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Another I Hate Winter Post

Another I Hate Winter Post

January 7, 2008

It is 54 degrees outside today. Making it 52.6 degrees warmer than it was last week.

I have been sitting outside in short sleeves soaking up as much sunshine as I possibly can. (Yes, 54 degrees feels HOT after 1.4 degrees)

It makes me want to cry, because winter will be coming back. It is inevitable.

Posted by Chris @ 4:28 pm  

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  1. Kristi says:

    I know. My husband’s retirement from the Army can’t come soon enough so we can move back to FL for good. Forget all the important benefits from retirement, I just want the warmth from the lack of winters!

  2. Ashley says:

    I couldn’t image. Its 74 here right now, it was in the 50’s last week and I thought it was freezing :)

  3. Jen W says:

    Soak up some sun for me. It’s warm here in Chicago, 63 degrees, but it’s cloudy and rainy. We’re supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, a whole lot of rain, and then it will get colder and that rain will turn into snow…………………..:( I hate winter!

  4. Nicole Gepson says:

    It’s funny how what the temp feels like can come down to perspective. I was thinking how awesome and warm our 40 degrees were the past few days, compared with single digits or below! I’d be out in short sleeves at 54 degrees too!

  5. Ani says:

    Every time I have to dig out my winter stuff, along comes a string of warm days. Only to tease before the hammer falls again.

    What is WITH this weather?

    (hey at least all the snow in your yard will melt…)

  6. Annika says:

    Oh dear. It is 56 here and I’m freezing. I’m such a wimp.

  7. Karly says:

    Isn’t it lovely though? We’ve had our windows and doors thrown open all weekend and I can’t stop smiling every time a fresh breeze comes through. I am seriously going to cry when the snow comes again next weekend.

  8. Bri says:

    The high for today is 71! It’s lovely out and I couldn’t be happier. My office, however, is set at sweltering. (sigh) To compensate for the lovely, a severe thunderstorm is headed our way.

  9. elasticwaistbandlady says:

    I live in Houston. We went from a hard-nipple freeze to hot and humid, change-your-sweaty-underwear-twice-a-day weather in the span of one freakin day.

    It’s not unusual to run your heat and air conditioning in the same week during a Houston winter. My kids all agree that it feels YUCK!

  10. All Adither says:

    Ah, it’s hard. All we can do is enjoy the warmth when we have it.

  11. Karen C. says:

    Ug…I hate winter, too. It’s hard to enjoy the nice weather when you know it won’t last.

  12. Jenni says:

    I am so with you on this. Today in Kansas City it is 65 degrees. The kiddo is wearing a short sleeve shirt and capris. Yesterday, a skirt WITHOUT leggings being required. Tomorrow, the high is 42 with a chance of snow! By Friday the high is 37.

    I’m so ready for spring!

  13. Christie says:

    We feel the same way here in Texas where it is 75 today after the upper 20s last week — to us, the upper 20s is rare and is reason to stay inside until it warms up. Enjoy the sunshine!

  14. liza says:

    I hear ya!

    Cause yep, its 38 degrees here and I went outside without gloves on! Or, a hat! Or, a scarf! Or, a coat!

  15. Steph says:

    I know the feeling! It’s 62 degrees here today (Ohio) and I took my son to the park in a sweatshirt. (Yes, the park in January!) I know that by the weekend he will be back to wearing a winter coat, gloves, hat, ect. I know the feeling also about how warm it feels. I walked outside this morning without checking the weather to start my car, yeah I walked back inside and changed my clothes to a t shirt instead of a nice thick sweater. Stupid weather!

  16. Diane says:

    It is 60 degrees and we are having a thunderstorm. The 8″ plus of snow we got before Christmas, and the few inches since then are pretty much history.

    And yes, we can cry because winter will indeed come back. Again and again until late March at least.

  17. jody says:

    My heart broke with that last line. I want you to be warm…and tan….and soaking up sun.

    Just daydream of Utah in July or August and you will feel warm!

  18. Sophia says:

    1.4 degrees???? I can’t even imagine. I am a born and bred Southern California girl. I am a weather whimp!

  19. suburbancorrespondent says:

    But it’s so nice to get a respite!

  20. Caitlin - Bridgets Flame says:

    I’ll do you a swap, it’s 110 degrees here…..for days. on. end.

  21. Kelly says:

    We have the same weather pattern going here in the Midwest, only a day or two ahead of you.

