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2007 October

Daddy’s girl

October 22, 2007

piggy back

We were watching my oldest son’s final baseball game of the fall season, after a long day of watching my other son’s baseball game. All that watching can make a little girl tired and need to be carried around and need to have her every whim and desire is catered to.

Luckily that is what daddy does.

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I have 3 used teabags and half a deck of cards

October 21, 2007

So Saturday afternoon in a fit of I must rid my house of clutter RIGHT NOW I put up three big things on Freecycle, including the refrigerator I mentioned in my last post.

When I got the emails back I was very specific about the time. You can arrive before 10am or at 1:00. At 1:00 on the dot two trucks pulled up. And the freecyclers helped each other load their stuff into their respective trucks.

My faith in freecycle has been restored. Somewhat. Until the first email comes through offering a half used box of tampons and I am left hoping that it is the unused half of the box they are talking about.

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October 19, 2007

boys who are aging me

They may look cute and innocent, but really they are plotting my demise. So far having a spit ball fight in their bathroom–leaving hardened wads of toilet paper covering the walls and ceiling, squirting toothpaste at each other and then writing on their bedroom windows with it, emptying out all their clean clothes into their hamper instead of putting them away in their drawers, pouring all the shampoo out to have a “bubble shower” hasn’t killed me yet.

I fear for whatever they think up next.

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Freecyle this

October 18, 2007

I have a love/hate affair with Freecycle. I have been complaining and moaning and bitching about Freecycle in real life (as opposed to my pretend life) for a few weeks now.

People ask for ridiculous stuff… a car( must be late model and working!), a computer (with windows vista installed), a Razr cellphone (working, ofcourse). Stuff that makes me laugh, because hello? Why would I be giving that away? But then I read Kristen and she summed it up better than I would have so I never wrote about it.

So then a couple of weeks pass and people they are now offering things that are, GARBAGE. Examples include: half a bag of napkins, 12 Tetley teabags, a hose that only leaks a little.

Then I offered up a refrigerator. I wrote in the description what town I live on and all the specifics I know about the fridge. White, side-by-side, probably 20 years old. Excellent working condition for something 20 years old. No visible dents or damage on the front.

Immediately I got emails asking dimensions, um okay I can do that. That is reasonable. But then people wanted things like photos (eh, too much effort), description of the features (it cools stuff?) and two people who said thay wanted it never showed up. It’s free, why are you making it so hard? If you care that much go buy yourself a new one at the store.

Then SJ wrote about the same thing and so I continued to only complain in real life.

Except that I got an email two days ago that took the proverbial cake.

I went last night to the super 8 motel on xxxxxx st in seedy town

and behind the biulding there are tons upon tons of mattresses. there
is full box spings and mattresses and there are queen ones and king if
any one wants any the are totally free.

Totally free.

There are no words. Except to say that after I read that I felt like I needed a good long hot shower.

I was tempted to ask someone to go down and take photos or measure the mattresses for me. But that would just be mean.

So instead I wrote back:

Hey Thursday is the day that the truck comes to xxxxxx st and picks up all the garbage. You might want to go and root through the big cans out on the end of the driveways. I bet someone is throwing away something that they mistakenly believe is garbage.I just know someone can do something with all those empty toilet paper rolls. Freecycling RULZ.

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October 17, 2007


After 13 years of non-stop diaper changing, my baby is now wearing undie-wayahs.

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Children of the Corn

October 16, 2007

Child of the Corn

Today we went to a corn maze. Or as Miles referred to it a “Corn-on-the-cob race”

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Open letter my son (and others in training for teenagerdom)

October 15, 2007

You seem to be under the impression that someone has died and left you boss of this house, me and your younger siblings. I regret to inform you that is not the case.

I realize that being an almost teenager is hard what with all that brooding, sulking and keeping track of all the ways that you have been wronged. As well as eating everything that is not nailed down. Oh and perfecting your eye rolling technique. That has be taking a lot of your time.

Now go brush your teeth and clean up your room. And tell your mother you love her, because you know you do despite what the permanent sneer on your face says.

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mark this day

October 14, 2007

October 14, 2007:

Simultaneously wore a tank top, long sleeve shirt, sweater and jacket (with jeans, of course)and still felt cold.
Turned on the wood burning stove
Put the flannel sheets back on the bed
Declared for the first time this season that I hate winter

Don’t worry if you don’t remember, I am sure I will mention my hatred of winter a few thousand more times over the course of the next 6 months.

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Left Brain vs. Right Brain

October 13, 2007

I saw this over at my friend karen’s blog and have been playing with it ever since.

Go look at this dancer spinning. What direction do you see her spinning?

I see the dancer spinning clockwise, definitely, unequivocally clockwise. As in I can not fathom how she could possibly be spinning any other direction.

Rob also sees clockwise and cannot see her spinning in the other direction.

I showed it to my 10 yr old and he said, “Counterclockwise…. wait, no clockwise. Counterclockwise… hey she is spinning in both directions!”

We tried to get him to explain to us how that could possibly be, be he just said, “It just is.” I suppose like those magic eye optical illusions, either you see it or you don’t.

So what say you? Clockwise, counterclockwise, or both?

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Ode to Black Car

October 11, 2007

My husband’s car is the only car that we have ever purchased brand new. It had 6 miles on it when we drove it off the lot.

The car now has 285,000 miles on it. The car we affectionately call “Black Car” because, you know, it is black.

Little things keep falling apart. The air conditioning went long ago. The blower fan for the heat is gone. You can’t lock the doors because you can’t unlock them from the outside with key (something I discovered the hard way when I had to climb in through the trunk and the little fold down arm rest in the back seat in order to get back into the car)

And most recently the muffler fell off. The car has spots of rust from spending winters where salt and sand coats the ground. It is scratched down both sides where some child thought they would write on the car with rocks from the driveway. The door is dented where another child ran into it headlong on his bicycle. And the dents in the front from crashing into things while attempting to park are not from me, ahem.

It’s been in two car accidents, both the fault of other people.

And yet it just keeps on driving. Did I mention it gets fabulous gas mileage?

It’s end time is drawing near, it starting to sputter and gag and seems to be dreaming of retiring to that great metal landfill in the sky. We are still hopeful that it will reach 300,000 miles.

So last week Rob bought a new car. Another Nissan Altima, only this time with modern things like a CD player and heat, and power operated things.

My great concern right now is that now he will be paranoid and uptight about the children playing near the car. Which is understandable.

Which in turn will make me uptight. So I have come up with two helpful suggestions : a) He park the car away from the house and drive his old car to his new car, in effect making it a commuter car to the commuter car. Or b) I could just grab a hand full of patio pebbles and throw them at the car when he first gets home so the brand newness can get out of the way.

I’m leaving the choice up to him. I’m nice like that.

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