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2007 October

wii have an injury

October 10, 2007

wii injury

Our first virtual sport injury. And yet she soldiers on like a brave little… toaster.

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some links for you

October 9, 2007

Today I have my post up over at Parenting, Overdue Letter of Thanks

My best friend Lisa and I were high school friends who went away to the same big city college. We were good kids who never got into trouble. Not because we never got caught, but because we never did anything bad. I think the worst thing I remember doing in high school was stealing for sale signs from in front of people’s houses and putting them in front of other people’s houses. Whoa boy, we were crazy.

Also, the lovely Mir is having a giveaway over on her Want Not blog for DVD versions of Brain Quest.

Belinda has posted an “I Dare You” challenge about conquering areas of clutter in your house. She has set up a flickr pool so that you can post your before photos and then have some accountability toward cleaning and organizing the space. If anything looking at the photos will make you feel more normal about your own clutter areas. What? You mean no one has a house that looks like it was ripped from the pages of a magazine?

I just got back from having my hair done. It was long overdue and I was starting to frighten myself. Two hours and lots of dollars later,I got home and my sons said that it looked exactly the same. I guess they are all blind and could not see the 4″ wide stripe of mousy brown hair down the center.

Speaking of blind, I think I need glasses. I called Susan the other day and asked her if people still went blind. Like should I be afraid of this slight deterioration of my eye sight. And she assured me that I was not in fact going blind, just getting old. Welcome to your forties when your eyesight blissfully goes so that you don’t have to view your own burgeoning wrinkles. Even though I am not yet forty. I am just an overachiever like that.

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more scenes from a vacation, with children


We went on a tour of the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned ship in the military or something or other. I’d ask my kids but they are in bed pretending to be asleep. When we arrived they decided that they didn’t want a tour, they wanted to look around themselves. We had already done a couple of tours that day. After a couple of minutes, we all noticed that you could only go below deck if you were with a guide. So we ran off the ship and joined in a tour.

The kids loved it. They are such sponges for useless trivial knowledge, such as cannons are not called cannons on a boat, they are called guns. My 6 yr old was sorely disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to shoot the cannonballs out at other ships.

not cannons, guns

On the lowest level we saw where the sailors used to sleep. Rows and rows of hammocks. He picked a couple of my boys out to go stand up with him while he talked about the jobs young boys their ages would have had aboard the ship. I tried to sign my boys up on the spot, but they no longer take minors, no matter how much I insisted that the boys would be great running up and down stairs carrying gun powder.


(I will probably have several more posts going up about our trip. I realize that they are probably interesting to no one but me, but I want to remember it. It brought American history, which we are studying in depth this year, alive for them and made them excited.)

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scene from a vacation, with children

October 7, 2007

Did you know that in Boston people get their newspapers delivered to their doorsteps, folded up and secured with an elastic band? And it would seem that people pick up their newspapers and then discard the elastic band on the sidewalk.


See those two smiling little boys on the right in the photo? They fought to the death over every single elastic band that they found on the sidewalk. And then wore them up their arms like tribal bracelets. Because apparently we do not have elastic bands in Connecticut.

Think I am kidding? Here is my 6 yr old drooling over a box of elastic bands in the aquarium ticket office and plotting how he can possibly make them all his.


The next most highly coveted treasure we picked up on our trip… a piece of a broken stoplight. And yes, we did bring it home with us. Why wouldn’t we?

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A visit to the aquarium

October 6, 2007


I just returned from spending three days in Boston. It will have taken longer than that to pack everything and unpack everything than the total time we were “vacationing.” I use the quotations because I do not think you can seriously use the word vacation when you travel with children.

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He’s not heavy

October 4, 2007


he’s my brother.

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Dirty little confession

October 2, 2007

My post is up over at Parenting.

No longer is being good relegated to the month before Christmas in our house. And Santa and the Tooth Fairy, they are like that. (Imagine my fingers crossed tightly together)

Threats and bribery, the hallmarks of stellar parenting.

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My sewing is the most frightening

My son seems to be under the mistaken impression that I am a seamstress. I have tried to shake him of this illusion to no avail.

A week ago at dinner while we were discussing Halloween costumes, he asked if he could make his own.

And my “he” we all know he meant “me.”

Before I could swallow and burst forth with, “Oh, hell no!” my husband said, “That is a great idea! Of course you can make your own costume.”

And by “you” we all know he meant “me”

So for the past week my son has been frantically sketching out costume ideas and bringing them to me for my sewing approval.

My usual vetoes of Halloween costumes depicting hookers, pimps, serial killers, and overly frightening things, has had new items added to it. Thus far I have overruled costumes which required:

Walking on 5 ft tall stilts.

Carrying large frames made of plywood.

Wearing things that would prevent him from fitting through doorways, though I did offer him the option of wearing his spaceship costume solely in the dining room and limiting his trick or treating to the various dining room chairs. Lest you think I am totally squelching all of his ideas with my iron fist.

Required me to weld metal parts together.

Finally he came up with an idea and sketched it out. We looked at it and I was just about to say I thought it would be fine when my 6 yr old sidled up behind us.

“You want to be a green Teletubbie?” my 6 yr old asked.

Yes, it is back to the drawing board.

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Pumpkins in a row

October 1, 2007


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