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November 8, 2007

NoBloShoeMo demands that I show my shoes. I wore these yesterday. The perfect shoe for photographing children since they are not pointy and do not leave a mark when you kick the children back into formation. Oh I kid. Because kicking has to hurt to be effective.

Day 7

Last day to vote until 5pm EST. I should have kidnapped Amalah and her laptop days ago. And all the other nominees just for good measure. I could have pretended to have a party and invited them all over. And then tricked them into seeing my basement rec room, which would really be an internetless dungeon, where I would serve them margaritas and force them to tell me funny stories which I would then pass off as my own on the internet.

Last year I came in fourth. 2008 will be my year. I feel it. And not just because I am planning on getting a jump start with the whole kidnapping thing.

Posted by Chris @ 10:15 am  

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  1. Ardi says:

    hmmm well I think you could have won it if you had planned it very well, its just that they were like ready to jump on it and vote and you just told us suddenly.
    anyways it seems almost impossible for you not to win it next year. I just think your win is already guaranteed.

  2. nabbalicious says:

    Dammit! I was so rooting for you, too, and voted both at work and home. Grr. I’m making my “Chris in 2008, Motherfuckers” buttons now.

  3. Sadie says:

    I think I need details on where to find cute shoes. I’m stuck in ugly old Nike-ville.

  4. She Likes Purple says:

    I laughed my way through this post. You’re fantastic.

    (I have those shoes! I love them! But I agree, they don’t work for getting my dog to stop whining or my husband to pour me a glass of wine.)

  5. Not The Mama says:

    Ooh, I want those shoes!

  6. Denise says:

    I want a Chris in 08 MFers button. Please.

    Might help though if you’d go back to using BYH instead of NftT, just sayin…

  7. Chris says:

    The shoes are from Target and were very inexpensive…$12ish? And they are surprisingly comfortable.

  8. Molly says:

    If only I had focused more, and remembered to vote sooner. Oh, well. Better luck next year.

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    You will always be my Favorite. When will the “Chris in 2008 MF buttons” be ready??? You have my support :o)

  10. Katie says:

    Trip to Target!!! It would probably just be easier if my husband signed over his payroll checks directly to that store.

    And I voted from both my desktop and laptop every day. Cause I lurve you. In a completely non-stalkerish hetero way.

  11. I Should Be Folding Laundry says:

    Let’s see…her one child versus your SEVEN children and you still have a sense of humor?

    There is NO contest.

  12. Joy H says:

    I can see the mad rush on the shoe aisle at Target. :)

    I’ll grab them as a ‘well I was out Christmas shopping & saw these’ gimme.

  13. carrie says:

    See???? I told you Target would pay off! They are adorable. Almost as cute as your kids . . . but not quite!

  14. Jessica says:

    I voted as much as I could! Darn only one vote a location LOL :)

  15. Geri says:

    I think its a conspiracy, how could you NOT win???? Your blog is AWESOME.

  16. Mary W says:

    I want a Chris in 08 button tooooo.

    I want those shoes

  17. Sadie says:

    I now have a pair of these shoes. I’m well on my way to an addiction.

    Now I just have to go browse at Macy’s…. and then?