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Where, Oh Where has Mir Gone?

Where, Oh Where has Mir Gone?

November 7, 2007

Several of you have emailed me and/or left comments asking where is Mir? Where are our deals and coupons? Who will enable our internet shopping habits? Where will we get our daily Monkey and Chickadee fix?

Don’t bother clicking the link, her site is still down.

I have lost track of the number of hours, but it is closing in on 48. That is a lot of hours for a host provider not to be able to fix their issues.

Mir has a post up over at her Work It, Mom blog explaining what is going on. And I KNOW she will be posting all the nitty gritty details once her sites are back up and running.

I have offered to round up a posse to storm the host providers with pitchforks and/or help dig some 6ft deep ditches. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

Posted by Chris @ 1:14 am  

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  1. Lynda says:

    Count me in on the posse. I was getting worried there.

  2. Mir says:

    You are pretty.

    Still down at 6:30 eastern. Still no response. THE MIND BOGGLES.

  3. Woman with Kids says:

    Thanks for the update. Getting my pitchfork all polished and ready.

    …what kind of shoes does one wear to a pitchforking storm?

  4. Kristi says:

    They better get on it! Thanks for the info, I suspected as much.

  5. Kelly says:

    Thanks for updating us. I’ve been checking her link over and over.. knowing it wont be up since I just checked 5minutes ago, but what can I say? I’m obssessed!

    Woman w/kids- I’m voting for a nice stiletto heel to wear for the pitchforking storm- better to stomp on the evildoers with as well ! Of course I will not be wearing those b/c then you all would have to hold me up. Somehow I never perfected the stiletto walk in my 30yrs :(

  6. Rachel May says:

    I think I can feel the ire emanating from Mir… all the way over here in TX. I don’t blame her one bit, and can’t WAIT to read about it all in her take-charge, no-holds-barred, sarcastic, witty style. :)

    I shall wear my hubby’s steel-toed boots. All the better to kick you with, my dear!!

  7. Jessica @A Bushel and a Peck says:

    Thanks for the update–funny, I was thinking this morning you would probably know what was going on there. I am all in for the posse.

  8. Crisanne says:

    Ugh!!! I’m having Mir withdrawal!!!

  9. Pam says:

    thanks, Chris, for the update. Not that we don’t all love you and think you’re pretty, too!

  10. mbbored says:

    Thanks, Chris. I seriously just tried Mir’s blog and when it wouldn’t work again, I turned to your page to ask what was wrong. You clearly read my mind! That must be how you manage all those children.

  11. christine says:

    Thanks for the update, I was also getting worried. I HAVE SHOPPING TO DO AND I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THE DEALS ARE!

  12. Michele says:

    Thanks Chris, as much as I am stressing over missing all those deals, I am infuriated on Mir’s behalf. Poor Pretty Mir. I don’t have a pitchfork, but I do have a pair of those HUGE shears and I bet if they were aimed below the belt they would be quite effective. Let us know the date and time and we will be there to help out Mir!

  13. Stephanie says:

    Thanks! I cannot get her other blog here at work, I forgot to check it at home, so I was in the dark.

  14. Not The Mama says:

    Thanks for the update. We miss you, Mir!

  15. jennielynn says:

    Thank you for the update, Chris. We love us some Mir. And some Chris.

  16. Katie says:

    I’m glad to hear it’s a hosting issue and that those huge Georgia bugs aren’t holding her hostage.

  17. Leah says:

    I am glad you updated us on Mir. I love reading your blog and loved the kids picture. I was thinking as I obsessively keep checking to see if her website is working or not, is that we get very engrossed in other peoples lives through blogs and if they or you wanted to you could just stop blogging never to be heard from again in cyber world. I think I need to cut back on blog reading!!!

  18. M&Co. says:

    You know I was just wondering this morning, “I wonder what’s wrong with Mir’s site.” Thank you!