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Playing Catch Up

Playing Catch Up

January 3, 2008


A little while before midnight we gathered ’round the television to watch the ball drop. Something we have talked about and apparently built up so that in their imaginations it exceeds anything that could ever exist in reality. Because every year after the ball drops, the newly initiated midnight reveler will ask, “Is that it?”

You can read the rest of the story over at parenting about the funniest reaction ever to the ball dropping that happened two years ago.

Also, I have a post up at Work It, Mom with tips for keeping your children warm while they are playing outside in the snow for hopefully longer than it took for you stuff them into their snow clothes. Including a photo of our thermostat showing the temperature at 1.4 degrees this morning. And that is before the wind chill is factored in.

Posted by Chris @ 4:51 pm  

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  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    Once the ball dropped and we all yelled out “Happy New Year!”, my 3 year old son asks “Can we do that again???”. Next year son :o)

    Hope you had a Happy New Year!

  2. suburbancorrespondent says:

    When we were living in Rhode Island during an abnormally cold winter (4 years ago now), I actually locked those kids outside to make sure that my investment of time in getting them booted and gloved was paid back.

  3. Jaime says:

    No Chris, I want to come visit you. I promise I will bring my own trash bags and tape. As thank you gifts I could make you those neat rice warmers you were talking about maybe add some peppermint oil so they would have the added benefit of being refreshing. At least it would help those search dogs find you.

    We got an inch of snow Tuesday and it is suppose to be in the 50’s buy Saturday. I want SNOW one good snow. LOL

  4. Jenn says:

    Holy Cow! Why is your house so cold?? Mine stays at 68 all the time and I still walk around moaning about the cold, bundled up in 3 layers. I wouldn’t survive in your neck of the woods.

  5. Denise says:

    1.4 degrees? Is that even possible without having the entire world freeze and die? That. Is. Insane.

    I will stop complaining about my cold weather down here in Florida.

  6. jm says:

    My parents finally got us into the ball dropping when they convinced us that we needed to run outside at the stroke of midnight and bang on pots and pans and make as much noise as we could to ring in the New Year.

    It was awesome and made that ball drop MUCH more exciting. ‘Cause three kids holding pots and spoons crouched in a runner’s stance ready to spring from the TV to the door was a great scenario for drama as we hurdled over furniture and tried to beat each other out of the door. Eventually the neighbor kids got in on it each New Year’s and we made a HUGE amount of noise. Good times :)

    But that the ball rolling over people in Times Square? I have to admit, that would be awesomer.

  7. All Adither says:

    Your daughter’s body language is hilarious. It’s like she’s STRAINING toward the excitement.

  8. Brigitte says:

    Wow, Jenn, 68 is what we turn our thermostat UP to when guests come over, so they can luxuriate in that 68-degree warmth! Guess you won’t be coming over OUR house anytime soon! :-)

  9. Anna says:

    I tried that with my almost 4yo…BIG mistake…I payed for it over the following hours with the whining and crying and drink demands. But I’ll probably still do it again next year…because I am a glutton for punishment! ;-)

  10. Tracey says:

    Totally unrelated, but could you tell me where you bought your TV unit? I love it! LOL
    I know, the ball dropping is just so darn anti-climatic!

    Chris says: It’s from IKEA.