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Fantastic Monday Followed by Super Tuesday

Fantastic Monday Followed by Super Tuesday

February 4, 2008

Today I had a thyroid ultrasound to check if the nodule I have had for the past five years has grown any larger, it hasn’t.

It is decidedly less exciting than a pregnancy ultrasound. A thyroid and it’s tumors just don’t offer up to get excited about. Heck it just LAYS there and doesn’t even try to kick the ultrasound wand.

And there is no keepsake photo to take home. No Mommy’s Little Tumor printed on the top. Nothing. I asked. I think I frightened the tech.

Tomorrow it is SUPER TUESDAY in these parts and I will be exercising my constitutional right to vote. Unless I forget, which is entirely possible since I am so not enamored with either candidate. I just can not vote for Hillary. I can’t. I think that it is lame that my entire adult life there has either been a Bush or Clinton in office. Can we please get some fresh blood?

Preferably someone who has inhaled.

Posted by Chris @ 4:34 pm  

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  1. Christy says:

    Well…Obama is your man. He smokes like a chimney!

  2. Cary says:

    I wanted Edwards. I am hoping he will at least be chosen as VP.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Ultrasound techs have no sense of humor. At least this has been my experience.

    You can always vote for Obama- he says he inhaled. Although he’s a little too much rhetoric and little action if you ask me, which of course you didn’t, so I suppose I’m just talking out of my hind end.

    Chris says: Well, I am talking out my hind end too. And I agree.

  4. ashley says:

    yeah obama - no dynasties for me, thank you.

    Chris says: I don’t particularly like Obama either.

  5. Katie says:

    My daughters want me to vote for Hillary because they really want a woman president. I’m going to disappoint them. It’ll happen eventually but Hillary isn’t the woman for me. (That sounds a little um, wrong. lol)

  6. Beth says:

    I had an ultrasound on my thyroid last fall and sensed the same lack of enthusiasm for the whole affair. When I asked if I was having a girl or boy, they only smirked…and it wasn’t a smirk that was seemed humored. I’m with Stephanie…no sense of humor.

    My hind end tells me Huckabee isn’t full of as much rhetoric though inhaling may not have been one of his extracurricular activities.

  7. Keri says:

    I dont particularily like any of the candidates (republican or democratic). I simply cannot afford my taxes to be increased AGAIN.

  8. Katheryn says:

    How about Ron Paul?

  9. Rachel says:

    Yeah, there’s no one exciting on the Republican side either. I’m already tired of the whole thing and I haven’t even gotten to vote yet.

  10. judi says:

    you would think that after this whole bush nightmare that the democrats could put forth a good candidate who would be able to win in a heartbeat. i am not crazy about hilary either- it is a visceral reaction- everything seems so calculated with her. obama has the rhetoric, and is starting to formualte some details for action, but i have reservations about his inexperience. in the end, i think i will go for obama and count on him choosing well seasoned advisors.

  11. Lilly says:

    I can’t decide either. Who has the best environmental plan? Global warming is my scariest issue. Then stopping the war. Then the economy. Got to do a little more research on the candidates before the election tomorrow….

  12. Amanda says:

    You know, we do have TWO parties in America (sometimes more!)…the choices aren’t only limited to two candidates. Just thought I’d give people a heads-up…


    Chris says: YES we do! I only mentioned Hillary and Obama because I am a registered democrat and as such can only vote for them.

  13. Jamie AZ says:

    I’m not allowed to vote tomorrow… since I didn’t select a party affiliate when I registered (wanted to keep my options open!), I can’t vote in the primary. Only those who are registered as Democrat or Republican are allowed to. Not like I knew that when I registered… And not that I’m really thrilled about any of the candidates at this point. I’m used to living in Texas, where it didn’t matter how I voted, Bush was going to win.

  14. Heather says:

    I remember the first time I could vote - Clinton (first term). I remember scouring the newspapers to decide who would change my world. Who was going to help America stay great. For the life of me, I can’t remember who I voted for. Now, years later, I find myself wondering if voting for the lessor of two evils is really the way to go. I will say that if Hillary wins I will cry. Giant salty scared tears.

