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Ice Storms Are Comcastic

Ice Storms Are Comcastic

February 1, 2008


We are in the middle of an ice storm here. I was talking on the phone to my friend Jody, who lives on a warm Texas beach, when she asked if the trees ever came crashing down. And in a moment of bravado, or stupidity, I said that I thought most of the week branches had fallen off the trees already. A mere moments after those words left my mouth, my oldest son came running in to tell me that a big branch had fallen down across our driveway and taken a wire with it.

Of course we all ran outside to the skating rink that is our driveway and gawked. Weird, because our power and telephone still worked. I came back inside and called the power company. Within twenty minutes they were at my door. Too bad it was the cable wire. Oooooops. But really, how am I supposed to tell?

So I call the cable company that is known for their stellar service, you know the one whose name rhymes with, ummm, comcastic. They helpfully tell me that they can come on the 6th. Of February. A quick consult with my calendar, because I was sure five days must have passed without my even knowing, because surely they would not make me wait FIVE DAYS with a wire laying down over my driveway, and I tell him that is totally unacceptable.

“Well, ma’am. I realize that. I’ll ask my superior to try and do something about that.”

“Try? Isn’t it just a little bit dangerous to have a wire laying there across your driveway?”

“Yes ma’am, just keep your kids away from it.”

“I would hate for one of them to get hurt.” I say while thinking because then I will sue you. Don’t tempt me. I have kids to spare.

So now we wait. When I asked how I would know when they were planning on coming he replied, “Well ma’am you will know when you see the trucks outside.”

Oooohhhh, great! Thank you! SO HELPFUL!

Posted by Chris @ 5:21 pm  

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  1. Maddy says:

    Well there’s definitely nothing like *the threat of death* to add a little excitement to family life.

  2. Fina says:

    Eeegads, you’re without cable on SuperBowl weekend???
    Somebodys head needs to roll over at Cable. That’s just wrong.

  3. She Likes Purple says:

    This royally sucks. And I realize it’s not much of a consolation when you can’t leave your house, but what a beautiful driveway and view.

  4. Jamie AZ says:

    And what if you wanted to pull UP TO your house?! That’s ridiculous, but I don’t ever expect much from cable companies. They have such a reputation for horrible service. You’d think they’d want to do better…

  5. carrie says:


  6. jen says:

    “I have kids to spare.” That is so very funny. Good job maintaining your sense of humor! I would’ve busted something by now - probably the phone!

  7. Alissa says:

    that just looks like THE MOST fun!

  8. kalisah says:

    once my husband spent two hours on the phone with Comcast tech support b/c our internet service was unexplainably disrupted (and my husband’s an IT geek). They finally agreed to send someone out to the house, IF WE FILLED OUT A REQUEST FORM ONLINE.

  9. Denise says:

    ha, kids to spare. I will try that line this summer if we have a line down due to hurricane. Love it.

  10. Becky says:

    comcast truly sucketh. its a good thing they have a monopoly or they would be out of business.

  11. Christy says:

    Through various interactions with the company, my husband has found out one thing. If you get a jackass on the phone, hang up and immediately call back. You won’t get the same person again.

    Also, if you do happen to come across the ONE person that is not an ignorant, condescending, unhelpful jerk, get their direct number. Yep. You can do that. We FINALLY found someone and now that is the only person that we call.

    Good luck.

  12. Nicole says:

    Comcastic is right…hope it gets fixed soon.

  13. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Call the papers. Call the police. That wire can’t stay there!

  14. kati says:

    i thought comcast made fun of the slowskys… i didn’t think they were the slowskys!

  15. Heather's Garden says:

    There’s no way they can make you wait that long for a downed wire with small children in the house. Call Blumenthal, he’s always taking up these kinds of issues. Sucks that it’s a Friday night and apparently cable companies don’t work on the weekends — even Superbowl weekend.

  16. Mrs. Speckperson says:

    In our house it’s called Crapcast. Well, not around the kid.

  17. Bellamomma says:

    Oh let me count the ways that company SUCKS.

    I do liability insurance ~ I would be LIVID if one of my clients left a wire in the middle of someone’s driveway. I would call back & talk to a supervisor — let someone in charge know that “By the way you are leaving your company in a dangerous situation from an insurance standpoint.”

    Just in case they failed to put the “Wire hanging in client’s driveway + 5 days until we fix it” in your file notes.

  18. peepnroosmom says:

    Comcast really does suck. I never hear anything good about those people. Hope you get your wire fixed sooner than 5 days!

  19. Danielle says:

    Just an FYI to you.. my husband works for a Cable company and I showed him the picture and he said it is not a danger, that you could just move it. I wouldn’t do it myself per say.. but maybe a few of your spares could go out and throw sticks at it first???

    Chris says: Hahahaha. Throwing sticks at it. My husband said it isn’t live when he came home, which made me feel better. But it still blocks our driveway.

  20. Amy says:

    Yes, top on my list of “least favorite companies I am forced to deal with.” You should indeed call back because you’ll get someone different, and they’ll probably tell you something different as well. Hope your wire gets back up by the 6th–it took them 32 days, yes days, to bury a wire that ran across my neighbors’ driveway.

  21. Anna says:

    If there are six degrees of separation between any two people, I wonder how many degrees of separation there are between you and someone at the cable company who could get that wire moved tomorrow. Maybe twitter could help!

