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December 22, 2007

As of tonight I will be serving Christmas dinner in my mudroom and attached half-bath. Both are freshly cleaned and painted.

I don’t think my inlaws will mind the kick-a-path condition of the rest of the house when they are eating their tasty baked fish while standing on the toilet in my 4′ x 6′ bathroom.

Posted by Chris @ 10:39 pm  

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  1. Patricia says:

    Wait, you are going to make them STAND on the toilet? Geez, in my house that is a seat of honor.
    And I think that is the best idea EVER — fish in the mudroom/half-bath. Perhaps if you get creative, you can serve the fish in the bath and the dessert in the mud-room? May I suggest a lovely ‘dirt cake’???

  2. Julie Stiles Mills says:

    what, no picture? and a sound clip of the Hallelujah chorus to accompany the certain beauty? I also am avoiding my kick-a-path carpet and 13 inch deep counter top of paper, paper and more paper. I’m going to watch Scrooged instead of clean, shop, wrap or bake. Merry Christmas!

  3. Sarah says:


    Hopefully the toilet will be clean at least!

    (and yay for the painting being done!)

  4. Emperorp says:

    As long as that fish tastes good it won’t matter where or how it’s served! Of course now the pressure is on to make the best tasting fish they have ever had the good fortune to be served :) Merry Christmas.

  5. kellie says:

    Wishing you and all of yours a Merry Christmas from me and all of mine.

    I just finshed wrapping, just now and I had been at it since 10:30 am., ugh.
    I completely get where you are with the painting the mud room thing, much like my husband ~ we could be having a house full and tons of things needing to get done and he will go wash the cars??!

    Anyways..just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and tell you once more how much I truely enjoy stopping in and reading you!

  6. All Adither says:


    I want to hug you for that one.

  7. julie@lovelaughter&laundry says:

    C’mon you still have one full day to pull it all together. I have faith in you.

  8. Fina says:

    C’mon, no pictures??? Let me guess - no time
    Happy Christmas to you!
    Fina/Sayville/Long Island

  9. fidget says:

    the fish would make a lovely presentation in the sink with some lemon spirals

  10. Anna says:

    Yeah! I’m jealous…I want a mudroom and a half bath…but I already have my own kick-a-path, so I don’t need another. Merry Christmas!

  11. Lovebabz says:

    I’m with Julie from Love Laughter & Laundry–don’t be so quick to give up! You can work magic within 24 hours…come on! I’ve seen evidence of your talents on this blog! Merry Merry Christmas!
    Chill…all shall be well.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I think they will be honored that you were so considerate as to create a path! ;-) You could fill the sink with ice and fill it with an assortment of beverages.

  13. Molly says:

    Please post pictures!! I would love to see how you handled this. Merry Christmas!