  15. Nicki says:

    Of all of them Obama is the only one I would vote for. I too am sick of the Clinton/Bush era. And as I am not a republican, it’ gonna be Obama. He does appear to care.

    As for the first women pres, well Hillary should have considered that she wanted to run, while she was talking during her husband’s presidency. Sorry, ranting again.

  16. Carla Hinkle says:

    Obama! I have been voting in presidential elections since 1992. This is the first year since then that I have any enthusiasm at all about a candidate.

    If you are worried about his experience … he is the same age Bill Clinton was when he was first elected (46).

    He has been a legislator (first state, then federal) for 12 years.

    I am not anti-Hillary, but she should not get a free-pass on the experience thing by being First Lady. It is *not* the same as being elected.

    If you want to get fired up, watch one of his speeches on his website. The one after winning in South Caroline is amazing.

    [stepping off soapbox]

  17. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    I don’t like either one of them either, but tools like this one did help me figure out who I think is an idiot for their stance on various issues, and who is less of an idiot. http://www.quizrocket.com/who-should-i-vote?gatherer_id=100332&gclid=CJjI8cLHq5ECFQaOggoddiNsRw.

  18. carrie says:

    We got our absentee ballots on Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever voted so fast in my life! It’ll be interesting to see the outcome.

  19. katie says:

    ron paul … ron paul … ron paul …. ron paul


  20. April says:

    Well, here’s a Hillary vote but sadly I’m not in a Super Tuesday state and it probably won’t matter by the time my primary rolls around in May. Sorry you aren’t thrilled about the candidates, I happen to think it’s a very exciting time in American Politics…especially for Democrats.

    Chris says: I am happy that you feel that way. Because I absolutely do not. And most of the people I am close enough to to discuss politics feel the same way that I do. And I say that as a Democrat.

  21. Hillary in KS says:

    I wanted Duncan Hunter. I know, I know. He never really had a chance. But it bothers me that the candidates campaign for over a year, then after 1 month of primaries, many of them drop out before the majority of the country gets to weigh in.

    Now I’m left with McCain, Huckabee, or Romney. Bleah.

    Chris says: YES, that bugs me too. Since when are New Hampshire and Iowa the pulse of our entire nation?

  22. suburbancorrespondent says:

    These campaigns don’t get into much depth (obviously); but if you do some research, Obama has a decent record as a legislator who can get things accomplished (when he was a state senator in Illinois). When he talks about compromise and reaching out, it’s not just hot air - he has practiced what he preaches.

    I think the New Yorker had a lengthy article about him way back before he became a US Senator.

    Not that I have decided who I’m voting for, but he is definitely a contender.

  23. Heather says:

    I am registered republican but I would vote for anyone who WAS NOT AN IDIOT! That said, I shall vote for myself! Heather for president! GO GIRL!!!!!!!

    Chris says: maybe I shall write you in too!

  24. April says:

    Chris, I can respect that. It’s probably an age gap thing. I’m 22 and most of my friends are beyond pumped about this election. But I suppose we haven’t had enough time to become hardened by politics yet.

    Chris says: Yes, I am old ;-) I felt that way in the first Clinton election. And really I am glad that someone feels excited and empowered by the process. It just isn’t me this time.

  25. Cate says:

    At 35, I find myself asking, “Really? These are our choices?!” I asked that during the last two elections too. I agree I really want someone other than a Bush or a Clinton. I’m a registered independent, and right now, there are some things I really like about Obama and some things I really like about a couple of the Republican candidates. Can we just get someone in there that might use our money responsibly (I’m self-employed and write a HUGE check every year) and actually lead? If Hillary gets elected, I may check out what it takes to immigrate to New Zealand!

  26. kate says:

    I am voting for Obama for sure. I am not a hillary fan.

    Glad the tumor is not growing.

    Tomorrow I will be eating cake…mmm birthday cake. So very excited.

