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2007 November

Find Me

November 25, 2007

In addition to blogging here you can find me:

In the Trenches of Motherhood where I answer the question, “How do you do it?”

BlogHer where I write about home improvement from the DIY point of view

Handipoints is a system for helping your children be successful doing their chores. I write their blog where I discuss chores, motivation, and anything else related to current events and childrent hat pops into my head on a given day.

I write a weekly column published every Tuesday.

drool.icio.us where I write about the latest, greatest baby and child stuff out there. Mainly I write about cool things I find that are indie made.

DIY This N’ That is a new blog I just helped to launch for a tile company that was interested in expanding their online presence. I write about design, tile, home improvements, and innovative products that appeal to the DIYer. Look mom, that expensive art degree finally paid off!

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Here I will write about all the fabulous cardboard that I eat. Mmmmm. Admit it, you can’t wait.

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Da Plane! Da Plane!

November 24, 2007

gettin' ready



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Obligatory Day After Soup

November 23, 2007

Obligatory Day After Soup

And at the risk of looking like a food blog, albeit a food blog from someone who doesn’t actually like to cook.

To be completely honest this was from a bird we made last weekend and I saved the carcass for just this purpose, since I knew that we were going elsewhere for the day. The only thing I love about cold weather is soup.

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Dairy free, Egg free, Gluten free, vegan even.

I made this yesterday cobbling together a couple of different recipes and making it up as I went along. I have never been one to follow a recipe or directions or listen to authority. This is probably why most of my cooking is horrible.

But this? This was really good. Even people who love having their food filled with eggs, dairy and most importantly gluten, liked it and had no idea anything was amiss. It is very dense and moist, something that gluten free baked goods seldom are. And it isn’t at all gritty, which is something else I hate about almost all gluten free foods.

the ingredients

Recipe after the fold, since I know most of you could probably care less. Like me a year ago.


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Happiness is…

Making your own birthday cake with a giant number 7 candle on the top.


Meeting your brand new cousin.


Being regarded as big enough to hold this 14 day old cousin all by yourself.


When you are seven, this is as good as it gets.

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Digital Cameras For Kids

November 22, 2007

I was asked to review some of the popular digital cameras that are currently out on the market for kids.

For an entire week I felt like I was stalked by the Paparazzi. Seriously, look:

Taking a picture of me taking a picture of them

The review is written and up over here. If you are thinking of buying any of these for Christmas you’ll want to read it.

Here I am in one of the many, many flattering photos taken of me over the past week. At least my nostrils are not prominently featured in this one

Stalked over my morning coffee

I now know how Lindsay Lohan feels. I am just trying to drink my coffee, man.

I also have lots of photos now of the television.


And tons of photos like this one, which make me question if my children are dropping acid in their bedrooms:


So go on over and read, so I was not stalked in vain all week long.

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November 21, 2007

After tomorrow I will give thanks for not having to listen to that godforsaken Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song for another year.

Also why is it that I never even heard the “my brother likes to masturbate with baby oil” lyric until today when my 8 year old, after listening to the song for the 25th time in the car today, asked what does masturcate mean. And I immediately lied and said, “Masticate. It means chew.”

What’s one more thing for the therapy couch at this point.

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Two big freelance deadlines
Two dental cleanings for children
One dental cleaning for me
A son who breaks one of his bands on his braces and needs an immediate orthodontist visit
More laundry to wash than is humanly possible

Tomorrow I will be thankful that it is no longer today.

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