  22. mike golch says:

    man oh man soundy like the electric company we have here.we have underground cables running to our home from the boxes on the street.just before christmas we lost half of the power to our condo,the came out and put tempory wireing in above ground and told us to try to keep kids and pets away from it.a week later we lost the other half of the house they came back out again and ran more wires to our place.that said that they will replace the wireing with under ground cable soom.it is now almost a month and the cable are still above groung.

  23. JCK says:

    Perhaps you could suggest that his “superior” could come test out the safety of walking on an iced driveway with a live wire running across it.

  24. Jennifer says:

    “Well ma’am you will know when you see the trucks outside.”???? If that’s not a little-lady speech.

    They only say things like that on the phone. When they know we can’t kick them.

    Just found your blog. I’ll be back!

  25. jmialah says:

    Yup, cables are harmless, just kick it out of the way. I’d say the only danger here is from the freakout that will occur when husband and kids realize they have no TV and no internet for 5 days and might have to read or talk to each other!

  26. Bri says:

    This same thing happened to me last winter, only it was hanging directly over my car! Having no idea what it was, I called the power company too. It was a telephone line. (oops!) The power company called the phone company and it was reattached in its proper location that afternoon. If it had been the cable company? Yeah, at least a week I’m sure and I don’t even have the same company as you. Mine has the same reputation for….um, asshatness, though.

  27. genpoco says:

    I’m going to have a friend read your entry. She has had nothing but problems with That Company. She is just trying to get cable installed - they promised her the middle of December…now they are saying it won’t happen at all…after they took all of her personal info ( SS# etc etc )…hmmm lawsuit perhaps?

  28. Heidi Malott says:

    They are the worst of the cable companies. Thankfully they are not a monopoly in our town finally. Thank you FIOS. I have heard that phone lines and cable lines are not dangerous or live also. Did you see the news story recently about the 75 year old woman that had finally had enough with comcast (her phone was out and they were in no hurry to fix it) Her husband drove her down to the company and after another runaround, she pulled a hammer out of her purse and started wacking their phones and computer keyboards to pieces and asked if they were going to listen now! You might find it on you tube. Go Grandma!!

  29. jody says:

    See what happens when you call Texas?

    Cable companies are the worst. We had cable for years, and would literally be without reception for 1/2 of every month due to malfunction. We finally switched over to DISH, and love it. We use it for internet as well.

  30. Sarah says:


  31. Kim says:

    I loathe that company. We had them for 5 years. Two years into the service, we started having problems with our cable at certain times of the day, always in the late afternoon. “Change your splitter.” Still had problems. We went back and forth over this for the two and half years, and changed splitters ourselves 3 times. They even came out once and happily changed the splitter for us. We also changed cable boxes at one point and STILL had problems. Finally someone came out and re-did our whole line. Mr. Cableman said the line was ancient and had probably gone bad years ago. “Change your splitter” my @$$.

    We now have satellite and have actually had much better reception that we ever had with cable.

  32. Beth says:

    Ah, yes. Customer non-service.

  33. sophiagrrl says:

    While that’s crap service I’m not sure it’s all that dangerous. Construction on a house beside us resulted in them ripping our cable line off the pole and dropping it in our yard. We don’t subscribe to cable so we didn’t care about reconnecting it…we just wound it up and set the line behind the A/C until we went to sell the house. Then we had the cable company come and reconnect it.

    There is not electrical current through that.. but really, the comcastic guys should have told you how to safely remove it from the driveway if they were going to take a week. You sdn’t take my word… they should have a means of telling you what is safe. Instead they give you bad service AND scare you, which I think more than exponentially increases the anger I would feel.

  34. Wendy says:

    Well, as nice as I could be, I would have told him that he would know me by the pack of kids I brought into his home to watch TV, since mine couldn’t be fixed for 5 days.

    The last time I was without cable, I told them that I was going to sit on the phone with them until it was fixed. Mainly, just bitching them out. I had nothing better to do. What do you know? There was a truck in the neighborhood without 30 minutes. Yes, I do believe there is a file on me at our cable company. Hey, give me bad service, then you get the worst of me. And even the best of me isn’t fun.

    Good luck

  35. Victoria says:

    Oh my!

  36. Maine Mom says:

    “I have kids to spare”…you are too funny! I hope that cable wire gets fixed sooner than they predict. 5 days is definitely unacceptable!

  37. Stephanie says:

    HAHAHA, kids to spare. Hilarious!

    I agree…call the news station. They might find leaving a downed wire in someone’s driveway with the “we’ll get to it when we get to it” attitude most interesting.

    I’m sure it would be dubbed, “cable watch, 2008,” with some sort of trumpet fanfare and an exciting graphic on the screen. They would have a picture of you, with your seven children sliding around, throwing sticks at the downed cable wearing sad faces because of course, no TV on Superbowl Sunday.

  38. AT says:

    Don’t tempt me. I have kids to spare! That line ellicited the most un-ladylike snort of laughter from me. Teehee. I needed a good chuckle on a gray day. Thanks!

  39. Miriam says:

    I have taken to calling them “com-kissmy-astic”. But if you want, I’ll tell you how I REALLY feel about them. Heh. ;-)

  40. steph says:

    Ok, looks to me like comcast needs a head-from-arss-ectomy!!! (because saying the real word just seems wrong for some reason). Seriously, you can’t just leave it hang in the driveway! I had my nerdy boyfriend look at the pic and he said if you really want to “ruffle a few feathers” to go out there with the garden clippers and cut it in half. They will have to re-wire a huge section of the cable. Perhaps then they will re-think their response time!