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2007 December

A Moment Like This

December 17, 2007

Today I was sitting inside my toasty warm house. My oldest three children were outside snow blowing the driveway, cleaning off the cars, and shoveling the walk ways.

This moment alone was worth all those years of colic and sleepless nights.

For those of you in warm climates you will have to take solace in your sunshine filled days.

Notice I am inside

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Yes, he had cake

December 16, 2007

Yes, he had cake

Specifically choco-wit wif whip cweam and twaw-ber-wees.

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Snowy, Snowy Night

December 14, 2007


Last night about 9:00pm I was talking to Mir, when I told her I really needed to go and round up my children. She laughed because HER children were already in bed. That is when I confessed that mine were outside playing.

They were supposedly “helping” to shovel the driveway, if by “help” we mean throwing snow at each other, knocking the piles of snow that line the driveway back onto the driveway, and burying yourself under the snow.

Miles didn’t last outside that long, and truthfully I was probably ready to go back inside even before he was. I have lived here for 12 years and yet I still do not own snowpants or tall enough boots for myself. I think I am secretly in denial about living in the Arctic. My boots keep my feet warm but once the snow is above my ankles it is all over. I sometimes wear one of my son’s snow pants and boots to go outside and shovel, but since last night was the first big snowfall of the season all of my children wanted to play in it. And they all selfishly wanted to wear their snow gear and be warm.


Here is a picture I took of them working hard outside in the driveway. There were only a few hearty souls still out there at this point. if you look closely you can see my reflection in the window. I am standing on the kitchen table.

They finally started filtering into the house. Miles and I worked together to make cups of hot chocolate for everyone. Me putting the chocolate powder into the mugs. Him licking his fingers and sticking them into the mugs. I reasoned that at least he wasn’t coughing or spitting into the mugs. And the boiling water would kill any germs, right?

By 9:45 everyone was inside. The pile of wet coats, snowpants, gloves, neck warmers, hats, boot inserts, and socks were tossed in a heap in front of the wood stove to dry. Waiting for the magical fairy to come and spread them out neatly to dry, rotating them so they all dry evenly.

We were all sitting around the table, drinking cocoa by candle light, while I did the Advent reading. The snow was still falling outside. I looked at them all with their bright red cheeks, hair standing up all crazy from their hats, their hands cupped around steaming cups of cocoa, and for a brief moment thought that maybe winter isn’t all that bad. It was very brief. Then I heard that another storm is coming this weekend I may have weeped big fat tears.

Unrelated, Miles had been saying that for his birthday he wanted a snowball.


What my baby want, my baby gets.

And if you are looking for a craft to do today with your children, head on over to Ordering Disorder, where I show you what I made with tin cans, some labels, a nail, and tape.

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Still Snowing

still snowing

Over 12″ now.

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Dear Miles,

December 13, 2007

Three Years Old

You are three years old. Hard for me to believe.

I want to write more for you on this occasion, but there is a blizzard outside that demands playing in. A pig I had to rush and pick up early this morning before the blizzard started. We are going to have pork chops for dinner tomorrow.

You like pork chops, right? No, okay then it is chicken.

Laundry, schoolwork, deadlines, decorating, and christmas lists to Santa to write and rewrite. Everything piles up sometimes and I am left here treading water not sure that I am doing well any one of the myriad of things that needs to be done.

Is it better to to lots of things half-assed, or one thing really great while blowing off all of the others? This is the question of my life.

We will make you a real cake this weekend. Or buy you one as you are demanding a trip to the store where they have the big cakes. The brownie on the table with a lame candle stuck into it was just something I did for fun last night after dinner since all your siblings wanted to sing happy birthday to you.

We sang the “you look like a monkey” version.

Your sister made you a card. She ceremoniously read the card out loud to us, none of the rest of us can read squiggles, and it said:

“Happy Birthday Miles. You are three. I am four. I am bigger than you. Please don’t spit or cough on the cake when you blow out the candles.”

What else can I possibly say that would top that?

Updated to add:

I did not FORGET his birthday. We always have a party on the weekend since my husband has this annoying thing called a job that must go to. I thought that was fairly typical, but maybe that is just what self centered mothers who don’t love their children do.

I was talking about was WRITING a birthday post to my son. Which really is more for me than for him since he can’t even read yet. And do I really need to explain myself?

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Three Years Ago Tonight

December 12, 2007

about to pop

I went to bed looking like this.

Time has flown by so quickly and yet I look at this photo and think, ‘Did my stomach really do that? And not split open?’

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Here and There

December 11, 2007

Today I have my first post up over at Ordering Disorder, where I am thrilled to be taking over a blog that Melissa started for Work It, Mom last year. The focus of the blog is parenting tips and tricks, easy nutritious recipes, and organizing the chaos that is life. I have written about my love for containers and baskets before. Who needs a college fund when you have cute labeled baskets. The site is geared towards working mothers, which aren’t we all whether we get paid for it or not, and the juggling act that we all do.

So if you want to go and say hello and leave a comment I’d be eternally grateful.

Or if you want you can go over to Parenting and find out why this tacky plastic Santa is my most favorite ornament.


Next up, how to take good photos in low light.

Right after I convince my children that they can not change their minds about what they want for Christmas now. Wish me luck. There is no way I am going back to any toy stores again this year.

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The Missing One


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Decorating the tree

December 10, 2007

decorating the tree



Like I told Susan today, it looks like Christmas threw up on my tree. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

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Many Hands Make Light Work

December 9, 2007

the elves are hard at work

Light work for me, that is.

My little elves are hard at work making sure all our friends and family get cards from us this year. The best part? They love licking the envelopes.

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