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First Measurable Snowfall

First Measurable Snowfall

December 5, 2007

cold grey snowy day

This is what it looked like outside today. And no this isn’t a black and white photo. It was so dreary and gray outside that it looked like the color had been sucked right out of the world. My serotonin levels are plummeting along with the temperatures and lack of available sunshine

I had to search the attic for all the winter boots. Why they get put away in random bins with things like Easter decorations and camping gear is beyond me. But it probably has something to do with the fact that I send my children up there to put things away because I am to lazy to walk all the way up there. I justify it by saying they need the exercise. Unlike me. Ahem.

We read some Christmas books from the library, unwrapped our daily Christmas book, fought for prime position in front of the wood burning stove, did our Advent reading by candle light, listened to Handel’s Messiah, and ate home made spice cake. I feel like we have packed an entire seasons worth of fun into a single afternoon.

Now we are huddled in the dark watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and giving thanks for tivo.

It is just like my childhood.

Except that I am watching it surrounded by my family on a colored television, not on a 13″ black and white, all alone while eating my tv dinner apple cobbler out of the tin foil tray.

Posted by Chris @ 8:15 pm  

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  1. nancy says:

    God bless you and your children sweetie!
    Have a warm and cozy day!
    P.s see this time through your childrens eyes and let the hurt float away

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree with Nancy. You can’t change the past but you can give your children a future full of wonderful memories.

  3. Christy says:

    Same thing here. Grey, slushy and cold. It’s my first winter here and I’m not sure how my depression level is going to be by the end of the winter!

    Thank goodness for color tv/tivo. And family too!

  4. All Adither says:

    I think it’s lovely that you can rise above what happened before and make your children feel so loved.

  5. Crisanne says:

    When I think of how well you are doing by your children, it makes me smile. And realize just how blessed I was as a kid. And how stupid I was not to realize it. But I guess that’s how it should be.

    Do you have one of those lights (I forget the technical name) that Mir talks about? Maybe that would help you through the cold, dreary winter.

  6. Not The Mama says:

    Like you, I had a rough childhood with particularly dreary memories regarding the holidays. I just wrote the other day about how I am now at a crossroads where I am creating a family of my own and creating my own holiday traditions and memories, and by doing so, I’m letting go of my past disappointments and sad memories. This year I created an advent calendar filled with instructions for Christmas activities. We’re having so much fun with it that my partner asked the other day if I could make one every month. (Answer: No, but I will make one every year.) I really, really love your daily Christmas book idea. I remember envying it last year. When we have children, we’ll definitely be adopting that tradition.

  7. Karen Vogel says:

    Well, all I know is that last spring, I made sure I put one or two pairs of mittens in each kid’s dresser, secure in the knowledge that when winter came, we’d know where they were (the mittens, not the kids).

    It didn’t work.

  8. annie says:

    your photos inspire me daily to be more artsy in my photos i post on my bloggidy.
    its hard to truly capture the grayness and bleakness and how its like 9 at night at 3 PM…
    all the car lights on.
    wishing we had a tivo for some christmas special action…i still love mr heatmiser and freezmiser…but charlie browns tree is good too.

  9. Kristi says:

    Enjoy the snow. It’s better than the rain we have in Washington State.
    Your day sounds like it will make a lovely memory for you and your children. :)

  10. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    You are doing a fabulous job creating the good memories and holiday traditions your children will cherish and enjoy with your grandchildren. Merry Christmas to all of you. Stay warm and cozy and throw in a cup of hot cocoa.

  11. Mom101 says:

    With color tv, who cares if the sky is gray.

    Happy Charlie Brown-ing. Do you all do that dance that they do in the beginning? I always liked the girl who bounces her head twice on each side over and over.

  12. Bella says:

    Am I the only one who looks at snow and sees calm beauty? I love snow pictures! I miss snow SO badly *sniff* In my world it means calm quiet peaceful days and Christmas time and winter.

    I’ll trade places with you for a few weeks!!

  13. Kendra says:

    I’m with Bella-send me the snow!

  14. Heather's Garden says:

    It’s amazing to me that we’re in the same state (and the third smallest one in the U.S. at that!). We had a very cold day down here, but only a few flurries. We didn’t get Monday’s ice storm either. Do you take snow days when your local public schools do?

