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A Crown For A Princess

A Crown For A Princess

January 22, 2008


My daughter had her tooth “made ready for the tooth fairy” today. Which is just a much nicer way of saying that it was torn out of her mouth before its time.

Tooth box

She is sad here. I told her this is called a hangover. The bubble gum drugs will do that to you. That is what she told the dentist the nitrous smells like.

Ice cream makes it all better

She perked right back up though when she remembered that the dentist told her to eat ice cream. I am sure he didn’t mean to only eat ice cream today, but she can not be convinced otherwise. To her it was not a suggestion, but rather an edict, the same as a prescription. And one that she intends to follow.

I reminded her that he also said she could eat soft things like mashed potatoes, but she rolled her eyes at me and said, “He didn’t mean that.”

And maybe he was joking. I mean who would ever suggest such a thing as eating mashed potatoes.

Good to the last drop

Not when there is ice cream to eat.

Today at Parenting:

Off to the pediatric specialist we went.

He tells us about all of the work that will need to be done. He tells the baby girl that she will be getting a crown on her tooth. The girl claps, finally someone is recognizing her royal status in a way that she deserves.

Read more about my poor daughter and her dental woes, though she loves going. He is so great I wish he could be my dentist. And not just because he has the nitrous flowing freely.

Posted by Chris @ 4:37 pm  

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  1. Girlymom4 says:

    Oh, she is a girl after my own heart!! I L-O-V-E Ice cream!!! That’s a great bowl too. Hope she perks up soon!

  2. cristen says:

    Poor thing, those first two photos are so pitiful.
    Chris, you’ll be proud to know that I have Chicken and White Bean Chili in my crock pot and bread (your recipe) in my bread machine for this evening! I am so very proud of myself…

  3. meg says:

    My little guy knows just how she is feeling today…he, too, had a tooth pulled today…
    She should enjoy that icecream…she earned it.

  4. Jenni says:

    Your daughter is drop-dead beautiful. But you knew that. Your photography is amazing. But you probably knew that too.

    Okay, okay, so the SWEATER! THE SWEATER!! It’s so stinkin’ cute. I’m sure you had an inkling of that too, when you bought it, but some things just need to be said.

  5. elizabeth says:

    Off to read about her CROWN! These pictures are just precious!
    That looks like the most delicious ice cream ever. Please don’t tell me it’s Turkey Hill brand - because it is NOT available where I am. :( I make my own usually (90% of the time) - but am always willing to try new brands. ;-)

  6. Anna says:

    Poor little peanut. OF COURSE the dentist meant just ice cream…it has crazy healing powers, you know!

  7. Kate says:

    oh my lord - how brave is she?My 2 middle are the same ageish - One of the twins, oliver has ummm… a “few” cavities ( mother of the year! Over here! MOther of the…) one of which is smack inthe front of his front tooth… double yea! He has some SI (sensory intergration) issues - not huge, but enough to make the visits to the dentist tempt me to pack a flask, I’m telling you. So , he has 2 two that may need to be filled - how on earth did you get her to sit still and not freak out for the whole thing ? Oliver actually knows our dentist - he’s a family friend- but i cannot IMAGINE
    him - or his sister, really cooperating for that ….. Do you need a martini now? I would.
    WITH mashed potatoes,of course. Because those are 2 very important food groups, No?

  8. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Oh, yes, I love those sort of prescriptions. I still remember all the Ben and Jerry’s I treated myself to when I had a root canal.

  9. Suzanne says:

    What a sweetheart. My son had the goofy gas a while back during a bunch of dental stuff. He loved it, which makes me a little nervous. He offered me some of it while we sat there in the office… but I told him that I was driving…

  10. Karen C. says:

    Aw, that sad pic is just so….so….sad!! Poor girl. Give her all the ice cream she wants!!

  11. Jamie AZ says:

    I hope the ice cream makes her feel all better! My two went to the dentist yesterday, but luckily didn’t need more than a cleaning. My sister and I had several fillings as children; I hope my kids don’t follow the lead.

  12. kelly says:

    what kind of ice cream is that?

    i want some!

  13. Lovebabz says:

    My then 4 year old Margeaux got through 2 crowns without flitching last year. And she doesn’t like ice cream. I so get the princess thing!

  14. Laura says:

    I agree with Jenni about the sweater. LOVE IT!! Where did you get it?

    Chris says: H&M

  15. Nicki says:

    I love that little pink trunk the tooth was in. I have a five year old that will probably be losing teeth soon. Where can I find something like that? In blue of course.

    Chris says: The dentist gave it to her. I’d ask the next time you are there. I think they all have them.

  16. Ashley says:

    How cute. One of my girls has a few little crowns is her mouth. She shows everyone her “princess teeth.”

  17. carrie says:

    Give her as much ice cream as she wants.

  18. sarah says:

    My 4.5yr old daughter had a similar thing. She went under general surgery to have her back molar filled and capped but it was so decayed they had to take it out and because apparently she’s got hardly any enamel on her teeth, they sealed the rest of them too! She was very happy with her new My little Pony she got from the Tooth Fairy though, it made up for the pain quite a bit.

