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2008 January


January 4, 2008


It actually takes longer to play this game than it does to live your life.

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Playing Catch Up

January 3, 2008


A little while before midnight we gathered ’round the television to watch the ball drop. Something we have talked about and apparently built up so that in their imaginations it exceeds anything that could ever exist in reality. Because every year after the ball drops, the newly initiated midnight reveler will ask, “Is that it?”

You can read the rest of the story over at parenting about the funniest reaction ever to the ball dropping that happened two years ago.

Also, I have a post up at Work It, Mom with tips for keeping your children warm while they are playing outside in the snow for hopefully longer than it took for you stuff them into their snow clothes. Including a photo of our thermostat showing the temperature at 1.4 degrees this morning. And that is before the wind chill is factored in.

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Snow Flakes That Stay On My Nose and Eyelashes


Guess what? More snow! I know it is truly shocking. Because it never snows in New England in the winter.


This is Miles outside in the snow. He is standing on the plowed driveway. I am standing in the front yard on top of the snow. Yes, that is how deep the snow is.


This snow storm was actually as close to perfect as snow storms can get. The snow came down in huge wet flakes. There was no biting wind whipping at your face. And the temperature was surprisingly warm, you know for snowing.

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You Say Goodbye…

January 2, 2008

For a long time now I have felt very uninspired to write on my other blog. It had become something of a chore that I had ignored and then felt guilty about. I found that giving any sort of advice is difficult. My personal parenting motto is: Whatever works. In real life I generally deflect the questions that people ask me by asking them questions.

People usually have the answers they are looking for, they just want validation. It is with that in mind that I usually remind people that they are the expert on their own child.

Want to let your child cry it out? Go ahead. Want to co-sleep until your child leaves for college? Okay. Want to breastfeed that baby? Go for it! Don’t want to breastfeed? Go buy some bottles, just not plastic ones!

I think if more of us followed our instincts with our own children, instead of relying on “experts” to tell us what we should do, we would all be a lot happier.

There are plenty of other places to go and get advice. Parent Hacks comes to mind. And I will still be blogging over at Ordering Disorder, but the tips and tricks I post over there will not be heavy topics. More like tips to get your kids to put away their snow boots so they aren’t left in the middle of the room forming a huge puddle that you will walk through hours later in your socks. The tip? Staple the boots to their feet so that they can never take them off! Oh I kid. That is just my fantasy world sneaking into my reality.

In reality I just make them play outside completely naked. Yes, it cuts down on the time they spend outdoors. But I am willing to pay that price to not have a huge pile of wet stuff to dry everyday.

And so I decided to shut the blog down.

In its place is a new blog, A Year Off. (Right now it is still under construction and exists simply a redirect to the old blog.)

It is about our family’s New Year resolution. We are taking a year off from spending money. Obviously we still have to buy things like food, toilet paper, heating oil.

But for an entire year there will be no impulse Target buying, no new shoes for people who have feet that are no longer growing, no new t-shirts, pants, sweaters… nothing that we don’t need.

For us this isn’t an exercise in saving money, though my husband may disagree with me here.

Nor is it an effort to live a more green life, though that is also a nice benefit.

For me it is an effort to lessen the amount of stuff that comes into our house. To take a step outside of the mindless consumerism for a time and assess the real differences between what we want and what we really need. I suspect that it will be an ongoing process of negotiations, both internally and within the family. What do we really need ?

I am going to also be blogging about all the stuff we would have bought, keep a running total of how much it would have cost, and whether we regret not purchasing anything.

I am already being tested. I broke my Ctrl key off of my computer this morning while I was cleaning it. I can not get it to snap back on no matter how hard I punch gently push it.

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New Year’s Eve Part It Is Over


Breakfast of champions to welcome in 2008.


The children notice that it is snowing outside, again. I know I should stop complaining about the snow since I live in New England and all. But I can’t help it.


Summing up our long weekend, minus a visit to the ER last night when I had an allergic reaction to something I ate.

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New Year’s Eve in Photos Part 3

January 1, 2008

We had our annual game of charades.


If you can’t tell, she is a snowman and her finger is her carrot nose.

I know, it was so cute I had to gobble her up right on the spot.

More Charades

This is my 10 yr old reenacting the demise of the Titanic. Yeah. Luckily one of his brother was able to guess the right answer as soon as he crashed into the opposite wall.


The baffled audience.


And then sometimes you are trying to act out lemonade by showing how you would squeeze the lemons. Making squeezing motions over and over and over again. Your family guesses things like “squeezing toothpaste” or “wringing someone’s neck.” And then you can not help but cry at your unfortunate plight at having been born into such a stupid family.

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New Year’s Eve in Photos Part 2

The house was decorated. If by decorated we mean having every square inch covered with candy. He is saving the candy in his cheek for later, like a squirrel.

I don't have any candy in my cheek

The rest of the candy was spread around the table and floor in a frenzy of bag opening and mouth stuffing.


Even the marshmallow snowman looks like he is coming off of a sugar bender.

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A New Year’s Eve in Photos

Drunk already. I tell them to eat something and space out the glasses of sparkling grape juice, but do they listen?

Drunk Already

Saying that your glass of “champagne” looks like pee, NEVER stops being funny.

The Laughing Continues

Even though her brother passes out on the table, she laughs on. I fear for her college days. “I’ve been drinking my brother under the table since I was four years old.”

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