    It was in the 60’s today and over the weekend, and will be dropping back into the normal wintery chill starting tomorrow….complete with rain/snow showers, yay!

    Just long enough for the snow to melt, for everyone to wash their cars, and for everyone to get sick due to the fact that we’re wearing flannel/fleece one day, our bikinis (not really) the next, and then back again all within the span of a week.

    But it is the Midwest, it’s always like this. We can go from AC to furnace and back again all within one day.

    Enjoy the warmth & sunshine while it lasts!

  22. Angie says:

    I know what you mean. I don’t know what to do with myself with 61 degrees today. That is so sick making weather.

  23. Anna says:

    BUT! You get to be in short sleeves today! That means one less day of New England winter…we take what we can get up here! ;-)

  24. Heather's Garden says:

    You’ve lived here long enough to know about the January thaw to be followed by the February Freeze and the March Madness for Spring!

  25. Debbie says:

    I am from Northern Michigan and we have plenty of cold and over 180 inches of snow a year. When it gets close to 40 degrees we all say “Isn’t is nice out?” Enjoy the warm weather because when the cold comes back it seems to last forever!

  26. carrie says:

    Weather can be so weird.

  27. genpoco says:

    Yes, the worst thing about the January thaw is knowing it is…January. We had negative #’s 5 days ago here in VT and it was 47 today. I’ll take every second of it though.

  28. Genevieve says:

    Yeah, it was almost 70 here in VA — I opened up all our windows and took the girls to the park (along with the rest of our town, it seems) and they were actually sweating! Even if it doesn’t last, it is a nice respite from the “imprisoned in a germ-infested cave” mentality I had been developing. :)

  29. Haley says:

    I just flew back to Chicago (winter break ended today :( ) and the temperatures are the same here as at my parents’ house in South Georgia. Something is not right, but I’m definitely not complaining. Unfortunately, it is coming to an end all too soon.

  30. Sue says:

    Pbltttttttt. It’s been in the twenties here. I hate you all.

  31. Katie says:

    Weird weather huh? I made dinner on the outside grill tonight, I’m sure it’ll be covered in snow again next week.

  32. Girlymom4 says:

    We had 50’s today too, but it came with scary tornado watches and warnings tonight. YUCK!! We had rain, couldn’t soak up the sun- I am right there with ya- I hate winter, way too cold and dreary. Oh yeah and 50 something today…30 lows tomorrow- lovely.

  33. Jenn says:

    Winter is such a tease. One day it is 10 degrees and the next it is 55! We start to think maybe Spring will come early and clean out our cars and walk the dog, a leave our coats at home. Then winter laughs it’s evil laugh and blasts us with sub-zero temps and snow and ice and sends us looking for the gloves and scarfs we thought we put away! Darn you winter…you will never be on my favorites!

  34. peepnroosmom says:

    I know what you mean. Yesterday and today the high is 71. By Sunday they are watching for some frozen precipitation. Where’s spring?

  35. Lizzy in the Burbs says:

    The weather has been seriously strange the last few days! Here in Chicago it’s been in the upper 60’s for the last two days, all our snow melted (yay!) and it feels like spring. Waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop!

  36. Steph says:

    After taking my son to the park yesterday and having such a nice day in January we spent the rest of the night awake. Tornado sirens everywhere!! Guess nice weather in Jan. isn’t such a great idea after all!

  37. Heather says:

    Yes, and we paid for that warmth in the Midwest with January tornadoes. What’s up with that?

  38. Alyssa says:

    I have had a growing addiction to reading blogs, when I find a new one that I really like I read back through the archives (at work of course) and work my way up to the present. I have been reading back through yours and now that I am finished I am a little sad. Its like finishing a really good book, you race through to the end but sad that it is the end. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your writing and I will be reading as often as you are posting.

  39. Susan says:

    Where I live, we literally have 360 days per year of sunshine. I hate it. Today it’s 41 outside (and cloudy - bonus!!!) and I am loving it. We’re in California and have had an unusually cold winter (lots of teens at night)… yet still no snow. *sigh* I sit outside and soak up the clouds, though. You’re right about perspective!

  40. Nataly says:

    Chris, I’m with you — we’re in Boston and today I just wanted to cry. I hate, hate, hate winter, and this was an unnecessary tease — a reminder about just how nice it is when it’s not freezing and snowy.