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2007 November

some sort of cow

November 5, 2007

some sort of cow

These are not my animals. Good God, people, you should know me by now.

This was at at petting farm. Where I watched my rurally raised children pet, hug and feed animals while I stifled myself from squealing, dousing my hands with Purell, and running away. It occurred to me the other day that as out of place I feel here, that perhaps my children would feel just as out of place anywhere else.

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hello there

hello, there...

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Um, yeah.

The 2007 Weblog Awards

You can vote AGAIN today. AND tomorrow. And the next day.

I feel weird telling you to go vote, but then people are telling me that they have short attention spans and want to vote but will forget unless I remind them. Like my children and brushing their teeth.

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Halloween: The Final Chapter, I Promise

Liz, I am officially way more lame than you.

My most favorite photographs are not the ones that are technically the best, or even the ones that where the children look their best. Instead it is the photos that tell a story.


I was using my skil saw to carve the tops off of the pumpkins. Miles was covering his ears and shouting as loud as he could. It was loud and chaotic and typical of our family. I love how my 8 yr old son is looking over at Miles and laughing. I might have forgotten about this moment if my 11 yr old hadn’t decided to grab the camera and take some photos.

He also captured for all time my poor decision to wear baggy gray sweatpants to carve the pumpkins, because now I want to add a note to each photo that says, “My ass is not this big and lumpy. It is the sweatpants. Please children when I am dead remember this.” There are precious few photos of me, they might need to be reminded of this. Not to worry, I will not be sharing those photos with you.


Then they scooped all the pumpkin guts out and there was lots of gagging and pretending to vomit. I love that in the photos you can’t hear me shushing them and telling them enough with the vomit jokes. And them laughing and saying that there can never be too many vomit jokes.


I love watching them interacting with each other.


When they step up and help each other.


And encourage each other.


Because too often it feels like I only notice the bickering and fighting. Too often I feel like a failure for not getting them to skip around the house singing Kumbaya in harmony together. People who have siblings tell me that this is the way it goes with siblings and I cling to this bit of hope.


Like a drowning man clutching a branch, I cling.

And if that fails at least I have the photos to persuade them to my revisionist history.

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So what if Halloween was last week

November 4, 2007


I love these little assholes.

And not just because they are all quiet in the photo either.

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Is this more subtle?

The 2007 Weblog Awards

It looks so sad and small sitting there though, doesn’t it?

But I’d hate for you to forget to vote. I know you want to. Every day.

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane…

November 3, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Back from the days when I pretended I lived in a yellow house. (I know Denise still has not forgiven me for this.) Somehow The Big Linen White House did not have the same ring.

I have reached the end of my expertise in web design. It will not be looking any better, or different, until the designer gets to fix it. Did I mention she was on vacation?

As I went searching through my photos saved on my computer I was struck by how many things I have forgotten. And then I see the photo and suddenly am reminded about how my daughter carried around a lawn ornament she named Baby as her favorite toy.

Or the time she did this to her brother while I was in the same room:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And how the markers were not washable so I had to walk around with a colored up infant until it wore off. I’d like to think we brighten everyone’s day at the grocery store that next week, or at least gave them something to talk about on the way home. It is probably a lot funnier now than it was then. Back then I laughed, but it was finished with a deep sigh of resignation. Now it is just funny. Maybe this is why old people always say that the years of raising children were the best ones of their lives. They can’t really remember it anymore.

Thank god I have this blog, because I can barely remember what I did yesterday.

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what the….

Yes, that is what I think too when I see this generic template that I can not for the life of me figure out how to make “writeable”

Though admittedly I am trying to figure it out while my daughter bounces on me, my baby (yes he is, shut-up) crushes Doritos into the rug and the Suite Life of Zach and Cody blares in the background. And now they are all whining about dinner, like I just didn’t feed them yesterday. I have yet to tell them that I am making pork chops since 4/7 of them will spontaneously lose all feeling in their legs and crumple onto the floor like an epileptic rag doll.

Rob is sleeping on the couch, wiped out from a trip he just returned from late last night. As the volume in here is getting louder and louder and I wonder how the hell he can sleep through it, I know he will wake up and see the mayhem and say something like, “You allowed this to go on?”

And I will say, “Well since you weren’t stopping it I thought it was okay.”

And he’ll say, “But I was asleep.”

And I’ll say, “Well you should have stayed awake if it mattered to you.”

And he’ll say, “What is wrong with those children who are writhing around on the floor like they are in grave physical pain?”

And I’ll say, “Pork chops.”

And as he nods I’ll say to the children, “Keep it up and I will serve Brussel sprouts with the pork chops and then you’ll have something to cry about.”

Can you feel the love?

But I just couldn’t abide looking at the old template where the photos and everything are squishing into the sidebar. The newer book template still is not working. It probably would be fixed by now but I forgot to email the designer my new passwords for everything. Should I admit that it is because I forgot what they were? Probably not.

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Is this TOO big?

November 2, 2007

The 2007 Weblog Awards

You can vote here. Every day. Until the 8th of November.

I wasn’t going to mention it because I hate competitions. It feels like field day in middle school all over again. But then I thought about all of you, imagine my arm sweeping across your living room, who nominated me and emailed me about it and thought it really IS just an honor to be nominated. As dorky as that sounds.

Everyone of you who read, and comment, and email, thank you.

Awwwwww, group hug.

If I printed this badge onto a t-shirt and wore it around would that be too much? Probably, huh?

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Halloween, Last Year

halloween, last year

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