  15. stacie says:

    If the sky has to be concrete-gray and the weather has to be sub zero, you might as well have snow to cover up any fall yard work that got missed. That’s my philosophy anyway. But what lovely Christmas traditions to make up for the weather!

  16. Carolynn from Western Australia says:

    Chris, send me some of that wonderful cold white stuff. I LOVE IT but then again I only ever get to see it every couple of years for a week or so when I go over to the East.

    I just love your Tradition of wrapping Christmas Books and reading one each day, that is so very special and I so ove the idea of doing it in Candle light, can I come back as one of your kids? :-)

    The excitement of Christmas must be becoming quite palpable in your house with all those excited children around you. I always think children make Christmas so special. I’m hoping my friends will bring their two girls around on Christmas Day.

    Lots of Love Carolynn :-)

  17. Carolynn from Western Australia says:

    Me again, can I be ignorant and ask what is a Tivo.

    Carolynn :-)

  18. briana says:

    Maybe I’m silly, but ever since we moved back to California from Missouri, I’ve missed the seasons so much. Winter especially. And with the constant warm weather here, I envy your pretty snow and getting to bundle up with hot cocoa. Have some for us! And stay warm! :)
    p.s. I love that picture!

  19. Brigitte says:

    And to think we used to BEG mom to let us have a TV-dinner back when. Guess it wasn’t so hot when you had to eat it all the time. I’m glad you are now able to try to overwrite some of those old memories with bright new ones.

  20. Andi says:

    The luckiest kids are the ones who don’t have occasion to know how lucky they are . . . so may your children go for many years without realising just how fantastic they really have it :) I remember when my sister and I thought we had it rough, having to crowd up to a 13 inch b/w TV to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos when all our friends had bigscreens and satellite. Ah, what it meant to be deprived in the nineties!)

    We had a fine old storm up our way, too. We got nearly 40cm of snowbound fun, all told! And you’re right, it makes for horrifically monochrome photos. The upside of course is that inside it gets about twice as bright and colourful this time of year, but still . . . I like to take my camera on a walk every now and then! Maybe I’ll put red sweaters on the dogs, or something, and line them up in front of a snowbank :P

  21. CathyC says:

    This photo is beautiful! I love these colors, or lack thereof. Thanks to you, your children will have wonderful memories of their childhood watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.
    Have a wonderful day!

  22. Heather B. says:

    Have fun, stay warm and don’t forget the hot chocolate.

  23. Heidi Malott says:

    I was really touched by your story. God Bless You for making the best life for you and your children now. Making positive from negative. It’s the best thing we can do! Mery Christmas! ~a mom from Indiana, lots of snow here too

  24. Jen says:

    I miss the snow……and I don’t know if we are taking a trip up north this winter or not, so please, go make a snowball for all of us southerners.

    In our house, Christmas is all about family. In fact, the entire month of December is about family. The girls are loving it, I am loving it, and I think my husband is finally letting go of his horrible childhood memories of Christmas.

  25. She Likes Purple says:

    That spice cake looks great.

  26. Valerie says:

    Chris, that makes me want to get in my car and drive all the way up there and give you a hug.

  27. Bronnie says:

    That afternoon sounds lovely! Can I snuggle in and watch too??

    It’s raining here. It’s supposed to be a hot summer.. but it’s revolting. I much prefer the idea of a snowy-winter Christmas.

  28. amy says:

    The way you described your own family and the memories that you are creating with them in juxtaposition with your past just cut me to the quick. Your writing is powerful and this blog entry one of the best. I am so happy for you now and sad that you had so much suffering in your own childhood. You give a lot of hope to so many. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Tricia says:

    Thanks for posting this picture…I miss the quiet beauty of the New England winters I experienced as a child, with the ice and snow-covered trees. Stay warm!!

  30. Girlymom4 says:

    You are making wonderful memories for your children and then they will pass that on to their children and hopefully you have done away with the tv tray dinner Christmas.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  31. mama's got moxie says:

    oh wow, you all are so Christmasy already!! that’s so wonderful! :)

  32. Joy H says:

    Perfect photo; amazing color (or lack there of). You are good at spreading Christmas cheer eventhough you didn’t have much of it in your childhood.