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Pull Me

Pull Me

January 24, 2008


His goal this winter is to never have his boots touch the ground.

Posted by Chris @ 10:48 pm  

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  1. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Which would be useful if there were someone to hand them down to!

    Chris says: I have a niece and nephew!

  2. Carolyn says:

    And are the other 6 glad winter is half over?

    Chris says: Nah, they spoil him. That isn’t even one of his siblings pulling him. Those dimples are irresistible.

  3. sarah says:

    Cute post. But I am leaving a comment to say that it’s cool that your supporting kiva.org.

  4. Sleeping Mommy says:

    And it is a worthy goal.

  5. I Should Be Folding Laundry says:

    That’s my kind of goal.

  6. Christy says:

    Seriously. Who could resit the hat? Too cute. If you manage to get past that…there’s always the dimples!

  7. Deputy's Wife says:

    Gosh, I love the pictures you take!

    That hat has got to be the cutest thing, ever!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Well it’s good to have goals, and it’s even better when you can reach them so easily. I’m told it helps when you’re irresistible.

  9. JaniceNW says:

    He’s got the coolest hat I’ve ever seen. Younger sibs are supposed to take advantage of older sibs………it’s what we deserve. He.

  10. peepnroosmom says:

    I think that’s a great goal.
    It hasn’t snowed here in four years and last week it snowed twice! I was so excited.

  11. Girlymom4 says:

    Oh wouldn’t that be nice! I’ll be he’s a happy guy though and who could resist!!

  12. jody says:

    I LOVE this picture. The white background and the vibrant colors. Excellent. You must frame it and hang it somewhere.

    Are those noots that your son is walking on top of the snow with? ;*)

  13. Maine Mom says:

    That is the life!

  14. Carrie says:

    Love that hat! Great shot.

  15. Fina says:

    Chris - is this snow in your backyard?? The other snow pictures that you posted a week or so ago I had thought you were on vacation somewhere. Are you on vacation?? My husband is begging for snow to take our 2 year old sledding. Me & our 15 year old are thankful every day it doesn’t snow. Less than 60 days til spring!!!

    Chris says: The photo wasn’t taken in my backyard, but it is local. I have at least a foot of snow in my yard.

  16. Dana says:

    Our kids haven’t seen snow in 3 years! Can we trade houses for just one week?? You can thaw and we can shiver and slide down the hill. We keep our thermostat on 72. ;-)

  17. Common Mom says:

    That photo brings back memories . . . when I was little, like 2 and 3 years old, my brother, who is 3 years older, would get his ice skates and my ice skates (double blades of course) and grab the sled. We’d head out to the street (we lived in a tiny farming town of 800 people). He’d make me get in and sit down way up front with the skates on my lap and the tow rope in hand, for steering purposes of course. Then he’d get a good run and jump in behind me and we’d sled down the big long hill to the school (really, it was only 1 1/2 blocks away). He’d put my skates on for me, then do his own, and we’d spend hours skating on the flooded right field of the high school softball field with our friends, with an occasional stop in the warming house. Then, when we were finished, he’d get my boots back on, load me up in the sled, and pull me all the way home up the hill.

    What a great brother I had! I’m sure your little dude will remember as well :-)

  18. Penelope Anne says:

    I want the hat….wish my boots never touched the snow.
    Pop by the Cafe, have a crazy award that I feel my fellow homeschoolers may especially be able to relate to…I am not giving it out, you have to snag it, as I shall not judge, lest I be judged. :)

  19. Wicked Stepmom says:

    The snow.
    The snow shoes (who has such things?!??!)
    The hat.

    I’m totally jealous.

  20. Amber @ Soggy Cheerios says:

    I want that hat! Well, someone to pull me in the snow would be nice too.

  21. Michele says:

    I just love Miles. Such a worthy goal, and what a great brother.

  22. amy says:

    Im still coveting the hat! You have the best photos!!

  23. Liesl says:

    The only thing that I like better bout Miles’ philosophy is his hat!

  24. Mary W says:

    The hat is cute but not cute enough to warrant snow because that would mean it is cold - I of course am whining because it 33°F here and - well that’s too darn cold for my Texas blood. Yet I had to argue with my 12 year old to wear pants and a coat to school - he prefered shorts.

    Monday it will be 70 ° here.

  25. CathyC says:

    He is the funniest kid. I love the hats you buy him.