  27. Jeana says:

    As for Obama not having much experience…I’m not sure experience should matter much anymore. I mean look where Bush and all his mega experienced advisors got us. There are some things that no one can be prepared for or have experienced before…*shrug*

  28. Ruth H says:

    Old? You call that old? Try 71, that’s old. I’m not registered in either party but I have changed from liberal to conservative. When I was young I was a Democrat but….
    When I was in high school I campaigned for Adlai Stevenson (I told you I was old!) but the last Dem I voted for was Carter’s first term.
    I think both parties are too liberal or too conservative. I don’t like the candidates in the campaigns but what REALLY, REALLY bugs me is to hear the news commentators, talking heads, acting like this is a sports competition and giving advice on how they should be moving the ball on down the field. That disgusts me. Our presidency is serious business.
    Don’t get me started on career politicians. I think no one should ever hold office over two terms. That is why we are in such trouble of fund raising, earmarks, graft, etc. With the congress we have how much difference does a president make?
    I applaud all you young folk who care about the politics of our life, but be very, very careful about whom you choose. Look at their life, their history, the whole picture. Think about the America you envision when your children are grown and you are as old as I.
    You cannot imagine the surreal world I seem to live in. This is not what I imagined for our country when I was young. That is one reason I have changed my views. There is the old saying that you are heartless if you are not a liberal when young, but a fool if you are one when you are old.

    Chris says: Ruth, I love you. And I ALWAYS love your perspective.

  29. Jen says:

    I’m no young thing (43), but I’m delighted to have Obama to vote for, you know, in April when PA finally gets around to voting.

    I’d be ever so glad to have someone who is anti-torture, anti-dumb war, smart, and able to actually listen to others be president. I’d like to be proud to be an American again and I’d like to put to rest all that “only republicans are good and/or patriotic Americans” crap we’ve been fed for so long. I’d like to have a president that wasn’t looking to settle scores (Clinton, McCain). And definitely, an end to the dynasty thing we’ve got going. Maybe I’ll vote for Chelsea in 24 or so years, that seems like enough of a gap.

  30. kelly says:

    ruth said it all…and quite well.

    i am closer to chris’ age, but have been forced by circumstances beyond my control to age way before my time. so in actuality i am probably now physically and mentally closer to ruth’s age.

    i have learned that older people have a lot of things right. getting things done earlier in the day…less traffic, crowds, cooler in the summer; walking inside…it’s flat, temperature controlled, no dogs, no cars, no exhaust fumes, people around to call 911 if you have any health issues to contend with; and if you want to know if a storm is really going to hit, just go the the grocery store when one is being predicted.

    people ignore them, think they’re senile, or living in the olden days…but i say they’ve been around longer and have it all figured out. they just know things, and we should all pay attention to what they do and say and save ourselves years of figuring it all out for ourselves the hard way.

  31. Becky says:

    I’m twenty and this is going to be the first time for me to vote…and the excitement is lacking. I was pumped for the previous two elections and then Bush winning both must have broken my childhood spirit. I do feel a vague sense of relief that he /cannot/ get elected again.

  32. Katie says:

    I am a Republican. I disagree with 42% of Obama’s “policies”. But the man is a great orator. Whenever I listen to him speak, I forget that I do not like his policies. Good thing my state doesn’t do the cross over voting; if I heard him speak before I got out to vote I would most likely vote for him based on emotion alone.

    Now, if I heard Hillary speak before voting, I would probably throw up in my mouth a little.

    That being said, although it would be strategically better for the Republicans to have Hillary get the nomination for the general election, I really want Obama to kick her rear. I want her OFF of my television. I want her husband OFF of my television. I want to stop vomiting everyday I see her face or hear her voice!

    *(I will admit that my feelings towards the Clintons seem to be a bit rough. However, I was raised by my mother, who watched both Inagurations of Bill and had to leave the room both times, multiple times to throw up in the toliet. I was kept home from school both times because she did not want me in school watching this and having “Liberal” teachers tell me how “Great” this was for our country. I have been programmed. :)

  33. ashley says:

    My goodness I never even thought of that, We have had a Bush in office for quite a while to add on another Clinton would be crazy.

  34. Ani says:

    The primary process in the US is inane. Small states get undue importance, then big massive rushes of people running around. Totally weird.

    Why can’t we just suck it up and have a national primary? Have it all be done in one fell swoop?

