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Three Years Ago Tonight

Three Years Ago Tonight

December 12, 2007

about to pop

I went to bed looking like this.

Time has flown by so quickly and yet I look at this photo and think, ‘Did my stomach really do that? And not split open?’

Posted by Chris @ 12:53 am  

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  1. Victoria says:

    Happy birthing..day : )

  2. JCK says:

    It is great that you took this picture. The weekend I was due, my husband took several bare belly pictures. They are astounding to look at. And I am SO glad that we have them.

  3. Jennic says:

    Whoa. That’s pretty big.

    Congratulations. I’m sure it’s been one heck of a ride so far :) Mine are 2 and almost 4.5

  4. Alissa says:

    Welcome to the world (again) Miles!

  5. Heather says:

    Wow! He is already fweeeee! Happy birthday little Miles! :)

  6. Ardi says:

    Miles Birthday, I can’t forget any of the birth dates in December since I was born in December too.

  7. Angella says:

    Oh, girl. I have wondered the same about my past belly shots :)

  8. She Likes Purple says:

    I was thinking you looked pretty effing fantastic. Your pants are baggy even!

  9. All Adither says:

    Tell me, what does it feel like to swallow a dinosaur egg?

  10. sarah says:

    Happy Birthday to Miles! My little Matthew turned 1 today too! Tis a good day for a birthday.

  11. PollyS says:

    Happy Mother’s Day #7, that is.

  12. OMSH says:

    Pregnancies amaze me.
    How our bodies can stretch such a distance and we can adjust and not fall flat on our faces.


  13. Jennifer says:

    You were one skinny pregnant woman! My butt expanded almost as much as my tummy during pregnancy, and I still can’t figure out how. Water? All those cookies? As soon as the baby was out it went back to normal, thank god. You look totally normal in that picture except for Miles in there.

  14. Crisanne says:

    Happy Birthday Miles!! My little guy turns 3 on Thursday. It’s flown by in a blink.

  15. Dot says:

    3 years ago I looked like that too, but for 2 more weeks. Belly shots are the greatest because you can look at them and remember the baby kicking and the wonderful feeling of being pregnant (and not actually having to BE pregnant).

    Happy Birthday to Miles!

  16. Carola says:

    That is one big belly, and a gorgeous looking one! congratulations on Miles 3rd bday!

  17. salsaqueen says:

    Awww! Happy Birthday-day Miles.

  18. Karen Vogel says:

    It always amazes me that the belly springs back to its original size (I mean, somewhat).

  19. Jen says:

    SEVEN BABIES and NO STRETCH MARKS… are you human?

    Happy Birthday Miles!!

  20. Jamie AZ says:

    Happy birthday, Miles!!

  21. Fina says:

    Holy crap!

  22. Steph says:

    Umm how do you have all those children and no stretch marks! Mother nature sure has been kind to you! I had one child who was only 5lbs at birth and man, my stomach looked like a roadmap! No wonder you kept having children, you have the worlds cutest pregnancy belly! I’d probably have tons of kids too if I was even 1/2 that cute pregnant!

    Happy Birthday Miles!

  23. Dione says:

    Gotta say I agree with Karen. I don’t think my tummy will ever be the same. But, as we all know - it’s totally worth it.

    Happy Birthday Miles. :)

  24. Melissa says:

    Hey, yes…what is the anti-stretch-mark secret? (Although I’m asking too late for me…)

  25. Lizzy in the Burbs says:

    I happen to think a bare pregnant belly is a beautiful thing! Just knowing what lies beneath is so awesome!

  26. Chandra says:

    Okay, I’d like to know how your *ss isn’t sticking out as far as your belly. That’s not even fair. You are definitely all belly with your skinny legs and no butt. Not fair!

    Happy Birthday Miles!

  27. jody says:

    It’s crazy isn’t it? And then you have this litte creature that came out of you. Fearfully and wonderfully made, man!

    Happy Birthday Miles!

  28. arduous says:

    Happy birthday Miles!!

  29. Cary says:

    There is a study a yahoo today about why we don’t topple over during pregnancy. Something about how one of our vertabrae is wedge shaped and the size of our hips. Men don’t have it, and we are the only animal with it. Pretty approproate and cool. Of course other animals don’t have the pain we experience with carrying that load.

  30. BOSSY says:

    Finally, someone is manufacturing a flesh-colored basketball!

  31. Lilly says:

    Just think, there’s a wonderful little guy in there just waiting to meet you all! Happy 3rd Birthday to you both!

    I just realized that I’ve been missing your ‘happy such&such month’ letters to Miles. I remember celebrating my son’s age in weeks and then months and when they pass about 2 it gets to be in years…

  32. fidget says:

    I dont see one farking stretch mark!?!? What the heck?? color me jealous. I am one big stretch mark these days!!

  33. Jaime says:

    Happy birthday Miles!!

    I am with the others its not fair!!!

  34. Kathryn says:

    You are all belly in that photo. So cute!

  35. Amy Girl says:

    A pregnant belly still amazes me or is that amuses me? either way.

  36. Joy H says:

    Awwwww, bittersweet!

  37. Ruth H says:

    I’m with the “no stretch marks” group. AMAZING, are you sure you really had all those babies? Wow!!

  38. peepnroosmom says:

    Happy Birthday, Miles!
    Thirteen years ago today my “baby” was born. December 12 is a good day.

  39. Norma says:

    It seems like yesterday he was turning two!

  40. Yvonne says:

    So how do you get lucky enough to have that many kids - and not have a roadmap on your belly??? I envy you - and your belly!

  41. t in h says:

    I’ve read that stretchmarks are an inherited trait of sorts. Some people get ‘em, some don’t. My sister has gotten them with all six of hers, I didn’t get a single one with my three. I think, with more research, we’re going to find we have an awful lot to blame our genes for!!

  42. Keri says:

    You were blessed with no stretch marks! You look fantastic & Happy Birthday to Miles!!

  43. Girlymom4 says:

    It’s only been 13 weeks for me and I kinda miss it already! Happy Birthday~

  44. Jenni says:

    Happy Birthday (belated) to you both! My Daniel turned 12 on the same day! He started out almost 6 weeks early, and just over 4 pounds, now he’s in middle school. But he will forever be my miracle baby.

  45. mcmem says:

    the amazing belly— I am so glad I also took a picture just like yours!

  46. veronica says:

    Pregnant belllies always amaze me.

  47. Kris says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday little Miles!!

  48. Stephanie says:

    I agree with the other ladies: where are your stretch marks, dear woman? 7 Children and still a beautiful belly?
    I am now convinced more than ever that you not human, but rather, you are in fact a shape shifter.

  49. Grim Reality Girl says:

    I agree, no zebra belly? You are supernatural!!! I admit it though, your perfect pregnant belly makes me wish I’d celebrated my pregnancy more with photos. Good for you!!!!