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Forgive Me

Forgive Me

November 28, 2007

So this year in addition to being thankful for my family, my children, my house, the ability to afford oil to heat my house, my food, my relative wealth when compared to people in other countries, my reliable van, the ability to afford gas to put into that van, my cute shoes, and dairy free chocolate, I am forgiving myself and letting go of some of the things that plague me daily.

Over at Parenting, you can read the long, long list of things that I am forgiving myself for this holiday season.

This afternoon we went out for a walk, or in the case of Miles, a drag. He walked so slow I thought I might collapse and die of old age right there 50 ft from my driveway. Perhaps I should also forgive myself for shoving him in the back periodically in an effort to hurry the “walk” along.

Posted by Chris @ 1:15 am  

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  1. Victoria says:

    Forgiven : )

  2. Karen Vogel says:

    Don’t you hate it when the kid cries, “You pushed me!”

  3. hipwritermama says:

    Tossing the food wrappers and the junk food…too funny.

  4. Geri says:

    I feel ligther already.. Thanks

  5. Lori says:

    That’s amazing that you’re able to forgive yourself like that. More people should do this. It must be cathartic.

  6. Nancy says:

    I do the same thing - put my palm out like an oar to encouragingly propel a slow walker along…and I’ve even said, “If I have to walk any slower I will be standing still.”

    It could be argued that we’re teaching them the concept of keeping up with the flow of traffic - a lesson that will benefit them in the future.

  7. Kini says:

    Oh my! You are so completely forgiven! I can totally relate to the slow walk back shoving!

  8. coloradomommy says:

    Of course, had he been in a bank or, say, a china shop, he’d have been running like a mad man.

  9. Lizzy in the Burbs says:

    Great list, Chris! I don’t know what it is about justifying ourselves to others, do you? I am guilty of the same things, and always so worried about what my husband or friends might think of me. As if being in your pajamas at 4:00 pm is a sin? At the end of the day we’re all just doing the best we can, right? Now go play Monopoly! :)

  10. Kendra says:

    Your list is my list…I could add that I could forgive myself for enjoying a glass of wine instead of putting the children to bed on time. Because, you know, wine and Monday night football is WAY more important than them getting good sleep before school. Isn’t it?

  11. MarysMom says:

    Definitely forgive yourself. I think, all moms are guilty of that from time to time when we just get soooo impatient. A 10-minute walk to the post office turns to a 30-minute nature walk with my daughter. When I’m having a busy day, it’s mostly, “Come on, Mary. Let’s go.” every 10 steps when she wanted to stop for every shiny object, “berries”, pods, etc. Other times, I enjoy the walk along with her.

  12. Carrie @ Three-Girl Circus says:

    Oh yes, we’ve been on many a ‘drag’. My dawdling toddler drives me nuts when we go on walks!

  13. Gretchen says:

    I loved the comment about being a Stepford Wife. See, we’re really just doing it for our future daughters-in-law, right? Can’t set the bar too high or our sons will never be satisfied! *snort*

    Oh, and I just wear clothes to bed, that way my husband can’t tell when he gets home from work whether I’ve gotten dressed or not!

  14. Jordana says:

    Heh. I do the same thing.

  15. Lovebabz says:

    Yes, to the first post–I do hate it when I my kid screams you pushed me and usually it’s when I am in Target or some other crowded place. YOU ARE SO FORGIVEN!

  16. Jessica says:

    I can’t beleive how many of those I can relate too! I hope we are all forgiven :)

  17. Rebecca says:

    Permission to forgive oneself! That is truly a gift.

    Boy, do we parents mess up or what? But we forget, the things we beat ourselves up over may honestly be non-harmful, even non-impactful…but we live with tons of guilt.

    For 2007…I’m getting rid of guilt. It’s a heavy burden.


  18. Luis says:

    Wow. Guilt is bad. Forgiveness good.