    That said, please go and vote, everyone, regardless of who your choice of candidate. Consider it your civic duty, and your ticket to bitching about the results for the next four years. :-)

  35. Stephanie says:

    I have to say, the experience thing bothers me big time. Hilary talks about herself having so much more “experience”- which in her case means she’s married to it. Now i’m married to an aerospace engineer- since when does that mean I’m qualified to build an airplane?????
    As other commentators have pointed out, Obama has actual real experience in the state legislature. If I recall correctly, Bill Clinton’s “experience” before the presidency was limited to the state level as well, and that was considered enough. what’s changed, other than what the Clinton’s would have you believe?

  36. Penelope Anne says:

    Well I am glad that there hasn’t been any growth. I feel that way when I have to have my ovary checked now, no womb so why bother with a view.

    Did you vote?
    We aren’t a Super Tuesday state, we come 2 weeks later.
    I remember Reagan and Carter in office, does that make me old? Reagan came to our city when I was in high school, big day - they closed school and everything.


  37. elizabeth says:

    HEY! - Iowa does and should set the pulse of the nation! :P Guess where I live…
    I don’t think any candidate should have dropped out yet, Edwards was actually doing well.
    I just do not understand politics these days - whether it be republican or democrat. I so worry about choosing the candidate that will do the right thing for our children and their futures!

    I think this country needs more than two parties to choose from. I loved living (not here) elsewhere - where the people rose up and wrote IN an independent candidate as Governor one year. That was exciting - that was grass roots, that was government BY THE PEOPLE - for the people. We do need change, but I don’t think any candidate offers that.

  38. NoMasNinos says:

    I guess I had never really thought of the fact that most of my life there has either been a Clinton or a Bush and that is enough of a reason not to vote for either, but still, there are PLENTY more reasons. I guess you can also say voting is choosing the lesser of two evils as Lisa Simpson would say (yes I know she is a cartoon character, but there are some great minds behind that character -at least there use to be). It all just seems a bit rigged to me.

  39. Lasserday says:

    I, too, am really excited about Obama. I was not all that excited about either dem in the beginning. then i watched the debates, all of them. that sealed it for me! one of my closest girlfriends is set on Hillary because she is a woman and it makes me so mad! she hasn’t watched one debate! I agree with all the folks who feel like for the first time in their lives there is a candidate that they can actually be excited about. Clinton is obviously a serious contender so I feel like the glass ceiling has already been breached. I want someone who isn’t playing a bunch of political games, who will just tell the truth already (like barack, even when it means admitting he has a messy desk! Clinton said she was “too impatient to make the country better”, like that is a real worst quality). i am so sick of all the playing dirty and twisting of words. i say …yay obama! :)

  40. tori says:

    Did you get a biopsy of the nodule? I am absolutely not trying to freak you out…I think they say that something like 90 percent of nodules are nothing. I had thyroid cancer 3 years ago and because we delayed doing things because it wasn’t likely that it was cancer, it spread to my lungs and caused a whole bunch of other problems for me that we are still working to clear up. I’m sure it isn’t cancer, and I feel like an ass even mentioning this because I’m sure your doctors are doing exactly what they should, but I can’t not say it since it happened to me.

    CHris says: Yes, I had it biopsied 4 years ago. Since starting synthroid it has actually shrunk slightly, which is good. I have yearly u/s on it just to be sure. Don’t feel like an ass. Maybe someone else is reading who will benefit from the knowledge.

  41. WOW! Women's World says:

    It’s a tough one all the way around. Wish I had a crystal ball so I could see what the future holds for Iraq. That seems to be my biggest sticking point…Julie for WOW!

  42. Maddy says:

    Tori you shouldn’t feel bad for just mentioning it, your experience is valuable knowledge and it never hurts to just ask.

    The US election process is so complex, a little confusing but very interesting. I wanted Rudy Giuliani to get in, but my motives are shallow, I’d just like to hear that New York accent for four years!

  43. kate says:

    Bummer. When I used to have ultrasounds of my boobs they gave me photos to take home. I have tons of photos of mommy’s little fibroadenomas, some of which have been extracted from my body by now. I always threatened to frame them and hang them.