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2007 November

It’s A Contest!

November 9, 2007

You know you love contests! Don’t you? I do, though I have never won anything. I am hoping that it is because all my good luck is saving up for one huge enormous powerball gazillion dollar win. Not that I ever play the lottery or anything. But I digress!

If you hadn’t noticed, Mir’s site is down again after being up again for a couple of hours, enough time for her to back all of her stuff up thankfully so that she can move to a new server. In the meantime, Mir is posting her deals at Work It, Mom! for those of you going through shopping withdrawal.

Must. break. free. of. her. tractor. beam.

Ooooops, too late. I think I need that.

And the contest…for awesome jewelry and artwork, is here. And if you don’t like awesome jewelry and artwork I don’t think you are human. Please go back to your own planet. But only after you enter the contest and give me the prize if you win. M’kay?

Go forth and shop.

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Ridiculous Question of the Day

Today it was a tie.

“Do you remember all of their names?”

“Where do you buy your food– do you have to go to a special store?”

The answers:

“No, I just call them all “Boy” even the girl.”

“They let us in the regular grocery store. We do have to wear the scarlet B (for Breeder) pinned to our coats though.”

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Day 8: What My Shoes Did Today

Day 8

I wore these shoes to go on a hay ride.

I love these shoes. They are Clarks and I bought them last year at one of Macy’s one day sales for under $20. The original price was $75. The clearance sticker is still on the inside of the shoe because it makes me THAT much more in love with them every time I see it.

Today these shoes stepped in horse poop. After Miles slipped and fell with one arm of his jacket in the horse poop. I had just finished telling the other mothers that were there that I was so not an animal loving country girl. When I went to pick him up off the ground he tried to touch me with his poop jacket arm and I stepped backward into my own horse poop.

It was disgusting. I gagged and led him by the hood of his jacket back to the bathroom to clean off. It was quite a distance away. I may have said more than once along the walk, “Mommy does love you. She just doesn’t want to TOUCH you. And NO she will not carry you.”

Once in the bathroom I realized that I had poop all over one hand.

Later on in the afternoon I realized that I had poop in my hair.

This evening sitting in my son’s gymnastics studio I realized that the poopy diaper I kept hoping a parent would change was actually my coat.

What has become of me?

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November 8, 2007

NoBloShoeMo demands that I show my shoes. I wore these yesterday. The perfect shoe for photographing children since they are not pointy and do not leave a mark when you kick the children back into formation. Oh I kid. Because kicking has to hurt to be effective.

Day 7

Last day to vote until 5pm EST. I should have kidnapped Amalah and her laptop days ago. And all the other nominees just for good measure. I could have pretended to have a party and invited them all over. And then tricked them into seeing my basement rec room, which would really be an internetless dungeon, where I would serve them margaritas and force them to tell me funny stories which I would then pass off as my own on the internet.

Last year I came in fourth. 2008 will be my year. I feel it. And not just because I am planning on getting a jump start with the whole kidnapping thing.

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Mass Exodus

November 7, 2007

the likes of which has not been seen since Moses parted the Red Sea.
Miles says, “Let my people go!”

are we having fun yet?

And this is what happens when I tell them they are free to leave.







It’s not a photo shoot unless you trample your siblings in the mass exodus to get out of the room before your mother changes her mind and makes you sit and smile some more.

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Do the Wave!


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It’s That Time of Year

It's that time of year

I am not sure I have recovered from last year yet though…

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Where, Oh Where has Mir Gone?

Several of you have emailed me and/or left comments asking where is Mir? Where are our deals and coupons? Who will enable our internet shopping habits? Where will we get our daily Monkey and Chickadee fix?

Don’t bother clicking the link, her site is still down.

I have lost track of the number of hours, but it is closing in on 48. That is a lot of hours for a host provider not to be able to fix their issues.

Mir has a post up over at her Work It, Mom blog explaining what is going on. And I KNOW she will be posting all the nitty gritty details once her sites are back up and running.

I have offered to round up a posse to storm the host providers with pitchforks and/or help dig some 6ft deep ditches. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

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You know what would go with that cup of coffee…

November 6, 2007

I have a post up today over at Parenting where you will find out why I have therapy funds for my children.

No, not really. But I probably should. College is so over rated and sanity so under appreciated.

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Remember it from last year? The month of showing off your shoes? It’s like NaNoWriMo or NoBloPoMo, except for people who love shoes and may or may not be lazy. Oh, maybe I am projecting there.

Anyway, Susan keeps bugging me, “Where are the photos of your shoooooooes?” And I had to break it to her that I hadn’t really gone anywhere that required me to put on my cute shoes, and so I was wearing my slippers, maybe I should call them house shoes since they are actually shoes one could wear to walk outside and interact with people if I desired.

Today I am leaving the house to bring my daughter to the dentist and then a trip to to some store that I won’t name in case my husband is reading and feels the need to call me immediately and ask why the hell I a going there again. But my oldest son is having a birthday in a few days and I have yet to buy him a present.

I have no idea what shoes I am going to wear, since it looks like it might downpour at any minute. But my daughter has already dressed and picked out her shoes.

Day 6: NoBloShoeMo

She wants me to wear my “matching” Steve Madden leopard print wedges. We’ll see.

Oh, and go vote.

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