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February 9, 2008


God forbid this child take a nap in his bed in the afternoon. He is way to busy for that. But in the evening when I am making dinner he often falls asleep on the couch.

He is horrible after these naps. He screams and cries and has tantrum after tantrum about things that are apparent only to him. And then doesn’t want to go to bed at night, which means the “fun” lasts even longer.

Thank goodness he is cute.

Posted by Chris @ 7:16 pm  

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  1. julie@lovelaughter&laundry says:

    I hate those late afternoon snoozes. My kids always woke up crabby too. I used to pay the older ones to keep their younger siblings awake while I made dinner.

  2. BetteJo says:

    Someone just commented on my blog that God makes children and animals cute so we don’t kill them!
    Miles IS adorable. :)

  3. Loraine says:

    hey! I’ve got one of those too!

  4. Anna says:

    btw, I know I read this blog too often when I see your quote in Parenting and correct it since any loyal reader knows you don’t have a 7 year old daughter.

  5. Jen says:

    We have those sort of naps at our house too. He’s awfully sweet all curled up in his undies.

  6. jm says:

    Are those superhero underpants?

    Because, you know, superheroes have a lot going on in the afternoon. Bad guys to thwart, crime to fight, etcetera, etcetera.

    I’m sure you understand.

  7. Sleeping Mommy says:

    Ben is that way too. He used to be a such a good sleeper and napper. But for a while now he won’t slow down and then when he does its late in the day and he wakes up a bear.

    Like you and Miles, we often thank goodness that he’s cute.

  8. Hippo Brigade says:

    Great photo!

  9. Anna says:

    I have one of those, too…and mine loves to run around in just his shirt and unders too…even in the middle of winter. You’re right…they are very lucky they’re cute!

  10. Alissa says:

    the skinnies (aka undies) are the cutest part of this picture… he’s killin’ me

  11. Traci says:

    He is soooo cute! My four year old son does exactly the same thing…falls asleep while dinner is cooking. He does the tantrum and screaming too. When it’s time for bed, he “can’t want to go.” Thank goodness for their cuteness or I’d lose my mind. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one this happens to.

  12. girlymama says:

    My kids did that today. I tried sooooo hard to get them to nap, but they refused. They were just too excited about the birthday party later that afternoon we were going to.
    So they fell asleep on the way to the party. And were in WONDERFUL moods when we got to the party.
    Good thing they’re cute. And able to be bribed with cake.

  13. Kristin says:

    Oh my. I have a three year old boy who does the same thing. Except when he’s at home, he doesn’t have his undies on, he’s just as naked as he is for the rest of the day.

    And then there is the painful ride to and from picking up the biggers from dance at 7pm. How does one keep a three year old awake for that?


    Very very cute pic though!

  14. Jolyn says:

    Yea, mine too. We just call him Mr. Grumpypants and steer clear for 30 minutes or so while he gets over himself. Then he gets his second wind and is good to go for five more hours. It kills me. But yet, I still find myself staring at his adorablesness after he finally succumbs to sleep.

  15. Jenn says:

    And just think…all too soon he will be an elusive teenager.

  16. suburbancorrespondent says:

    I don’t dare let my toddler nap for more than 5 minutes. She’d never get to sleep at night. And those late afternoon naps are the worst.

  17. Kate says:

    my son also becomes the mayor of Crankville after those naps!

    Miles is adorable!!

  18. Angella says:

    Oh! I relate.

    If my oldest two (3 & 5) fall asleep past 3, the evening is a GONG SHOW.

    Good thing they are so STINKING CUTE.

  19. gwendomama says:

    did you just post about my life?

  20. Nicki says:

    Yeah. I have one of those sitting on my lap right now. It’s 11 pm, all of her siblings are in bed. She’s cute too.

  21. LMT says:

    Hey, I have one of those. My almost-4 year old does the same thing. He won’t nap around 1pm which would be perfect….but he falls asleep around 5pm, misses dinner, and then is up ALL NIGHT. Doesn’t he know that he’s infringing on my ME TIME?!?

  22. Lazy Organizer says:

    You just need to put an apron on him and let him help in the kitchen. That’s even MORE fun! I made my almost three year old an apron for Christmas and now she has decided I’m not allowed to set foot in the kitchen without her help. At least it keeps her busy and in my sight.

  23. Emily says:

    My (now 9 year old) brother used to do the same thing. Even more fun is when we’d be in a restaurant just slightly past his 7:30 cut off time and he’d fall asleep in his food.

  24. jen says:

    My son is the same - he is HORRENDOUS after a nap. I open the door, turn on the light low in his room, and leave him to it for 30 minutes. Can’t think where he gets it from…… ;) Last weekend, my husband made the mistake of getting him out of his cot and bringing him into our room immediately after waking. He lay tantrumming on our bed for 45 minutes, all unintelligably.

  25. Lisa- Domestic Accident says:

    I wish I had your relaxed attitude about sleep. My third child is just a couple days younger than Miles and we are going through the samething. No nap days leave me frazzled because the 4 to 6pm crankies are intense. And nap days pushes her bed time later so that it interferes in important things like my glass of wine and mindnumbing tv time. I know this too shall pass, but it would be nice if I viewed it as a cute phase like you instead of torture!

  26. Valeta says:

    My son does that too.

  27. Brigitte says:

    Well, I feel better after reading all the comments, I thought our daughter was the only kid ever to have complete freakout meltdowns AFTER her nap. If it’s after 3:00 or so, I won’t even let her nap, if I can help it - get her to bed early instead (despite her strenuous protests)!

  28. Angie says:

    ain’t it just like a 3 year old? Of course, I’m assuming. . .

  29. Joy H says:

    OH yes……I know all about those and I feel your pain. My guy is almost four so I’m hoping that the couch napping will end shortly.

  30. Heather says:

    That is the cutest picture! Save it for Blackmail someday. That can be your reward for his evening crabbiness!

  31. NoMasNinos says:

    My 4-year has been doing that for almost two years now. It’s a crime to let him take a nap past 2 pm because if he naps too close to bed time and before dinner, all hell breaks lose and the fun, as you mentioned, lasts past midnight. We always debate taking him anywhere after 4 pm in the stroller or car because then it’s almost certain he’ll fall asleep and unleash his wrath on unsuspecting people.

  32. Kris says:

    Gah, my 3-year-old does the SAME thing. Drives me crazy. Then he stays up ’til nearly 10, and I could just cry I’m so tired.

  33. Karen says:

    As I’m reading this, right now, my 3 year-old son is having one of those very same post-nap fits! This one is because (as far as I can make out) I mentioned the game Master Mind, as in “would you play Master Mind with me?” And I guess, he didn’t want to play Master Mind. Thank you for making me feel so not alone during these fits - I’ll try to remember this post next time, and I think it will help me catch my breath and get through it.

  34. Tracy D says:

    My two boys are so darn cute. Their cuteness is in direct proportion to their horribleness. Seriously. God makes em so cute cause if they weren’t… well. We might have to eat our young.

  35. Blythe says:


    I think we have the same child, right now to the Marvel themed undies. My 3 yr old son does the same thing! He’s horrible when he wakes up or is woken up.

  36. steph says:

    Those aren’t super hero undies, those are thomas undies. My son has those and this picture is almost identical to the one I took of him about a month ago. He passed out at my mom’s house on the recliner for about 2 hours. He doesn’t wake up grumpy though anymore thank goodness, I feel for ya though!