  19. Gretchen says:

    My 5.5 yo went to the dentist just after Christmas. He had complained about his gum hurting, but it looked like a canker sore. Then his cheek swelled up and he looked like he had a black eye. Uh oh. Off we go, and yup, abcess. Right there in the office, the dentist numbed the tooth, gave a shot of novicane, and pulled it out with a pair of pliers! Poor little guy was awake for all of it. I will admit that once I got a look at the tooth, I’m glad he pulled it. It was a soft mushy black on the back where it was touching the back molar. Ick. We went back in 2 weeks later for a spacer, which is like having braces on just one tooth, with a bar on it to keep the teeth from migrating together before the adult tooth comes in. He doesn’t like the spacer much, but he’s getting used to it.

    Did you not get a load of guilt from the dentist when you brought her in? Or did you display enough of your own that they left you alone? Because holy cow, they laid it on thick for me. How often does he brush his teeth, does he eat a lot of sugar and drink soda (he’s NEVER had soda, btw), how often does he floss (are they serious? 5 yos can floss?), and why hadn’t he been in earlier. Well, he had 4 older brothers come through that office eating the same diet, with the same brushing habits, and on the same check up schedule, who never had any kind of problem like that. He also never had a bottle ever, and only had a sippy of water in bed up until he was potty trained at night. It is also clear that he has very poor enamel. I chalk it up to genetics and bad luck. But the dentist and the hygenists will never tell you that. Bad for business I guess.

    I remember getting the little plastic treasure chest when I was little; but we didn’t get one this time.

    I’m glad she felt that the ice cream made it worth while LOL.

  20. Ginny says:

    She’s a sweetie! Glad you found a specialist you like! That’s half the battle right there.

  21. Cate says:

    My 10 year old had two molars out today, and he was also on the ice cream diet. I think we adults should periodically consider the restorative benefits of the ice cream regimen; it seemed to work wonders here. I did get him to have one bowl of applesauce, so maybe DCFS won’t take him away just yet.

    He had to have his teeth out because he is missing the secondary analogs to them. He’ll have to have implants someday, and spacers in a week. I would have thought “just leave the baby teeth there”, but that’s why I’m not a dentist. It seems that leaving the baby teeth in keeps the jaws from growing, yadayadayada.

    I hate dentists.

  22. Peppermint says:

    Oooooo … is that black cherry ice cream she’s eating?

    Now I want ice cream. :-\

  23. Brigitte says:

    Ack, Gretchen, my dentist pulled one of my teeth like that when I was little, WITHOUT the novacain!! No wonder I’m still deathly afraid of dentists . .

  24. Wicked Stepmom says:

    Like you, my daughter (now 2) is a crappy sleeper and I gave her bottles or milk/juice in desperation b/c I needed sleep. I nursed her until 19 mos, then substituted one nipple for the other and cow’s milk for my own.

    She chipped her front tooth a few months ago. It’s now started turning grey. I freaked out thinking it was “bottle mouth” so switched her to water ONLY at bedtime. Dr. Google says it’s most likely the trauma of her fall that’s causing her tooth discoloration, but I am making an appt w/ a dentist to see.

  25. Cara says:

    Poor thing. My niece has had some recent dental woes herself so I can imagine what you are going through.

  26. Heather says:

    My little boy, Jack, spent the afternoon in tears after having received nitrous. It totally freaked me out. I had no idea nitrous had this effect and no one warned me.

  27. SassyPants says:

    Both Thing1 and Thing2 are preparing for braces and each had teeth pulled in the past 2 weeks. They insisted on ice cream too. That’s when I decided that if they were going to eat it all day, I should get to as well… because… umm… because… Because I said so!

  28. rachel says:

    you know, when the silver crown comes out, the tooth fairy gives you extra money. :)

    or, at least that’s what happened at our house. BG was about her age when she got it. BG was slightly traumatized, I’m glad your princess got a lovely dentist!

    Chris says: Gee, extra for the tooth we already had to pay money for ;-) The dentist told my daughter that she got double money for her tooth that she had pulled out.

  29. Cate says:

    We get double tooth fairy money here for pulled teeth too. It only seems just. Since the tooth fairy is using these teeth to build her castle, I’m sure silver crowns should get even more, just for being “fancy”.

  30. peepnroosmom says:

    Oh. Poor baby. She deserves ice cream for a day or two!

  31. Jeff says:

    Wow! What beautiful photos of your little lady. I hope she enjoyed that bowl of ice cream, what is that black cherry or raspberry?

  32. Jordana says:

    My oldest has four crowns on his molars. Not bottle mouth, poor brushing from when he was six and I started letting him brush his teeth without my following up afterwards. Ugh. Miserable for all involved.

  33. Mom101 says:

    Here I am waiting for Sage’s first tooth to come in…and now you’ve gone and made me excited for the day it will fall out.

    She’s adorable when she pouts.

  34. Nancy in AK says:

    I was wondering - is your daughter the little girl in the New Balance commercial (well, it’s not really a commercial; it’s sort of a sponsered by notice on PBS) on Sesame Street? She looks just like the girl in the field. Have you noticed, too?

  35. Sherry says:

    I have a smiley face on one of my crowns. They can inlay color on them. She would really like that I bet.