginia to get Coors because it had more alcohol. That’s changed, though.

    Live in Alabama now and many, many dry counties here. The alcohol laws are prohibition style! Even in the “big city” there are places you can’t get it on Sunday. And anything stronger than beer/wine has to come from a package store.

  37. Another Susan says:

    Go ahead, keep shopping at Target. If you’re anal like me and have your checkbook in Excel - sort it one year from right now and you’ll die when you see how much you spent at Target. I know I almost did! Now I limit my trips and pray I come out under $100 when I go. Good luck! LOL

  38. Annette says:

    I love California. I have 4 Targets within 5-10 mi. and they are planning another one less than 2 miles away. This could be VERY dangerous. And I had no idea about the liquor laws elsewhere … my grocery stocks an entire aisle with everything from Coors light to the hard stuff. And is open all week from 7-11. The local Sams just dropped some of the better beers to carry an entire aisle of Jose Cuervo, Bailey’s, Vodka and the like, next to the piles of wine and champaign cases. Ironically, most of the Rite-aids near here are muslim owned, so no alcohol. Does your TJ’s carry two buck chuck, and TJ’s beer (Vienna Lager is my fav) or is that restricted too?

  39. Shash says:

    Ah, CT and the Packy. Not to be confused Chico and the Man.

    I loved the Packy. CT’s Blue Laws? Notsomuch. The only good thing was living near a Navy Base and having a Military ID so those pesky Blue Laws? Didn’t apply after noon. YES!!!!

    Target finally came to CT? Sad I had to leave CT for that to happen….


  40. kate says:

    beer is sold here in a beer distributor.

    Wine and Liquor is sold in state stores.

    PA liquor laws suck!